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Mar 31 2008

Nenjuu mu Kyuu Concert Review

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Why didn’t anyone tell me that the Winter h!p concert DVD came out!?!? Actually, I’m glad I didn’t know or I would have spent my entire trip dying to make a break for our van so I could drive back to school and watch it immediately. Since I like doing concert reviews and I favor Wonderful Hearts, here’s a review of the Wonderful Hearts side of things. Just for fun, and because I like to make everything a contest, I’ve declared ‘winners’ of each song again.

Aozora ga Itsumademo, All- Their fairy costumes are awfully cute (only Momo could pull off a pink bow that huge). I am so tempted to line all of them up and rank them by how much I like their fairy costumes, but that would be a lot of work for a group this size, and I suspect that the results would be boring to most. As for the song, I’m a little bit ‘meh’ about it. I mean it’s fine, but not something I’d choose to pump up the crowd and open a concert.
Winner: Risako. She got the first close-up, she looked like she was about to cry for some reason, and it intrigued me. With this many girls on stage any of them who manages to catch my interest is a winner as far as I’m concerned.

Renai Revolution 21, AllAs soon as the solo lines start, it is clear that they are not lip-syncing, thank God. I was so very disappointed when the entire summer concert was lip-synced. I love that Aika gets the “hoi!” line.
Winner: Risa. She is always super into the song no matter how many times it’s performed, as evidenced by the great facial expressions in her numerous close-ups.

LALALALA Shiawase no Uta, AllOne or two listens and I’ve heard enough of this song to last me a lifetime. Not only that, but I REALLY hate the dance. The girls are trying to look enthusiastic about it, but whether it’s Cute or all of Wonderful Hearts, you can tell most of them are as bored as I am.
Winner: Momoko. She is one of the couple who didn’t look bored (the other being JunJun), and the mega-bow pulls her up to first place.

Tokkaiko Junjou, C-ute- Hehehehe, Tokkaiko Junjou in floofy fairy costumes. I love the idol world. Their dancing looks a little tired, which is sort of understandable since it’s a demanding dance and they’ve performed three songs in a row already. The singing is good though. Even Saki was hitting the right pitches.
Winner: Airi because it’s so hard to notice anyone else in this song. I think it’s one of her better performances of this singing-wise too. Her voice sounds a bit fuller and deeper than usual.

Various Kirari Crap- I mostly skipped through this. If you’ve seen one Koharu solo performance you’ve pretty much seen them all. Next.
Winner: The backdancing eggs. Surely you didn’t expect me to give it to Koharu?

Tsukatta ni Kataomoi, BerryzYou know, this song has grown on me a lot since I first heard it. It’ll never be my favorite, but I can see it showing up on my playlist on occasion. I don’t know if this was their best vocal performance though. A few of the solo lines sounded kind of rough.
Winner: Momoko! Yes she sounds unusually helium-tastic when singing this song, and I know that annoys some people, but I think it’s completely adorable.

Kohaku no Funsui Hiroba, Berryz- Love the song, but Risako’s singing almost ruined it for me. She sounds good singing peppy or angry songs, but on a slow ballad, the tone of her voice just isn’t right at all, and somehow it sounds especially out of place in this particular performance.
Miyabi. She looks elegant and sounds great (as usual). Of the leads, Momo is a bit too cute for a song like this, Yurina keeps smiling and ruining the mood, and Risako is too shouty, but Miyabi’s voice is just right.

Mikan, Morning MusumeI like the look of their little square formation spread out up the stairs at the beginning. You can see everyone, even the mysterious and elusive 8th gen. Why the hell did Gaki and Kame lipsync in their TV performances again? They are more than capable of singing those ‘so short if you blink you might miss them’ solo lines.
Winner: Reina. “Oh yeah one TIME!!!”

Sexy Boy, MMHurray! It was quickly dropped from the BonKyu concert when they subbed in Mikan, so I’m glad that rehearsing Sexy Boy wasn’t a waste of time for them, even if all the somber pointing at the beginning is a bit odd. On the positive side, Sayumi’s high pigtails with the little bows combined with her costume makes for an almost lethal dose of cuxyness, and JunJun’s pose at the end was great. JunJun seems to be getting at least a tiny bit more camera time lately, and I highly approve.
Winner: Ai-chan. Her little, “A-ah” booty drop move always kills.

Odore Morning Curry, MMWhat a silly song. It’s still fun, but just not the same without Yossie.
Winner: Sayumi and the butt-shaking/shimmy move around 2:15. What was I saying about dangerous levels of cuxyness?

Renai Rider, BuonoLove the song, but they’ve done much better performances of it. The group parts in the verses sound shrill. I believe this was the first debut of the song though, so they probably hadn’t had much practice with it yet.
Winner: Airi. She sang the best. Maybe you don’t like Airi, but there’s no denying that she’s consistent with her singing.

Seishun Love Lunch, Athena and Co.- I never thought I’d hear them sing live. Guess they proved me wrong. I love this group and everyone in it; I just wish they weren’t centered around such a lame anime.
Winner: Chisato. Chances to hear Chisato sing are few and far between, so let’s enjoy this moment.

Robokiss, Sayu/Risako- Good to see that W songs are no longer being held sacred. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the performance. Risako sang well, and Sayumi was really hamming it up with her wide-eyed innocent expressions and ‘dance moves’. She is truly the queen of exaggerated cuteness.
Winner: Sayumi!!! She’s absolutely perfect for this song.

Aa~in Dance no Uta, Eri/Lin/Jun/MaaOkay, so they’re no MiniMoni, but no one can be MiniMoni but MiniMoni, and I’m just glad to see this song performed again.
LinLin. This is like the song version of LinLin. Spastic, bizarre, and yet somehow charming.

Chokkan 2, All- I just don’t like this song, so I’m not going to comment on it.
Winner: Eri. Her solo line took me by surprise. She’s become quite the singer in the last couple years, hasn’t she?

Everyday Everywhere, Ai/ReinaThe world needs more Ai/Reina duets. Damn they both look hot and sound great. When compared with the rest of the concert, the song is in a whole ‘nother league of difficulty and vocal talent.
Winner: Reina. Not that Ai-chan wasn’t great too, but it’s rare to hear Reina drop the cutseyness and uses her big girl voice. Who knew she could hit notes like that?

Everyday Yeah Kataomoi, Saki S/Mai/Kanna Whoa, it’s like VUDen Jr, with one girl in the middle singing most of the lines and wearing a different costume than the two girls flanking her. Is MaiMai the future Rika Ishikawa? More importantly, is Kanna the future Yui? Perhaps a swimsuit photobook would help test that theory? Aika first though.
Winner: Kanna. There’s just a certain hidden sassiness about her that comes out even in a song like this, and she’s become a much better singer than she’s given credit for.

Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru, Erika/Maimi/Yurina/Chinami- Great costumes for the song. I really enjoyed this.
Winner: Maimi, I wanted to give it to Erika, but Maimi sang better and she had the prettiest costume.

Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger, Ai/Gaki/Eri/Sayu/Reina/Mittsi/Momo/Sako/MiyaOh no! The costumes on Gaki, Mittsi, Momo, and especially Miyabi are AWFUL. The song is cute I guess. I’d almost forgotten that it existed.
Ai-chan. Her solo line towards the end is the only notable part of the performance.

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu, C-ute- A good energetic performance.
Winner: Maimi. She looks so happy that it makes me happy too.

Omoitattara Kichi desse, Berryz- This seems like an odd choice to include in the concert, but that aside, it’s cute, and I suppose it’s refreshing to hear a song that’s not performed very often. Many of the solo lines go to the three forgotten Berryz which is also a nice change of pace.
Winner: Momoko. She’s just too cute!!

Special Generation, Berryz/C-uteI wonder, are Berryz just tired of performing this song by now? C-ute seemed much more enthused. Maybe they’re just mad that they have to share their song. Oh well. I still quite enjoyed the performance. Apparently Airi=Miyabi, Maimi=Risako, Nakki=Momoko, Mai=Yurina, Erika=Chinami, Chisato=Maasa, and Kanna=Saki, in case you were wondering.
Winner: Nakki. I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head during the close-up of her dancing at the beginning.

Bonkyu Bonkyu Bomb Girl, MM- Why do I like this song so much more now than when I saw it in the concert named after it? Maybe it’s because I’m not being distracted by huge gold dresses or awful yellow and green fluffiness?
Winner: Risa for her “Yow!” toward the beginning (she sounded like a cat) and the cool crescendoing “happyhappyhappy” part.

Go Girl Koi no Victory, MM- Weak performance. Come on girls, put a little more spirit into it!
Winner: Dunno. Didn’t really spot any stand-outs.

Handmade City, AllStill not a huge fan of this song because the verses are set too low, but it looks like it’s around to stay. That said, I think the vocals in this performance were better than the Bonkyu concert, and the scarf waving thing looks good with more people.
Winner: Eri. Again, she handles Miki’s lines confidently, and maybe even better than in the aforementioned Bonkyu concert. She can hit that low range without sounding manly unlike some girls. Hint: starts with an A and rhymes with ‘tailakabashi’

Nanimo Iwazu ni, I Love You, AllI love this song! I think it’s a great end to the concert, sappy and powerful without being sad, and good for evoking an emotional response. Also, it’s well suited to the large choral arrangement (I believe the original lineup actually performed it in semi-chorus robes one time). It is not well suited to the three buxom ladies of questionable vocal talent who make up VUDen, but that’s another issue for another time.
Winner: Ai-chan. Very nice introduction and harmonizations.

If I take it to the next level and try to figure out who ‘won’ the concert, it looks like a tie between Ai-chan and Momoko with three victories each.

Oh man. I still have so much to catch up with. There’s blog entries to read, two more concerts to watch, audio rips of MM’s spring concert to listen to, and half of a DVD magazine still to watch, and that’s just the bare minimum as far as this side of my fandom is concerned. That’s a long to-do list, albeit a very pleasant one.

Keep on keepin’ on,


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Mar 29 2008

I’m Back!

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This first paragraph is going to be the same in both of my blogs. Just giving you a heads up.

Hey guys. I have officially returned from my spring break camp-o-rama, and I’m pleased to see that nothing HUGE happened while I was gone. I was so worried all week. If you were wondering what all I was doing, my school has an ‘alternative spring break’ program where instead of partying all night and sleeping all day, a group of 15 or so students spend the week doing ‘service learning’. My particular trip focused on nature, so that meant I spent the week doing stuff like camping, surveying streams, removing invasive species, building trails, and planting trees. It was usually too cold to sleep, even with 12 or so layers of clothing on, we routinely got stuck in thigh-high mud, and my arms look like I lost a fight with an angry cat (blackberries are the devil), but I had a truly awesome time. What does this have to do with Jpop, you might ask? Well, 4 of our resident Japanese exchange students participated in the trip, and so I had the chance to get pretty close with them and learn a bit about their opinions on my favorite music. Our sample group is made up of female sophmores in college, all around 20 years old.

So, they weren’t all that interested in Hello Project, but that was to be expected I suppose. What I did find out is that they knew most of the words to a lot of the songs, including Shabondama, though they weren’t familiar with anything in the last year or two. Collectively they could name all of the members through Koharu, but they knew nothing about 8th gen. In general, they seemed to regard h!p as something kind of funny and nostalgic, but rather uncool to be interested in at their age. The situation seemed like  someone in America today declaring themselves a big fan of Ace of Base. Sure I remember the songs and I’ll sing along for fun, but there’s no way I’ll take them or their music seriously anymore.

As the unrelated note of the day, I just realized that MM’s Cinderella will be playing while I’m in Japan, so I’m going to be able to see it. I got shivers just typing that. Not, “oh I wish I could see that…” but, “I am going to see Morning Musume perform Cinderella!” Also, I am likely going to be buying the DVD of their Spring Concert, but I won’t have to wait for it to be delivered because I’m going to buy it in Japan!! How freaking awesome is that?

I’ll be back with a proper post once I catch up to everything I’ve missed this week. It could take a while…



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Mar 19 2008


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I don’t know if you remember, but I was considering applying for a job to teach English in Japan. I did end up deciding to apply, and I just found out today that I got it. The reality is just now setting in, but officially, starting at the end of July, I will be spending the entire fricking year in Japan!! Do you know what this means?? Do you have any idea how much stuff I’m going to buy, how many concerts I’m going to attend??? I anticipate that my blogs are going to become much better too, because I will be able to report right from the source. Holy shit I’m excited.

Also, I should mention that I’m going to be away for Spring Break, so in case I don’t post again before then, don’t expect any updates over next week.



EDIT: I forgot to mention, if anyone is going to be in Japan from august 2008 to july 2009, and you would like to catch any sort of h!p concert with me, please please let me know! I’d love to be able to attend with another english-speaking fan, preferably around my own age (22). I’ll be living in Saitama, so Tokyo venues are pretty convenient. Just let me know, k?

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Mar 17 2008

Image Color

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With all my love of categorizing and ranking things, the entire concept of image colors really appeals to me. I like the idea of them each having their own little category, and I’ve often wondered if there’s any meaning behind the colors chosen for them beyond, “the girl who used to have this color graduated, so here you go new member”. In an attempt to find out if there was any real correlation between the girl and her color, I looked up the most common personality associations with each of the ‘image colors’ and compared with my perceptions of the girl’s personalities. I’m considering the fairy costumes worn at the winter WH concert to be indicative of the most current image colors for each of them. It seems like Risako and Miyabi have been switched around, but the rest are all consistent with what they’ve been for a while.


Team Pink– Sayu, Maimi, Momoko

+Associations: feminine, appreciative, romantic

-Associations: passive, weak

Pinkitude Rating:

Sayu- she’s certainly feminine and romantic, but she’s definitely not passive. Pretty weak when it comes to physical strength

Maimi- I don’t see her as being all that feminine, I mean, she is, but not like Sayu is.

Momoko- she’s a pretty little princess isn’t she?


Team Red– Koharu, Kanna, Miyabi

+Associations: Passion, strength, leadership/power

-Associations: arrogant, quick tempered, masculine

Reditude Rating:

Koharu- certainly got the arrogance, and wielding a fair amount of power lately, and it’s hard to argue that she’s not passionate

Kanna- doesn’t really seem to fit her at all, I only give her points for the ‘masculine’ thing due to that lesbian comment

Miyabi -I’ll give her passion and leadership, her jaw covers the masculinity, but I don’t really see her as a ‘firey’ red kind of person

Team Orange– Eri, Nakki, Chinami

+Associations: enthusiastic, playful, energetic

-Associations: over-emotional, attention demanding

Orangitude Rating:

Eri- hmm. Not really. I guess she’s playful, but she’s not especially any of those other things, she’s one of the more low energy, less attention demanding members

Nakki- Nakki, however, fits this quite well. She’s very energetic and enthusiastic, she cries a lot (over-emotional)

Chinami- a good fit on the positive traits, but not so much on the negatives

Team Yellow– Ai-chan, Erika, Risako

+Associations: outgoing, joyful, friendly

-Associations: cowardly, dishonest

Yellowitude Rating:

Ai-chan- she’s not super-sunny really, I would say that she’s friendly though not particularly outgoing, and if you see her in a haunted house it’s not a stretch to call her a bit of a coward, but then again, she’s been quite brave with all she’s had to handle lately

Erika- Good match on the positives

Risako- I don’t know why, but I see her as kind of dishonest; don’t know if she’s all that friendly either

Team Green– Risa, LinLin (because I’m not making a new category for “turquoise”), Airi, Yurina (SO my favorite team)

+Associations: gentle, kind, sincere

-Associations: envious, inexperienced

Greenitude Rating:

Risa- All of the positives fit her to a T, and while she’s not actually inexperienced, the “Gaki-san” indicates otherwise, and I wouldn’t blame her for being envious after being shafted for so long

LinLin- Hmm. No. Not especially sincere or gentle, and not inexperienced either

Airi- Yes on the positives. No on the negatives. Who exactly could she be jealous of?

Yurina- I don’t really see her as this type

Team Blue– Reina, JunJun, Chisato, Maasa

+Associations: calm, confident, dependable

-Associations: aloof, sad

Blueitude Rating:

Reina- I totally give this one to her. She’s full of confidence, has been accused of being kind of aloof, and has certainly proven herself dependable over the years

JunJun- I guess she’s calm sometimes, but nothing else really fits so far

Chisato- Calm and aloof? Nope.

Maasa- Not so much with this one either.

Team Purple– Aika, Mai, Saki

+Associations: creative, mysterious, noble

-Assiciations: prideful, fake

Purpleitude Rating:

Aika- The only mystery about her is how she became so cute

Mai- I’ve heard her called both prideful and fake, and she does have a bit of a noble baring about her, despite her age. I think she’ll fit this even more as she grows up

Saki S.- No. Not at all.


I’ve ended with everything from “fits her perfectly” to “couldn’t fit her worse”. I think if I were to reassign the image colors, I’d do it as follows.

Team Pink v.2 Sayumi, Ai-chan, Airi, Yurina

Team Red v.2 Koharu, Chisato, Maasa

Team Orange v.2 LinLin, Nakki, Momoko

Team Yellow v.2 Aika, Erika, Chinami

Team Green v.2 Risa, JunJun, Kanna, Saki S.

Team Blue v.2 Reina, Maimi, Miyabi

Team Purple v.2 Eri, Mai, Risako

Whew. That was kind of difficult since there were some categories where no one from a certain group matched and some where I wanted to add more than one. I think I’m satisfied with what I came up with though, or at least that these colors are much better matches than what they had before. Any ideas on switches that should be made? Also, any idea why the formation of ‘teams’ automatically makes me want to pit them against each other in some kind of hypothetical death match?


Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids,




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Mar 13 2008

Resonant Blue PV: Initial Reactions

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When the Mikan PV came out I posted a short list of positives and negatives, so I’m going to do the same for this one.


 -The costumes and dance are very sexy in a kakkoii way, and not the least bit cheesy. It’s kind of thrashy like Shabondama, and I love Shabondama’s dance

 -Everyone looks hot, and as much as I hate to admit it, Koharu is looking really good

 -From the short glimpse of LinLin we get at the beginning, I believe that she’s wearing thigh-high fishnets

 -The dark blue lighting is cool and sets the mood well


 -I’m tired of whining about unfair line distribution…but, the only ones who get any solo lines (except for a couple of “whoa whoa’s” by Gaki and a shouted part by Sayumi) are Ai-chan, Reina, and Koharu. I suppose it’s intentional that their costumes have white in them while everyone else is wearing all black, but it really trivializes the rest of the group. It’s rather Mr.Moonlight-esque in its execution.

8th gen is especially invisible. Eri/Gaki are paired on the “ne ne dakedo” parts, and Sayumi has one shouted line at the end to remind us that she’s there, but all of 8th  gen could have been replaced by some other girls with similar hair and no one would notice

 -They seem to have trimmed the budget further by making the entire thing a dance shot. Really. There’s only one kind of shot. How much cheaper can they get? I’m sure the close-ups would have been hot too.


Best Wishes,


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Mar 13 2008

Costume Hall of Shame: Now in Day-glo

Welcome to Bikkuri Project’s new home! It’s just so professional-looking that I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I was torn as to what to write about for the inaugural entry here. I’ve been wanting to do a new costume hall of shame feature for a while (the bad costumes are piling up!), but then I was worried that if I wrote something and people hated it, I’d lose votes for the International Wota awards. I’ve realized that that’s rather silly(because it’s not like anyone would vote for me anyway, lol), and I think it’d be a good way to kick off the blog, so without further ado…

Today’s costume hall of shame is full of costumes that were vomited on by a drunken rainbow. Bikkuri Project is not accountable for any retinal damage that results from viewing these images.

Koharu’s amazing Technicolor dreamcoat!! Papa Tsunku gave the gift of a marvelous coat of many colors to his youngest daughter (this was pre-aika), Kusumi, for she was his favorite. And lo! The other daughters were sorely jealous and so they threw her in a pit and sold her into slavery. What a nice story. It’ll never work though, because I don’t see how any of the Musume could be jealous of this clashing, raggedy homage to a circus tent.

There are so many strange and terrible things going on here; I almost don’t know where to begin. The furry vest, the fingerless shiny gold gloves, the zebra striped cowboy hat, the skirt of polka-dotted multi-colored handkerchiefs… Each item alone is offensive, but together… At my elementary school, every year we’d have spirit week, and one of the days was always “clash day”. The person who came to school clashing the most would win a prize. Congratulations Miss Matsuura, because you just kicked the ass of every kid in my elementary school.

Lastly, say ‘Hello’ to Hello Project’s newest solo artist, ManoEri. I’m trying to come up with something clever to say about the costume, but the only thing that keeps running through my head is “clownclownclownclownclown”. I don’t like clowns. This is not an auspicious start for Erina.


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Mar 10 2008

3rd Love Escalation- Review

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I said I would write a review of C-ute’s new album, 3rd Love Escalation, and I would never break a promise to you all, so here we go.


I’m a bit disappointed. There are some good things, but overall I think it’s too safe. Aside from one particular track, the new songs lean heavily toward the generic. It’s not bad, but I think that C-ute’s other albums are both better. Also, I don’t know how it escaped my attention that none of C-ute’s major singles had been albumized before, but this album has all four of them. Four singles on an album with only 10 tracks makes for not very many original songs, which is kind of to be expected from a h!p album I guess, but I was still a bit sad. I do appreciate that they’ve continued with having each member participate in either a duet or a solo. It gives us a chance to hear some of the less utilized voices in the group. Here’s a track by track review of just the new material.

2. Image Color- Airi/Maimi

Honestly, I expected better from the group’s two main singers. There is nothing the least bit vocally challenging in this song. An Airi/Maimi duet should be spectacular, and this was just kind of forgettable. I swear, Airi almost sounded like Nakki at some points, and that’s not a good thing. The song reminds me a bit of ‘Aozora ga Itsudemo..etc’ so if you like that one you might like this. Rated so low not because it’s really that terrible but because it should have been SO much better. 1/5

3. Otome Kokoro

This one is slower, and glory-be, I can hear a fair number of Chisato lines! It’s a nice, relaxing sort of song, with a pretty chorus. A bit boring, but I rather like it. The image I get is of the girls lying on their backs in a nice sunny meadow somewhere looking up at the clouds. 3/5

5. Honmerare Nobiko no Theme Kyoku

This is my favorite of the new group songs. Once again, there are Chisato lines which is worth an extra star right there. The song it’s self is more dancey, kind of in the style of Bishoujo Shinri (but not as powerful). It’s pretty catchy, and they didn’t forget the hooks this time, but I feel like the tempo should have been just a bit faster. It would have given it more energy, and the song runs out of steam by the end. 4/5

6. Sweeeets Live- Chisato/Kanna

The intro starts out with an ethnic sounding beat, and then some computerized effects, giving me hope that this will be an interesting song. Then the verses start, and I am utterly disappointed by the lack of actual singing. The verses are kind of monotonal and ‘talked’ through, much like a Koharu song. It’s just a crying shame to give Chisato and Kanna a Koharu-style song, because they both deserve better. They sing quite well, and the chorus is okay, but neither ever get a chance to really open up and sing. “Bokura no Kagayaki”, with the awesome Chisa introduction, was so much better. This is the second biggest disappointment on the album, after the Airi/Maimi duet. 2/5

8. Hare no platinum Doori- Mai/Saki

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s really about as good as it could be, being a Mai/Saki duet. I think those girls voices are too similar for them to be paired for duets, but maybe that’s just me. The sound is really old-fashioned, like golden age of idols old-fashioned. Well, it’s not great, but the melody was nice enough, and it could have been a lot worse. 3/5

9.Do don ga don ondou- Erika

Just when I thought this entire album was utterly boring and safe, Erika comes along and saves the day with her tribute to that Odoru 11 song. Is Erika trying to show more personality? Because I fully support that idea. Behind all the silliness and childishness there are some strong vocals. Erika’s singing really has improved. She might just be moving up in my C-ute ranking soon. 5/5

I wanted to love this album, but I was left feeling a bit ho-hum about the whole thing. Maybe I’ll like it better when I hear the songs in concert.



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Mar 08 2008

Egg Update

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With the h!p Eggs suddenly getting a whole lot of attention lately, perhaps it’s time to devote another post to them. H!P has released new pictures of them for their upcoming 3rd concert, and I must say, they’re quite nice. It’s further evidence that they’re investing more in their eggs that they bothered to get them dolled up in fashionable clothes and style their hair for pictures instead of just slapping them in matching T-shirts and pony-tails like usual.

In particular, new Milky Way member Sayaka Kitahara’s picture is striking.

I’m telling you, this girl is going places. I think Milky Way is sort of the last test of her abilities and appeal. If she passes, and I have no doubt that she will, then it’s only a matter of time before she graduates from the eggs and debuts with a real unit.

I also really like Maeda Yuuka’s picture, even though she looks like she’s about 6 years old. She’s like a sad little doll, and I just want to give her a hug.

Speaking of eggs, I recently realized that I only had seen part of the Newcomer’s concert, so I set out to remedy that. The concert bugs me a bit because I imagine that it must have been weird for the Eggs to perform with Aika, JunLin, and Kanna as equals when they know that when they next meet, those four will have the fans chanting their names while the eggs backdance for them. Even within this concert, it’s clear that the eggs are 2nd class citizens and the four debuted girls are the main attraction. It seems like that could be awkward on both sides, really. Still, it’s the best egg footage out there right now, so well worth watching. Here’s their performance of dadida dobidobidobidee or whatever that song is called. Is it just me, or does Aika seem loads better at singing in this clip than she does in MM performances? Weird. Perhaps being covered with tinsel inspired her. Kanna also seems to sing better than usual. Sayaka is one of the eggs who gets a lot of focus in this, so pay attention! She sings with Ogawa Saki right after Aika.

I just realized that I can recognize and name pretty much all of the eggs now. That’s dangerous. I didn’t want to get attached to them because I know that many of them will never debut for real, and that makes me sad. I guess I just couldn’t help it though. I do wish they’d give their other concerts DVD releases. I want to see more of what they can do.

I still don’t like Mucchi though.

Auf Wiedersehen,


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Mar 05 2008

Resonant Blue Preview!!!

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This is just a short update, because I’m really excited about this. There’s a preview of “Resonant Blue” Morning Musume’s newest single, posted at Some Boys Blog (here). Wasn’t expecting that so soon. It’s good quality too.

I’ve listened, and the song is indeed Egao Yes Nude-esque. It’s more upbeat though. Very dancy, and very sexy. There’s a lot of little ‘ah’ and ‘oh’ sighs throughout, which is always a good thing. It sounds like Reina and Ai have most of the solo lines, but that’s to be expected. Most importantly, it’s catchy! Catchy is good because catchy sells. It’s the kind of song that I liked a lot after only 1 listen, instead of it having to grow on me. I will be shocked, completely and utterly shocked, if this doesn’t sell significantly better than Mikan. Trust me; this song is a winner!

In honor of the song title,


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Mar 04 2008

Comments on Recent Goings On

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It seems like a lot has been happening in the h!p world lately, doesn’t it? Ah, but that is one of the things I love about h!p. They’re constantly changing things up and surprising us. It never gets boring, does it? Here are my quick thoughts on some recent announcements.

Miki Returns
Boo, you whore. (Note: Meangirls quote, but this pretty accurately represents how I feel). I am not ready to forgive Miki yet, and maybe I never will be.

ManoEri to Debut as a Soloist
My first impression was one of complete shock. I very much did NOT see that one coming. True, Erina has emerged as the golden egg of the Gatas, but as another blogger (so sorry but I forget who!) mentioned, it seems a bit premature. It’s kind of a risk, giving solo-status to a relatively untested egg. Still, she is undoubtedly cute, and I do think that h!p needs another young soloist. They’ve had a lot of success with Koharu after all, and Manoeri can probably produce similar lively pop aimed at pulling in the younger girls. I just hope she has the charisma to pull it off, because I’m not seeing that right now. Good luck to her though, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this turns out. At the very least, she has probably become a shining beacon of hope for the other eggs.

Speaking of Eggs, Milky Way to contain Kikkawa Yu and Kitahara Sayaka
My reaction to this one is a big, “YES!!” You might remember this post, where I guessed at which eggs had the most potential to debut with Morning Musume. Well, it’s not Morning Musume, but my two top picks are indeed debuting with a mainstream release. Man I’m good. I’m even pleased enough to ignore that fact that it involves Koharu. I think these two have a lot of potential, and I can only hope that even bigger things are in store for them after this (MM entry maybe??)

Speaking of me Being Good at Predicting Things
I made some predictions here about Morning Musume’s next single, and so far “once the title is announced, no matter what it is, people will expect it to be a ballad” has certainly come true. Also, with the news that it’s similar in style to Egao Yes Nude, I think it’s safe to say that “It will be something sexified, no more cutseyness because sex sells” is likely accurate as well. If the rest of my predictions come true, I might have to start doing this for a living. =p

MM is Going to Perform Cinderella
Yayayayay! Even better, it’s the version that Brandy did. I just love the songs from that, particularly the “Impossible” song by the Fairy Godmother. I’m looking forward to this much more than Ribon no Kishi, as I’m sure many of you are, because it’s a story that Western audiences are much more familiar with. I can’t wait to find out the casting decisions, and I second the hope that Sayumi is one of the wicked step sisters. She would be perfect for it.

And they lived happily ever after,


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