Meet the Girls of AKB48

A simple mini profile on each AKB girl, which has changed a lot during these months xD It includes a bit of basic info, and recommendations of Units said girl has lead or been a part of 🙂

Team A


1. Maeda Atsuko (Acchan): Also known as the face of AKB. She has had a major part in all AKB48 singles, and is generally the most well known girl to fans and non fans. Her personality is very normal, and even though she’s a very talented girl, she can balance it with her girl next door vibe to make her seem one of the most approachable girls in AKB48.

Where to find her: Well, she’s basically everywhere xD However, I recommend her pseudo solo song Nagisa no Cherry from A2.


2. Takajo Aki (Akicha): The Kenkyuusei (aka idol in training) who got promoted to a team the fastest in AKB history. She is mostly known for always having this face: 😀 Also, she recently became a regular senbatsu member! Yay! and she’s a member of the subunit French Kiss.

Where to Find her: Her unit in A6 “Enjou Rosen” is a duet which features a ton of solo lines. Also, check out French Kiss, the subunit she is a part of.


3.  Iwasa Misaki (Wasamin): She was recently promoted to Team A. She is known for having one of the strongest voices in AKB and being very skilled at singing in enka style 😀 She is also a very skilled dancer! However, she’s still a Theater Girl so let’s hope that she gets pushed more until we can really see everything she’s capable of!

Where to find her: She had a semi prominent role in the AKB48 Infinity musical where you can listen to her singing live! Also, her A6 unit is “Hoshi no Mukougawa”. It has no Wasamin solo lines, but you can still listen to her harmonizing because of her strong voice.


4. Takahashi Minami (Takamina): The voice of AKB, always featured prominently in almost every single. She is known for her great dedication to the group and being the unofficial leader of AKB48, as well as the captain of team A. Another important fact about her is that she’s a bit of a dork xD and her “failing stories” are a bit of an AKB legend now 😀 She’s part of the subunit “No3b”

Where to find her: I recommend listening to the H1 unit “Higurashi no Koi” or her A6 unit “Itoshisa no ACCEL” which is a solo 😀 Also, the legendary song “Bird” from A3


5. Kojima Haruna (Kojiharu/Harunyan): She’s an original Team A member, who has always been senbatsu. Known for her beauty and also for being a bit of an airhead, Kojiharu loves being an idol, and she’s also a huge Morning Musume fan 😀 She’s part of “No3b” as well.

Where to Find her: Well, she usually leads or has a pretty big part in all of No3b songs, also, check out her A3 unit “Shinkirou” and A6 unit “Hoshi no Mukougawa” which she leads 🙂


6. Oya Shizuka (Shiichan): She is famous for having been a trainee the longest, she was a Kenkyuusei for 2 years before being promoted! She’s a hard worker, and also, she’s very funny xD Shes always doing a gag or telling a joke 😀

Where to find her: Unfortunately, Shiichan is a Theater Girl, which means that she doesn’t get to be part of singles often 🙁 However, you can watch her in her A6 unit “Saboten to Gold Rush”


7. Shinoda Mariko (Mariko-sama): The model. She’s tall, glamourous and beautiful. And she also happens to model more that she performs at the theater, but despite of this, she really loves AKB a lot, and she’s known for being very kind to the younger members. Used to work at the AKB Cafe in the AKB Theater.

Where to find her: She’s a regular senbatsu member, but Stage wise, you can watch her in A3 “Koike” A5 “Manatsu no Christmas Rose” and A6 “Saboten to Gold Rush”


8. Sashihara Rino (Sasshi, Sashiko): Was a Kenkyuusei and then got promoted to Team B, to get shuffled into Team A. She’s also recently become a regular senbatsu member! 😀 She’s famous for being the biggest chicken around, and for being the biggest wota ever xD She practices wotagei and also, her iPod was full of only idol music! This girl is absolutely hilarious and endearing at the same time :3

Where to find her: She lead B3’s “Kagami no Naka no Jeanne da Arc” and B4 “Itoshiki Natassha” also, her A6 unit “Enjou Rosen” is a duet so she gets a ton of lines 😀


9. Nakaya Sayaka (Nakayan): She is an original Team B member who was shuffled to Team A. She is famous for having been the only glasses girl in AKB, however, she wears glasses now. She’s a huge anime fan, and her dream is to become a voice actress.

Where to find her: She had a duet in B1 “Kinjirareta Futari”, check out B3 “tenshi no Shippo” and A6 “Ude wo Kunde” as well.


10. Kuramochi Asuka (Mocchi): A former Kenkyuusei who was promoted to Team K and then shuffled to team A. She is famous for being a huge fan of pro wrestling, and also, she’s the daughter of a famous former baseball player. She has a very deep and rich voice which is very disticntive. She is part of French Kiss.

Where to find her: H1 “Himawari”, H2 “Kioku no Dilemma”, K5 “Dakishimeraretara”, French Kiss.


11. Ota Aika (Lovetan): An original Team B member who was shuffled to A, she’s the bratty tsundere character of the group. She is known for being BFF with Watanabe Mayu of Team B. She’s part of the subunit Watarirouka Hashiritai.

Where to Find her: B3 “tenshi no Shippo” lead, Namida no Seesaw Game lead (Heavy Rotation CDS) also, everything Watarirouka Hashiritai 😀


12. Nakagawa Haruka (Harugon): She is an original Team B member who was shuffled to A. She’s known for being absolutely super energetic and always playing around even though she’s already 18 xD She’s part of the subunit Watarirouka Hashiritai, and recently debuted as senbatsu for Heavy Rotation!

Where to find her: “Boku no Yell” lead (Ponytail to Shushu), B3 “Pajama Drive”, watarirouka Hashiritai


13. Nakata Chisato (Chiichan): Chisato is a Kenkyuusei who got promoted to Team A during the run of A5. She was one of the few members left in the team without being shuffled. She’s a theater girl, so we don’t see her much in singles 🙁 However, she’s known for being a very nice and feminine girl, and having a super sweet voice.

Where to find her: A5 “Manatsu no Christmas Rose” A6 “Hoshi no Mukougawa”


14. Katayama Haruka (Haachan): Haachan is an original Team B member who was shuffled to Team A. She was known for playing a big sister role in the old Team B, and she also has an obsession with the Showa era. Also famous for having one of the best voices of AKB and having her very own dance step 😀 THE SPIN. Also, she’s a diva, and you should worship her. Seriously. I haven’t seen a more confident idol ever in my life <3 (Can you tell that she’s my Team A oshi? xD)

Where to Find her: B2 “Namida no Shounan”, B3 “Junjou Shugi” lead (GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW OMG YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MISSING DDDD:), B4 “Itoshiki Natassha” (Sasshi was the lead, but Haachan had the most solo lines :D), A6 “Saboten to Gold Rush”, A6 “Itoshisa no ACCEL” Takamina stand in.


15. Matsubara Natsumi (Nattsumii): She was an original Team K member who got shuffled to Team A. She is famous for being the nicest girl ever, and also, she’s the best dancer in Team A. She’s attended dance lessons for a long time, and it really shows 😀 She’s part of the pseudo subunit UmeShimaNatsuYo 😀

Where to find her: H1 “Himawari”, K4 “16 Shimai no Uta”, K5 “End Roll”.


16. Maeda Ami (Aamin): She was a Kenkyuusei who got promoted to Team A. She is known for her thick eyebrows xD and she also has a very distinctive voice. She’s still new, so she’s a Theater Girl, but let’s hope we can see more of her in the future 😀

Where to find her: A6 “Saboten to Gold Rush”, “Nusumareta Kuchibiru” lead (Ponytail to Shushu CDS)

Team K


1. Oshima Yuko (Yuko): Quintessential K frontgirl and actress extraordinaire. Yuko’s huge eyes and squirrel smile make her look ultra cute beyond her age, but her character is more on the goofy side. She is also capable of performing in a very powerful and sexy way, so watch out for her at concerts. (Special Cat Trvia: Favorite AKB48 member ever!)

Where to find her: “Heavy Rotation” single center, she’s been senbatsu in everything else too though xD K3 “Nakinagara Hohoende” is her solo song <3


2. Akimoto Sayaka (Sayaka): The ONE AND ONLY captain of Team K <3 A vocal powerhouse and also, the strongest Team K dancer. You will recognize her because of her exotic features, as she’s half filipina. She’s the ultimate tsundere, being a black belt in aikido, yet having a caring and sensitive personality deep down.

Where to find her: She was a lead in the AKB stage play “Infinity”. DIVA – “Nakeru Basho” lead (Beginner CDS), K5 “Mushi no Ballad” is her solo! Also, check out K3 “Kimi wa Pegasus” and K2 “Blue Rose”


3. Miyazawa Sae (GENKING): “King” of high energy. Sae is a REALLY energetic girl. She jumps and screams all over the place whenever she’s allowed to. But she’s also a wonderful performer when she has to be sexy or emo or whatever. Known for being Sayaka’s BFF an also, the “handsome idol” 😀

Where to find her: She was a lead in AKB Kagekidan “Infinity”. Also, K2 “Blue Rose”, K3 “Kimi wa Pegasus”, K6 “Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai”


4. Matsui Sakiko (Sakippe): A kenkyuusei promoted to Team K in the team shuffle. She is known for being very elegant and playing the piano really well! She also attends university, and is majoring in music 😀

Where to find her: MINT – “Kimi ni Tsuite” (Beginner CDS), K6 “Ashita no Tame ni Kiss wo” Chance no Junban CDS


5. Itano Tomomi (Tomochin): She is an original Team A member who got shuffled to Team K. She is famous for being a gyaru, very stylish and looked up to. The girls ADORE her, she’s also a model and looks a bit like Amuro Namie. She is now the co-center of Team K alongside Yuko, so the shuffle was a great deal for her in particular! She was part of the one shot unit Queen & Elizabeth with BFF Kasai Tomomi.

Where to Find her: A4 “Faint”, A5 “tsundere”, K6 “Seifuku resistance”, H1 “Itoshisa no Defense”. Queen & Elizabeth “Love Wars”


6. Minegishi Minami (Miichan): Miichan is the other original Team A member who got shuffled to K. She is known for being a little prankster and a very cheeky girl 😀 Even her catchphrase aknowledges this “Eternally rebellious” haha. Miichan is known also for her great dance skills and her resemblance to Gachapin. She is part of the No3b subunit.

Where to find her: No3b releases. She’s been senbatsu for all the singles. A4 “Junai no Crescendo”, A5 “Renai Kinshi Jourei” K6 “Gyakuten Oujisama”


7. Nonaka Misato (Micha): She was the other 6th gen Kenkyuusei alongside Akicha, however it took much longer for her to be promoted xD She is famous for being a tall and stylish girl, and having one of the deepest voices in AKB48. She’s very close with Sakiko, and she’s also a Sayaka fangirl! <3

Where to find her: K6 “Kiseki wa Maniawanai”


8. Tanabe Miku (Tanamin): A dorky girl with lots of attitude xD Tanamin is amazing because she’s kind of crazy 8D She’s one of the best dancers in team K, and even though she’s mostly in the back, you will definitely notice her! Must’ve been the years of ballet training 😀

Where to Find her: B4 “Itoshiki Natassha”, K6 “Ashita no Tame ni Kiss wo”, also, Chance no Junban CDS senbatsu!


9. Yonezawa Rumi (Yonechan): An original Team B member who got shuffled to K. Yonechan is always smiling and in high spirits, however, she can also turn on the sexy! 😀 She’s also one of the most interesting girls in MCs xD

Where to find her: B3 “Kagami no Naka no Jeanne da Arc”, B4 “Kataomoi no taikakusen”, “Tobenai Agehachou” lead (Iiwake Maybe CDS).


10. Nito Moeno (Moeno): Moeno was a kenkyuusei who got promoted to Team B and then shuffled to team K. She was pushed a lot, but has only made it succesfully to undergirls, however, Moeno is a very talented singer and dancer, and she also has a natural sexy vibe about her 🙂

Where to find her: B4 “Kataomoi ni Taikakusen” lead, K6 “Seifuku Resistance”.


11. Yokoyama Yui (Yui): A kenkyuusei who got promoted to Team K after Ono Erena graduated. She was the most popular kenkyuusei, and she’s also been praised for her talent in dancing.

Where to find her: K6 “Seifuku Resistance”


12. Kikuchi Ayaka (Ayarin): She’s famous for being an original Team B frontgirl who was fired because pictures of her and her boyfriend were leaked (by him) However, she really wanted to be an idol, so she auditioned again, became a kenkyuusei and finally got promoted to Team K. She is a very good dancer, and is also famous for smiling all the time! She is part of Watarirouka Hashiritai.

Where to Find her: Watarirouka Hashiritai releases since Akkanbe Bashi, K6 “Ashita no tame ni Kiss wo”, B1 “Ame no Doubutsuen”, B2 “GLASS no I love you” “Nageki no Figure”


13. Fujie Reina (Reinyan): A kenkyuusei who was promoted to Team A and then shuffled to team K. Reinyan was quite pushed when she was promoted at first, she’s placed in Undergirls. She is famous for having been the best friend of former Team A member Oshima Mai, and also, she’s Berryz Koubou’s Natsuyaki Miyabi’s cousin.

Where to find her: A5 “Kuroi Tenshi”, K6 “Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa”


14. Nakatsuka Tomomi (Kurisu/Tomochan): A kenkyuusei who was originally promoted to team B and then shuffled to Team K. She’s famous for her halfie looks, even though she’s 100% japanese xD Which earned her the nickame of Kurisu because she looks like Takigawa Christell. She is a very endearing girl!

Where to find her: B4 “Zannen Shoujo”, K6 “Gyakuten Oujisama”, Chance no Junban CDS.


15. Uchida Mayumi (Ucchi/Mayuchi): She’s a kenkyuusei that was promoted to team K. Ucchi is known for being the janken queen of AKB48 xD As she won the janken tournament 😀 She’s a really tiny girl who is fierce at performing!

Where to find her: B4 “Zannen Shoujo”, K6 “Gyakuten Oujisama”, Chance no Junban CDS.


16. Umeda Ayaka (Umechan): She’s an original Team K member who remained in the team. She is known for being one of the best dancers in AKB48, and she’s also a big sister character. She’s the image of the Tokyo Tower too 😀 She’s also part of UmeShimaNatsuYo alongside Oshima Yuko, Noro kayo and Matsubara Natsumi.

Where to find her: K3 “MARIA”, K4 “Return Match”, K5 “End Roll”, K6 “Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa”

Team B


1. Ishida Haruka (Harukyan): She was a kenkyuusei who got promoted to Team B. She is known for looking a lot like graduated member Ono Erena. Harukyan is a very spontaneous girl, and she has also made it to Undergirls!

Where to find her: B5 “hatsukoi yo Konnichiwa” “Kimi no koto ga suki Dakara” RIVER CDS, “Namida no SeeSaw Game” Heavy Rotation CDS, Chance no Junban CDS.


2. Oku Manami (Maachan): She is an original Team K member who got shuffled to Team B. She is known for being half italian, which makes her look very non-japanese xD She’s also the youngest AKB48 member. She released a solo single for a kids TV show called “Katatsumuri”

Where to Find her: K3 “Honehone Waltz”, K4 “Hatsukoi Doroubou”, B5 “Hatsukoi yo Konnichiwa”, “Katatsumuri” CDS as Ogu Manami.


3. Suzuki Mariya (Mariyannu): She is a kenkyuusei who got promoted originally to Team A, but since Suzuki Shihori, who was promoted to B resigned, she was moved to team B instead. She is known for having auditioned to AKB48 multiple times, until she finally passed to become a kenkyuusei.

Where to find her: B5 “Arashi no Yoru ni wa”


4. Sato Natsuki (Nacchi): She was an original Team K member who got shuffled to B. She is known for being smart, going to Waseda (one of the best universities in Japan) and being a funny girl. She is the oldest Team B member as of now, so she hopes that she can become an older sister character xD Also, she has a great voice!

Where to find her: K3 “Kimi wa Pegasus”, K4 “16 shimai no Uta”, K5  “Dakishimeraretara”, B5 “Arashi no Yoru ni wa”, Chance no Junban CDS.


5. Komori Mika (Mikapon/Komorin): This girl was a very pushed kenkyuusei, to the point of being the first kenkyuusei to appear in a single in “Namida Surprise!”. She was promoted to Team B, and she is known for being incredibly spacey and quirky xD She also has a very particular way of dancing, full of slow flowy moves that contrasts a lot with the other member’s dancing xD

Where to find her: B4 “Kataomoi no Taikakusen”, B5 “Arashi no Yoru ni wa”


6. Sato Sumire (Suuchan): She’s a kenkyuusei who got promoted to Team B. She’s known for auditioning for Morning Musume 8th generation and making it to the final round before being cut. She’s an insanely cute girl who is always smiling!

Where to find her: Chance no Junban CDS, “Jibun Rashisa” (Kamikyokutachi bonus track), B5 “Hatsukoi yo Konnichiwa”.


7. Watanabe Mayu (Mayuyu): The Team B frontgirl. A tiny cute girl with a soulstealing gaze. She also happens to have the squeakiest voice in Akihabara, but she works with it and doesn’t sound grating most of the time. She’s also the lead of Watarirouka Hashiritai, and is known as CG because she doesn’t sweat at all, and well, is pretty much a cyborg 😀

Where to find her: Anything Team B and Watarirouka Hashiritai. Particularly, “kaze no Violin”, “Yasashiku Sasete”, “Nantai Renai Kuragekko”, “Mayu no Tame ni” are her solo songs.


8. Miyazaki Miho (Myao): A kenkyuuei who got promoted to Team A and became a senbatsu member there, however, she was shuffled to Team B and her popularity has decreased over the years, making her lose her senbatsu spot. She is famous for her stuck up bitchy attitude which is a sharp contrast to the other idols xD Her sharp tongue can definitely create a lot of amusing situations.

Where to find her: A5 “Renai Kinshi Jourei”, B5 “Arashi no yoru ni wa”


9. Kashiwagi Yuki (Yukirin): The captain of Team B. She also auditioned for the 8th MM generation but didn’t pass. She has a very beautiful voice, and is a really feminine and princess-y, however, she’s also very fun to watch because of her insane reactions to almost anything. She’s the lead of the French Kiss subunit.

Where to find her: “Enkyori Poster” (Sakura no Shiori CDS), French Kiss, B3 “Temodemo no Namida”, B4 “Kuchiutsushi no Chocolate”, B5 “Yokaze no Shiwaza” solo.


10. Kasai Tomomi (Tomo~mi-chan): An original Team K member who was shuffled to team B and became a frontgirl there. She is known for being the girliest girl to ever walk the Earth and making you go MOEEE at everything she does xD Although she is also quite sexy, anyway, it’s a very deadly combination 😀 (She’s my Team B Oshi! :D). She was part of the one shot unit Queen & Elizabeth.

Where to find her: K2 “Kinjirareta Futari”, K3 “MARIA”, K4 “Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou”, K5 “Dakishimeraretara”, B5 “CANDY”, Queen & Elizabeth “Love Wars”


11. Hirajima Natsumi (Nacchan): She’s an original Team A member who was transferred to Team B when it was created. Nacchan was a background girl in Team A, but she became very prominent in Team B because of her fun energetic personality. She’s the leader of Watarirouka Hashiritai.

Where to Find her: Watarirouka Hashiritai, B3 “Pajama Drive”, B4 “Kuchiutsushi no Chocolate”, B5 “Locker room Boy”, Tobenai Agehachou (Iiwake Maybe CDS), Namida no SeeSaw Game (Heavy rotation CDS)


12. Masuda Yuka (Yuka, Yuttan): She’s an original Team K member who got shuffled to team B. She’s the best singer of AKB48 having a deep and soulful voice. She is also famous for being from Osaka and loving takoyaki xD

Where to find her: She has a solo song “Stargazer”, K2 “Blue rose”, K3 “MARIA” lead, B5 “CANDY”, H1 “Higurashi no Koi”, Tobenai Agehachou (Iiwake Maybe CDS), Namida no SeeSaw Game (heavy rotation CDS)


13. Sato Amina (Amina): She’s a kenkyuusei who got promoted to Team A and then shuffled to team B. She’s known for being incredibly hard working, and loving AKB48 very much. She learned all of the Stages so that she could perform more. She’s also popular with the fans but for some reason the management hasn’t pushed her very much.

Where to find her: A5 “tsundere”, B5 “CANDY”, Iiwake Maybe, Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara (RIVER CDS)


14. Kitahara Rie (Kitarie): She’s a kenkyuusei who got promoted to team A and then shuffled to Team B. She’s known for being best friends with Sashihara Rino. She has been pushed a lot from the beginning, and she’s a regular senbatsu member.

Where to find her: A5 “Tsundere”, B5 “Locker Room Boy” lead.


15. Chikano Rina (Chikarina): A girl who was a kenkyuusei first promoted to Team K and then shuffled to Team B. She’s known for believing that she was a dinosaur for the longest time xD She’s also the image of the Mother Farm, which is some kind of pet zoo in Japan hohoho.

Where to find her: K5 “Ai no Iro”, B5 “Locker room boy”, Chance no Junban.


16. Kobayashi Kana (Kana): Kana was an original Team K member who got transfered to Team B. She’s known for having been pushed as a Team K ace at the beginning, but without great results. Kana is pure comedy relief, she’s always making fun of her own lack of intelligence, which makes for a lot of comedy.

Where to find her: K3 “Kurukurupaa”, K4 “16 shimai no uta”, K1 “Skirt Hirari”, K5 “Wagamama na Nagareboshi”, B5 “Locker room boy”

Graduated Members (yes they are VERY important)


1. Usami Yuki: Former A member. Graduated during their first stage, where she was part of the Hoshi no Ondo unit. She’s doing gravure now, and she appears in the A1 DVD, in case you want to check her out.


2. Uemura Ayako: I included her here for the sake of having a complete list 😛 She was a Team K member who left like a month after her debut. I don’t even know what she looks like XD


3. Takada Ayana (Takatan): Ayana was a K member who graduated after K3, she was a friendly girl who looked after the others, but everyone remembers her as “the chubby girl”. Her sister is a relatively popular SKE48 member, Takada Shiori.


4. Imai Yu: Yu graduated after K3 as well, and she composed a song for the occasion, “Arigatou”. I liked her because of her strong personality, she reminded me a bit of a nicer Nakazawa Yuuko.


5. Orii Ayumi (Ayu-nee): One of the girls I miss the most D: Ayumi was a Team A member, she graduated after A3, but has remained close to the group ever since. She was like a leader figure of Team A back in the day, and Namida no Shounan will never be the same without her…


6. Hoshino Michiru (Chiruchiru): Michiru was a Team A member who graduated after A4. She was a very special member because she’s a great singer and also a songwriter. Her graduation song, “Ganbare” is featured in the A4 DVD so check it out! Also, technically, she was the first AKB soloist with her “Boku no Hana” release for Densen Uta.


7. Watanabe Shiho: Shiho was a team A member who got transferred to Team B and graduated after B1. She was a very ladylike girl and a good singer.


8. Inoue Naru (Naruppe): Team B member who graduated suddenly during the run of B3. Naru was one of the best singers of Team B, and her sudden leave was quite shocking for the fans.


9. Matsuoka Yuki (Matsuyuki): Matsuyuki graduated after B3 as well. She was kind of popular overseas, because of her good english skills, but not much of a hit with the japanese fans.


10. Hayano Kaoru (Kaorin): Graduated on the K4 finale, a cute and smart girl who was always smiling. Also, the smartest underdog of Team K 😀 She has an agency, so she’ll probably pop up again soon 😀


11. Oshima Mai (Maimai): Graduated during the run of A5, Maimai was one of the most popular Team A members, being featured as the MC in AKBINGO often and appearing in magazines and TV everyday. She released 2 solo singles under avex trax.


12. Masuyama Kayano (Kayap): A little girl who was a Team A member and graduated after H1. Kaya was all smiles making her absolutely lovable. She graduated to become a full time actress.


13. Kawasaki Nozomi (Nozofisu): Nozomi was a Team A member who graduated during A5. She was also the most famous AKB gravure model. She left to open her own boutique and clothes line.


14. Tojima Hana (Hana): Hana was a Team A member who graduated after A4R. She was famous for comparing herself to a lion and for being a really fierce performer on stage.


15. Narita Risa: Risa was  team A member who graduated after A4R. She was given a front girl spot in the Skirt, Hirari PV, but not really a lot of recognition beyond that. She graduated to become a gravure model.


16. Komatani Hitomi (Hiichan): A former Team A member who graduated after A4R. She was famous for her close friendship with Kojima Haruna. She graduated to become a gravure model.


17. Nakanishi Rina (Rinatin): A prominent Team A member who graduated after A4R. She was also featured as the lead vocal of the Chocolove subunit. Graduated to become a gravure model pr0n star xD


18. Ohe Tomomi (Ohyay): A wacky Team A member who graduated after A4R. She was famous for her friendship with Tojima Hana and her quirky personality. She’s a gravure model now.


19. Noguchi Reina (Gussan): A crazy and happy Team B member who graduated after B3. She was famous for being an airhead and making random funny comments about inanimated objects.


20. Ono Erena (Erepyon): Used to be the cute little girl of Team K and then grew up. She was one of the most popular AKB members. She graduated to become an actress.


21. Naruse Risa (Naruru): A former Team K member who had to graduate soon after K5 premiered because she had a herniated vertebral disc. She has joined an idol group called Nanairo Fantasy ever since which makes me glad because she was one of the girls I liked the most 🙂


  1. Comment by Cat on March 23, 2011 5:45 am

    well, I suggest trying the S48 wiki for the information on generations 🙂

  2. Comment by LizcieL on May 26, 2011 5:16 pm

    hi.. nice post..

    I have question..
    Do you know where Erepyon now??
    maybe you know Erepyon’s blog.. 😀

  3. Comment by quiddd on June 22, 2011 6:58 am

    Good morning……….I recently learned about AKB48 coincidentally viewing news with the PSP and AKB48. After that I saw some of their videos on Youtube and became a fan of the music. I also started downloading AKBingo and find it very funny. I do this despite the fact that I do not know Japanese. After watching their shows and videos, I’m trying to learn the language so I cab Understand alittle bit.

    Do you know if they get along with each other? How do current and former members feel about the one who became a porn star?

    Thank you for you hard work with this website.

  4. Comment by Cat on June 26, 2011 7:05 am

    ^Hi! Glad that you’ve become a fan 😀 According to what the girls say, they are quite close to each other, and they are pretty much friends with each other as well. And I don’t think any of them has ever said anything about Nakanishi Rina, I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to talk about it.

  5. Comment by quiddd on August 3, 2011 10:16 am

    I wanted your opinion this.

    I love AKBingo. However, with the more popular members careers seeming more successful do you think viewers will see less and less of them in their weekly show?

  6. Comment by Cat on August 6, 2011 8:38 pm

    Actually, that has been happening for a while now :s that’s why there’s so many Team 4 girls every wednesday now. There have been some efforts, and most of the times at least two or three senbatsu girls will show up on the show, but Acchan actually missed like 10 months of AKBINGO last year and I guess as her personal commitments grow bigger it will be harder to see her there…

    It’s a shame, but I think it has an upside in the fact that it lets unknown girls get some much needed screentime and hopefully earn more fans this way 😀

  7. Comment by quiddd on August 8, 2011 10:52 am

    That is a good point.

    Although I have grown to love the show, my main issue was the lesser known girls was always in the background and had no speaking parts.

    I have to say that it is pretty neat the AKBINGO has a policy with the girls that says that they are always welcome but only if their schedule allows them to.

  8. Comment by Quiddd on August 9, 2011 9:00 pm

    Speaking of Team 4, is Shimizaki Haruka still there? I recently saw a show where she and other members did some military training. Although all of them cried at one point in the show I especially felt bad for her.

  9. Comment by Cat on August 19, 2011 6:13 am

    ^She is still around with Team 4 🙂 I need to update this again hahaha

  10. Comment by Hanako on October 30, 2011 2:40 am

    what about the kenkyuuseis??? they’re important too!! 🙁

  11. Comment by Cat on October 30, 2011 8:09 pm

    Sorry but I don’t have time to watch KKS LODs so I can’t keep up with them. I could post pictures and their names though

  12. Comment by Eric on April 12, 2012 2:56 pm

    strongest team k dancer is akimoto?!?!?!?! what crap is that not to trample on your opinion mate but Minegishi outshines Akimoto in everyway ^^;; and hasn’t had such scandals (which were so disappointing( like Akimoto has?

  13. Comment by Cat on April 13, 2012 12:50 pm

    Oh boy. I was talking about Sayaka’s powerful style of performing, not about technique. But I don’t know anything about dancing, so it’s just my uneducated opinion anyway.

    My stand on Sayaka’s scandal is that it was completely fabricated. She even lives with Umechan who attested that nothing happened between her and the old guy, so you’re asking the wrong person if you think I should think badly of her because of it, sorry.

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    Nice list of AKB48 members for those starting out with the fandom.

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