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Hi people! I thought I’d do the AKB Ranker so that people can know which members I favor more, and of course, since I’m so fond of walls of text, a little explanation about each members position. Also, I’m a Daredemo Daisuki, which means that I like all the girls, so even the girls who rank at the bottom aren’t girls I actually dislike at all 😀 tl;dr ver: PRETTY PICTURES!!!! YAY!!!

1. Oshima Yuko (Team K)

I feel like I’ve blabbered all across the internet about Yuko but never coherently so xD So I’ll attempt here. I used to be an idol music fan, a casual fan. Well, not really casual since I followed a lot of idol groups (mostly H!P) and I was attached to the girls, not only to the product. However, I never really had an absolute favorite in the way I’m attached to Yuko, until I knew about her. It all started when I watched the Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru PV. My favorite back then was Takamina, but then, all of a sudden, this incredibly beautiful girl with a very sad expression caught my eye! I had to know who she was! And so began my quest into the world of AKB48. My love of Yuko has only grown exponentially ever since I got into AKB hahaha I’m becoming more and more of a dedicated fan, and this transformation has been surprising to me as well. It’s difficult to put it into words, but I feel like Yuko is just a great girl, and the embodiment of everything I admire in a person. She makes me genuinely happy by seeing her trying hard every day and doing her best without ever losing her fun personality. Yuko can be serious, of course, and whenever you see behind the scenes footage you can see how close she is to her fellow members and how deeply she cares about them, however, you just know that she’s simply being herself at all times! She isn’t afraid of making a fool of herself and that makes her very entertaining to watch!
Meh, I ended up blabbering incoherently again xD

2. Yokoyama Yui (Team K)

I’ve been a fan of AKB48 for 4 years now (almost 5 zOmg) yet my favorites have been surprisingly steady so far. I don’t really watch kenkyuuseis (nothing against them, I admire them and respect them, I just barely have time to watch AKB stuff nowadays, let alone kenkyuuseis/SKE/NMB) so I officially knew about her when she got promoted to Team K my all time favorite Team. I heard that she was the most popular kenkyuusei and that she was very good, so I was ok with it. I decided to watch stuff with her in it so that I would warm up to her. And then I watched her first show as a Team K member, and it completely transformed my AKB fandom hahaha. I felt instantly drawn to her, she was just super endearing, and so excited to be there! It seemed like she would burst in happiness at any moment xD Somehow, her introduction, where she seemed to be completely overwhelmed, struck me as something I had missing in my life in a way. I was missing an oshi who was a newbie! All the excitement of being there, the sheer joy of being able to fulfill your dream, all of those things I hadn’t seen in such a raw way in a long time. That’s only half of the reason why I love Yui though. The other half is that I think she is very talented! She is a good singer (her super high pitched voice is cute <3) and she’s a superb dancer! I think the ALIVE PV (aka. best PV ever) catapulted her to my no. 2 spot. She’s just so… endearing!
3. Katayama Haruka (Team A)

Back when Team B was formed I didn’t really care much xD I hadn’t seen them in anything, so I just kept fangirling over A and K until B released something, I thought. Then they released B1 on DVD. I still didn’t care, but wanted to watch it just because it was a remake of Team K’s first stage. And then I was blown away by Haachan 😀 I had no idea of who any of the girls were (well, I knew Yuki from the MM auditions, and Mayu because lol she was everywhere) but I didn’t know about Haachan. However, I was instatly captivated too. Her dancing was so elegant, and she was just simply… She looked like she was in a completely different league from her fellow team mates, as in, she looked like a grown up while the rest of the girls didn’t xD I loved her lines in Ame no Doubutsuen, she sounded amazing! Even though that song is stupid (I love it, but come on. It is stupid.) So I pegged her as my favorite Team B member. I waited anxiously for B2, and got so happy that she was a sukahira seven girl that I even cried watching the DVD xD And then… the previews for B3 appeared. I was anxiously expecting Team B’s original stage as much as everyone else, and I was especially looking forward to seeing Haachan in it…and then… Surprise! My favorite member! Leading a unit! And looking amazing and sexy and gorgeous and perfect! And sounding godly!! Junjou Shugi is one of the most amazing songs in the whole AKB discography. And it’s largely responsible for Haachan being this high in my ranking ever since. She is just a diva, incredibly talented and confident <3
4. Kasai Tomomi (Team B)

I’ve always liked Tomo~mi, but my real love for her sprouted when I saw her live back in 2009. She is incredibly sweet and lovely. Also, she seems like a very caring girl! I just adore everything about her! Her voice is amazingly moe, her dancing is naturally sexy, she grew up from a cutesy little girl into this incredibly beautiful woman. I’m glad she got shuffled to team B, their cute image fits her perfectly, and she stands out way more as a frontgirl there <3
5. Takajo Aki (Team A)
Oh Akicha, how I love thee xD I’ve been fond of her ever since she was promoted to Team A! She also has that “I’m super excited to be an idol :D” quality that I love so much, and she has it in spades! Akicha is always smiling, and what makes her so cute is that she seems to be genuinely amazed and thrilled by everything (even a refrigerator xD) I love her in French Kiss as well, that has only helped my love for her grow more, she is positively lovely! <3

6. Itano Tomomi (Team K)

That’s right folks, I’m a big fan of Tomochin <3 She’s a fashionista, and also, she always looks like she couldn’t care less about what people think about her <3 I love that! She’s super cool! I also love the fact that she’s in Team K now, as she’s become a lot more prominent now in there. I think it’s cute how I’ve always liked her even though she’s radically changed over the years, both looks and personality wise, but there you go xD

7. Sashihara Rino (Team A)

For me it’s impossible not to love Sasshii. She is such a normal girl! Ok, not normal actually, she’s really quirky and that’s what I like about her. Somehow, Sasshii is very straightforward about her fears, her feelings and everything else. And she’s also an wota! What’s not to love? <3

8. Kashiwagi Yuki (Team B)

Yukirin, the captain of Team B! I love her because she is very earnest about everything she does. She’s also a big idol fan! On top of all that, she’s the lead singer in French Kiss and I absolutely love her there! I really like her singing voice, and her whole “princess-y” image makes me want to be like her xD

9. Kitahara Rie (Team B)

Kitarie is so adorable 😀 She’s also a girl who is always super happy! I like my idols super happy hahaha. Also, shallow reason but she is super pretty! On top of that, she’s Sasshii’s BFF and I love it when my favorites love my other favorites 😀
10. Fujie Reina (Team K)
Reinyan is my newest bias! She is super adorable!!!!! I used to not think much of her in Team A, since she didn’t speak much and looked kind of out of place, but Team K suits her so much! She’s opened up a lot, and now she seems to have a lot of fun while performing, making her one of the best performers in the Team. I can only hope that she steadily gains more and more popularity and maybe even reclaims her former senbatsu position!
Just top 10 for now, will resume when I update again xD


  1. Comment by Anonpol on December 23, 2010 3:02 am

    Why did Sayaka drop so much in your rankings?

  2. Comment by Cat on January 15, 2011 10:52 am

    Eh? You mean recently? Well, it’s not a case of me liking Sayaka any less, she’s definitely the sweetest girl on Earth and she’s just GAAAAH perfect. It’s just that I’ve been paying attention to other girls a bit more lately. However, if there was ever a ranking of “Best Human being in AKB48” Sayaka would be first by a mile without any chance of her ever coming down from that position.

  3. Comment by John-Diss on January 29, 2011 11:55 am

    The ranker used to have their pictures. Where are the pictures?

  4. Comment by Eshtar on July 11, 2012 9:03 am

    It is impossible not to like Yuuchan. When asked about my oshis, my kami-oshi is Masuda, second Wasamin… and it’s all jumbled up and all beyond that but somehow I usually don’t mention Yuuchan… Because it is almost a common knowledge how much people love Yuuchan and just how irresistible she is and how impossible it is to hate her! (I personally think so!) I could never ever hate Yuuchan or even scratch her from my “liked” member, she’s there so naturally.

    And I am so happy seeing someone appreciating Reinyan this much! XD Yes, Her voice is so enticing! I always wonder whyyy no one mention that about her but you just did! XD Playing 1/48 is plain heaven if we choose her because of her beauty and voice and I hope she gets more solo lines in stage songs. :))

  5. Comment by Cat on August 11, 2012 1:01 pm

    Eshtar, thanks for reading my blog! I need to update this ranker and polish it (Sasshi, Akicha and Tomochin would never be this high anymore lol) but I still really love Reinyan, she’s a sweetie <3 If anything, she’s only risen in my rankings because how could you not love her? She’s also very talented, which I always admire in an idol.

  6. Comment by Denisa (Karen Iwata's biggest fan) on November 26, 2013 7:30 am

    Why isn’t Karen Iwata in this ranking? It’s unfair! Karen- sama is the best!!! 🙂

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