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Sep 28 2008

Costume Hall of Shame: Next Time, Hire a Professional

Just when you thought I had run out of costume-related pet peeves, another emerges from the shadows! This time I would like to focus on what is, perhaps, one of the worst costume sins h!p commits, the cheap-looking, poorly made costume. Ugly costumes…well…that’s a matter of taste, but poorly-made= amateur. It looks like *shudders* cosplay. Not good cosplay either. Junior high kid with one year of home economics classes and no sewing machine cosplay. If H!p wants to have any hope of maintaining dignity as legitimate artists in the Japanese people’s eyes, they simply cannot let their idols trot onstage wearing an unhemmed ill-fitted mess of scraps. A previous hall of shame inductee (CLICK), Country Musume’s orange dresses would have fit well into this category. But enough with the old, on with the new!

Okay Maki. It’s nice that you love mermaids, and I know that your mommy went to a lot of trouble making your Halloween costume, but don’t you think you’re getting just a tiny bit too old for trick-or-treating? Does that costume even go all the way around? It looks like her mom might have just pinned a scaly breastplate and tail over Maki’s favorite lacy 1 sleeved, 1 bicep cuffed, dress.

H!p may have fallen on hard times, but that’s no reason to start literally dressing Risa in rags. It’s like she rolled in a bin of fabric scraps at Quilts R Us. Pull one thread, and the entire shirt falls to pieces. Hey…maybe h!p knows what they’re doing after all.

Points to Koharu for finding a way to recycle all of that old Christmas ribbon. Very environmentally friendly of her, don’t you think? Minus points for the sheer tackiness of her attempt at decking the halls. Christmas-present bow corsages should never be bigger than your head. Actually, Christmas-present bow corsages just shouldn’t be.  And what’s that white thing peaking around from behind her? Is that a tail?! Double minus points for the overt cosplay!

And this is completely unrelated to today’s topic but…

RIKA! How many times do I have to tell you!? Your underwear goes under your skirt, NOT over it.

End bitchery for today,


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Sep 27 2008

Resonant Live Set List

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Since I have plans to attend this particular Momusu concert, I am quite interested in the setlist. It’s a very unique one, full of songs that are rarely to never performed in concert. Wow. My feelings are a bit torn here. On the one hand, I’m lucky to be able to see some rare performances. On the other hand, I wish there weren’t quite so many songs that I’m not very familiar with. I understand that they’re doing more B-sides and album songs since ALL of the last concert tour was singles, but I think songs are more fun in concert if you know them well enough sing along. Here’s the list, credit to 2ch, with my thoughts on each in purple.

01. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan! Meh. Not a very memorable B-side. Couldn’t they have picked something better for the first song of the concert?
02. Mikan Okay. Kinda had to be there, but still not my favorite MM single. This concert isn’t off to such a great start.
Self-Introductions (From the left : Tanaka, Kamei, JunJun, Michishige, Takahashi, Niigaki, Koharu, LinLin, Aika)
03. Pepper Keibu Another one that had to be there, but I’m excited to see this one performed live, especially that awesome dance break.
Opening Movie
04. TOP (Kamei dance solo) Kamei dance solo!?!? Awesome! Good music for a dance solo.
05. Yah! Aishitai Cool. I like this song.
06. Inspiration Whoa. Where did that come from? I actually had to look this one up. It’s the B-side to Renai Revolution.
07. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan Of all the singles to chose to include…. *is grumpy*
08. Purple wind (Takahashi, Niigaki, Kusumi, Aika, JunJun, LinLin) All right. This is a decent album track.
09. Lemon Iro to Milk Tea  Cute! We had to get at least one really cute song in among all the sexyness of this setlist.
MC (Kamei, Michishige, Tanaka)
10. Tan Tan Taan! (Koharu) Ewww. Koharu solo. Bring out Yuu and Sayaka, then we’ll talk.
11. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kiduka nu Donkan na Hito (Aika) Hey, they’re giving Aika another solo! That’s the second concert solo she’s had already in her short tenure with MM. Impressive. What is this song though? I can’t find mention of it anywhere. New album track maybe??
12. Guru Guru Jump (Koharu, JunJun, LinLin) Same with this song. Where does it come from? Anyway, glad to see some JunLin focus.
13. Indigo Blue Love (Niigaki) YES! Gaki-san solo, and it’s this awesome sultry song. Looking forward to this one.
14. Take off is now (Takahashi, Niigaki, Tanaka) Another mystery song, at least for me. If anyone knows where all these songs are coming from, please let me know.
MC (Koharu, Aika, JunJun, LinLin)
15. Dou ni ka Shite Doyoubi An obscure song, but at least I can identify the source (1st album).
16. Koi no Dial 6700 Um. This comes from a really old (circa 1970’s) Japanese boyband. I don’t understand!
MC (Takahashi, Niigaki)
17. Souda We’re Alive Very pleased with this one. It’s one of my favorite MM singles, and I’ve really been wanting to see it live.
18. Onna ni Sachi Are Okay. Neither thrilled nor dissapointed. Next.
19. Roman ~ My Dear Boy ~  I think I’ll like this one live.
20. Koko ni Iruzee  Another of my top MM singles. Well chosen!
21. Resonant Blue Nods. Had to be here, and I really like the song, so I’m not complaining.
22. Ame no Furanai Another big YES! I was so hoping that they’d perform the mysteriously CD-less song at this concert. It’s so pretty.
MC (From the left : Kamei, JunJun, Michishige, Takahashi, Niigaki, Tanaka, Koharu, LinLin, Aika)
23. Aozora ga itsu made mo tsuduku you na mirai de are! (No train)They sure love to end with this song, don’t they? I’ll go with it.

So, a really mixed bag overall. I can’t say I’m not a bit dissapointed. I just want more songs that I actually know!  Don’t worry, I’m still looking forward to the concert a lot! They could have opted to sing each and every one of my least favorite MM songs, and I’d still be excited to see them in person.

Just for speculation’s sake though…here are some songs I wish they had included instead.

Since we’re mostly dealing in album songs and B-sides, I would have loved it if “How do you like Japan?” was included. Also, “Koe” or “Koi ING” and “Say Yeah! Motto Miracle Night” would have been nice. I was also kind of hoping that they might do some MM Sakura or Otome gumi singles since those weren’t included in the All Singles setlist, and I really love all of those songs, but no such luck. Well, since I’ll definitely still be here in spring, there’s always the next concert tour!

Ya win some, ya lose some,


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Sep 26 2008

More Happy Egg News

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I’m late commenting on this, I’m fully aware, but my computer was only today restored to function, and I’m excited about this, so I’m going to comment about some old news.

Here’s one of those pictures that’s floating around to remind you of what we’re talking about here.

Shugo Chara Egg!

There has been a lot of speculation about which eggs will make up the group, and now that we know, I’ll say that I’m…mostly pleased. Let’s go over who made the cut.

Fukada Kanon-An ovbious choice for this unit if you ask me. Despite being only 13, Kanon has already developed the full idol skill set: dancing, charisma, and singing. In fact, she has one of the strongest voices out of all the eggs.

Maeda Yuuka– Another easy choice. Having already distinguished herself by holding her own in a unit with some of the top names in h!p today (High King), Yuuka has rapidly risen to become one of the most popular eggs. It doesn’t hurt that she might just be the cutest of the eggs too.

Wada Ayaka– Hmmm. Ayaka is cute and spunky, but I just don’t know if she is really ready to be put in a unit yet. From what I’ve seen of her performing, she’s still pretty rough around the edges, especially vocally. Her singing in her “Egg Delivery Station” be blunt…pretty bad.

Saho Akari– Akari doesn’t really stand out among the eggs, but I think her inclusion in this unit makes sense. She seems to be a solid little performer, so while she lacks the “star potential” brought by Kanon and Yuuka, I think she’ll make a great supporting player and group member.

There’s some poor quality fan recordings of the live event for their new single on youtube. HERE is one of them. The song is disgustingly cute. I can’t wait for the PV! Best of luck to this new unit.



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Sep 19 2008

Ame no Furanai Hoshi dewa Aisenai darou

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Computer still sucks, but I had to share this. It’s the demo version of that new MM song from the summer concert. The title is in the title of this blog entry. It’s too long to type twice.

Apparently some girl from the Taiwan auditions posted it in her blog. Tsk tsk tsk. I wonder if she’ll get kicked out for this?

Anyway, one word describes this song for me GOOSEBUMPS. Seriously. I was shivering. It’s just beautiful. Also LinLin. WOW. Her solo section was fantastic.


Got to go! Computer slowly losing power,


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Sep 19 2008

Just so ya know

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I’m having computer troubles AGAIN. This time, my power cable is on the fritz. I have to hold it in place at a certain angle just to get my laptop’s battery to charge, and who knows how long it’ll be until it goes out completaly. So, until my dad sends me a new one, I’m using my computer sparingly, which probably means no big updates here for a while. So sorry. Believe me. This hurts me more than it hurts you.


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Sep 13 2008

PV Keibu

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I seriously doubt I have anything new or interesting to say about Morning Musume’s new “Pepper Keibu” PV, but new Morning Musume PVs only come out so often, so I’m going to go ahead and comment anyway.

Sorting into positives and negatives seemed to work well last time, so I’ll be doing that again.

+ The girls all look hot. These are some of the best PV costumes MM has ever had.

+ The line distribution is even to the point of being methodically calculated. The best part of this is that for once I don’t have to read people’s complaints about the line distribution.

+Koharu doesn’t have any solo lines to ruin the song and Morning Musume’s credibility with. Yessssssssssss

+The dancing and music at the bridge is cool

+It’s also cool when the new dance beats kick in after the introduction

+There’s harmonizing! The part with JunJun and Risa harmonizing is easily my favorite part of the song and PV

-The dancing is kind of cheesy at parts. I realize that they’re doing the original choreography for a lot of it and it’s a sort of homage, but that doesn’t make it any less simple and cheesy, and I don’t think any of the girls really know what to do with that weird knee thing

-They stuck Koharu and Sayumi together for duet lines…why?

-Stating the ovbious: the PV is just a dance shot. They really couldn’t have thrown in a few closeup shots or something? I suppose another version of the PV with 5 different types of scenes will be released eventually, right?

-Who decided Mittsi should always wear her bangs pulled straight back? She looks much better with them down

-They paired the pandas for their duet section. It’s not that I don’t like them singing together, but it seems like they’re always paired together for this kind of thing. Why can’t they mix it up a little bit?

-The song is pretty repetitive, isn’t it?

Six pluses and six minuses. Guess I’m going to have to wait for some live performances before I can call this one for one side or the other.

See you,


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Sep 09 2008

Speaking of Buono

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I ate lunch with a 6th grade class today. I asked one of the girls sitting by me what kind of music she likes, and she said her favorite group was Buono. Yay!


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Sep 06 2008

I’m Going to a Momusu Concert!

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Just bought tickets! Yay yay!!

Now the usual question: Anyone want to come with? It’ll just cost you $75! C’mon, you know you want to!

It’s the November 2nd evening concert in Tokyo. Comment with your E-mail address if you’re interested. Please only comment if you are sure you can go. Also, only people who are over 18, I think. I’m 22, and I’m not looking to babysit (sorry).


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Sep 06 2008

Too Long Have I Been Neglecting Buono

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Buono contains my two favorite h!p kids, and yet there’s been barely a peep about them in this blog. I blame the fact that whenever I say “Buono” in my head I either immediately start thinking about U2 or I pronounce it with a weird lisp “Bwouno”. I think it’s time for me to put my personal problems aside and give this group their due, so this entry is focused on determining which of Buono’s four singles is the Buonoest.

There will be 5 points awarded for each first place finish, 3 for second, 1 for third, and none for 4th. Also, I’m going to abbreviate the single titles as follows: Honto no Jibun=HJ, Renai Rider=RR, KissKissKiss=KK, and Gachinko de Ikou= GDI.

Let’s start off with the PVs so we know exactly what we’re dealing with here.

Category 1: Quality of B-side And by “quality” I really mean “how much I like it” Fortunately, Buono usually seems to have good B-sides

1st– RR Janakya mottainai is the only Buono B-side to make it to my highly exclusive music folder

2nd– HJ Kokoro no Tamago has high “sticks in your head” levels as well as its own PV

3rd– GDI Lady Panther gets points for the title alone. The lyrics are all “I’m a panther and I’m going to bite you! Rwarr!”

4th– KK Minna Daisuki is very much an anime theme. Kind of forgettable.

Category 2: Largeness of Miyabi’s hair (PV) These were difficult shots to get. The problem with Miyabi’s hair is that it tends to be mostly cut out of her close-ups, so if you can’t see well from the crappy screen-shots I’ve provided, you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

1st– KK Now that’s what I’m talking about

2nd– RR Impressive height considering that her hair’s only half up

3rd– HJ Close, but needs more effort


4th– GDI What the hell Miya? You’ve failed me!

Category 3: Coolness of costumes. Buono seems to be the best dressed group in H!P (not that they have much competition), so this category is important.

1st– KK. Two sets of costumes and both are fabulous. I want!

2nd– GDI I don’t like Momo’s green wrist scrunchy, but everything else is great, especially the rest of her outfit

3rd– HJ Cute, not much to hate, but not too exciting. I guess Miyabi’s shirt is somehow a little too ‘cowboy’ for me

4th– RR I’m sorry, but I just hate the leather short-shorts on Airi. She is not old enough to be wearing S&M gear.

Category 4: Vocal prominence of Airi. Even in this elite group, she seems to get the more solo parts, but it’s much more subtle than in C-ute. This category is to judge how obvious that is.

1st– RR Airi has both of the big solo sections before the choruses. Also, she has 5 solo lines. The others each have 2.

2nd– HJ Airi does sings first in each set of solo lines, and her solo at the bridge is twice as long as Momo or Miya’s.

3rd– GDI Airi officially edges Miya out for “most words” since her solo lines are a bit longer.

4th– KK Airi has the very first line of the song, but this one seems pretty even generally.

Category 5: Cuteness of dance. I ought to call in the little dancing 6 year old to help me evaluate this, but since she wasn’t available for comment, I’ll have to do this myself.

1st– KK. They’re just jumping around like little bunnies, aren’t they?

2nd– HJ. Full of win, especially with the air guitar

3rd– RR. Some parts are a little awkward, but still damn cute.

4th– GDI. Hmm. Nothing from this dance really stands out to me.

Category 6: “Specialness” of Momoko in PV. You know what I mean.

1st– RR. ROFL at the tricycle and the pointing with her pinky. The ukulele just seals the deal.

2nd– KK Between the bunny picture book, jumping around to try to dust up high and the “harmonica”, it’s an easy choice for second.

3rd– GDI Momoko knocks over the jenga tower, but it was really the “wtf factor” of the thing with the mosquito that gave it the edge over HJ.

4th– HJ. Falling asleep in class and being showered with paper is funny, but she’s stepped up her game since then.

Category 7: Visual appeal of cover (Regular)

1st– GDI The background color is pretty, and Airi doing the buono thing with the jenga block is really cute

2nd– KK Still cute. I like the limited one a bit better though.

3rd– HJ Very simple. I’m worried that the red color kind of clashes with Momoko’s shirt.

4th– RR The way their arms are positioned looks forced and awkward to me

Category 8: Visual appeal of cover (Limited)

1st– KK No complaints here. They all look stunning and the background is interesting without being overwhelming

2nd-HJ Nice, clean, but maybe a bit too simple. It’s just their faces and a red background

3rd-RR It’s cute, but it kind of looks sloppy. The heart is cut off around the edges, and there’s just too much going on

4th– GDI Sorry, but the suits just aren’t doing it for me, and the wallpaper behind them is the mucky brownish, yellowish, greenish color of pea soup. Yuck.

Category 9: Buononess of PV

1st– KK This one has the whole package. I like that there are lots of different types of scenes

2nd– HJ This PV almost has a story if you squint

3rd– RR Really cute, but maybe not enough going on

4th– GDI Still don’t really like the suits, and I’m not too fond of the live band either. Stop stealing Buono’s thunder!

Category 10: How much I actually like the song. Not a very important category, but I guess I ought to include it in there somewhere.

1st– GDI I’m really in love with this right now.

2nd– RR Another song frequently appearing on my playlists

3rd– HJ A good start for the group, but not quite as catchy for me

4th– KK I like the song, I really do, but it gets on my nerves quickly

Now for the final scores.

Gachinko de Ikou- 16

Honto no Jibun- 19

Renai Rider- 24

KissKissKiss- 31

So the Buonoest song is KissKissKiss! I’m glad I got that settled.

Honto no,


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