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Oct 28 2008


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Morning Musume concert tickets were delivered today. Yayay! Sunday can’t come soon enough! Fortunately, I’m teaching elementary school all week and my Junior High’s choir festival is on Saturday, so I’ll be pretty busy up until then.


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Oct 23 2008

Just a Thought

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You know what I would pay good money to see? A dance-off between Maimi, Saki S., and Eri. As the generally acknowledged best dancers in their respective groups, I think it would be quite a spectacle. Can’t say for sure who would win though. Let’s get this lined up for next summer’s Wonderful Hearts concert, okay?


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Oct 21 2008

Pepper Keibu Making

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The making-of video for Pepper Keibu is awesome! They put the footage of the girls getting their pictures taken and talking about the song somewhere else, so this is just lots of the girls messing around and being cute back stage. There’s lots of panda footage. I just wub JunJun. She totally wins this “making of”

Watch Morning Musume – Pepper Keibu PV Making of in Music Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

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Oct 20 2008

Make Up Photos

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Picspam coming, but first, another closing thought on the whole “elders graduating” thing. A lot of people have been going around saying that this graduation= very bad things for h!p, including huge loses in fanbase. To which I say…um…what fanbase? The thing is, if the elders had a sizable fanbase supporting them, their CD’s would sell more than a measly few thousand copies. There are a lot of people who were fans of these girls, but either lost interest in h!p all together or moved on to the more active groups. If there were a sizable fanbase to be lost, these girls probably wouldn’t be graduating anyway.

Oh, and I looked at a newspaper article on the “graduation” which showed pictures of the members graduating, and the 3 gatas eggs weren’t among them. I’d say there’s strong evidence that Ongaku Gatas is over and those eggs will be returning to the egg fold rather than graduating with the rest of them. Just speculation though.

And now the pretty pictures! One nice picture for each and every nasty picture I posted a few entries ago.

Much Better,


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Oct 19 2008

OG To Graduate

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How’s that for big news?

My initial reaction was shock that H!p would just dump all of these girls at once, but the more I think about it, the more this sort of reorganization makes sense. It seems that at least some of them will still be represented by UFA, so most of what has changed is that they will no longer be labled as “Hello Project”. Who knows, maybe this means that they will actually be able to do more since, let’s face it, the Elder Club has done practically nothing this year. Maybe some of them will choose to leave show business all together, and if so, more power to them. With all the members of the Elder Club, h!p was beginning to feel more and more crowded with lots of idols with nothing to do. I think it makes sense to “release” them at this time. Now H!p will be pared down to just the “Big 3” (MM, Berryz, and C-ute) along with ManoEri, the Eggs, and the various anime units.

Yeah, it’s a big change. We might not know just how big until the dust settles and the eventual fate of all those OG groups and artists becomes more clear.  It makes me sad that we won’t be seeing any more big all h!p concerts with thier wonderful hearts/elder club shuffled groups. On the other hand, I tend to skip past the dreary ballads of the OG soloists when I watch h!p concert DVDs anyway. Also, it looks like there will be no more of Morning Musume’s OG usurping the current group on televsion performances.

The biggest question for me is what will become of the Gatas, both Ongaku and Brilliantes? Ongaku gatas is part of the Elder club, and so they should be graduating, but there are still the 3 eggs to consider. Will they be graduating from Eggs as well, or will those three be in both Ongaku Gatas and h!p somehow? And what about the Gatas Brilliantes h!p soccer team? Many of their members come from C-ute and Berryz. Will the team still fall under h!p even though many of its members don’t? Will the team be dissolved but Ongaku Gatas still exist as its own entity?

Well, a lot of us probably thought that the elder club members would kind of be around forever, but it looks like we were wrong. I really hope that whatever they are going on to now, it’s better than what they’ve been getting. I hope this doesn’t essentially amount to a mass firing and betrayl by h!p, but rather, a positive change for these women. Nothing to do now but wait, I guess.


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Oct 18 2008


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I went to the city’s annual festival tonight, and I found some rather interesting cotton candy bags. Look!

Would have bought the Milky Way one, but I kind of hate cotton candy.


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Oct 14 2008

6Gatsu Akasaka Hop

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Pretty pictures next time. I’ve found some videos, and it’s time for egg watch!

The videos are clips of performances from the h!p eggs concert this June. I really enjoy watching our eggs progress, so these were of considerable interest to me.

I’ll say that the eggie-pies look considerably more polished and professional than they did when they started having their own concerts. Their vocals are better too….but still leave something to be desired for many of the girls. It also helps that they seem to be going to the trouble of making them some of their own costumes instead of just giving them hand-me-downs now.

Links First

Video 1: Pre-concert cheering, Koisuru Angel Heart

Video 2: clips of The Peace, Koi wo Shichaimashita, Shiawase desu ka?, Sukiyaki, Piriri to Yukou, Agenai Nagai Nichiyoubi, Anataboshi

Video 3: 3 new eggs introduction, clips of First Kiss, Sukina Sempai, Crazy About You, I Know, Anshinkan, Rai Rai Shinfuu!, Chokotto Love, Yeah Meccha Holiday

Video 4: Dreamin’

Huzzah! Now it’s itty-bitty concert review time. Which eggs stood out and which were a bit rotten? Read on to find out!

Koisuru Angel Heart (All): Who sang that first solo line? These videos have an unfortunate tendancy to not show the girl who’s currently singing a solo line, and I’m not good enough to identify the eggs by voice. Anyway, their costumes are waaay cute. I didn’t hear anything vocally horrible, which cannot be said about their first and only full concert DVD. Best solo line probably was Ogawa Saki, proving that even though she’s tiny, she fully deserves that front and center spot.

The Peace (All): Nice! The Eggs have really developed more stage presence. I’ve seen less enthusiastic “The Peace” performances from the Berryz/Cute contingents. Yuu and Enna both did quite well with their solo lines. One of my favorite parts of these videos.

Koi wo Shichaimashita (Maeda Yuuka, Wada Ayaka, Mori Saki, Noto Arisa) Hmm. Still really unimpressed with Wada Ayaka’s singing. Still unsure why she was put into a unit.

Shiawase Desuka? (Kitahara Sayaka, Furukawa Konatsu, Fukada Kanon, Sengoku Minami) From this short clip, I’d say all four of these ladies did an awesome job! Saaya is full of sexy confidence, and her solo lines were strong, so I’d give her the “standout” award.

Sukiyaki (Gatas eggs, Kikkawa Yuu, Komine Momoka, Ogawa Saki) Kinda bored. Not much to say.

Piriri to Yukou (Aoki Erina, Tanaka Anri, Saho Akari, Sainen Mia, Okai Asuna, Sekine Azusa, Maeda Irori, Arai Manami) Cute, but some of the groups sound a little “shouty” instead of “singy”.

Agenai Nagai Nichiyoubi (Maeda Yuuka solo) I don’t think Yuuka has the vocal stregnth to sing an entire solo song. At least she’s still cute as a button.

Anataboshi (Kikkawa Yuu, Kitahara Sayaka) Hey look, a Kirarin group singing live!! This must be a really hard song to sing live though. There’s not much room to breath, and they both sound pretty out of breath. Still much improved by the absence of Koharu though.

First Kiss (Ogawa Saki) She doesn’t quite hit the falsetto, but no one in h!p but Airi can really get that part right. The rest is solid. This girl’s got the star power.

Sukina Sempai (Sadawa Yuri, Tanaka Anri, Wada Ayaka, Saho Akari) Sigh. I really don’t want to dislike Ayaka, but I think she’s the worst singer out of the eggs who tend to get solo lines. Saho Akari did the best this time. I don’t think she’ll ever be fronting a group or singing solo, but I’m becoming quite fond of her somehow.

Crazy About You (Mori Saki, Sengoku Minami) Hmm. Not terrible, not great. I’ve noticed that Mori Saki has a tendancy to slip into the “man voice” sometimes. Sengoku Minami seems to be the better singer out of the pair. Probably her experience with Gatas has done her good.

I Know (Furukawa Konatsu, Both Sakis, Maeda Yuuka, Fukada Kanon, Komine Momoka, Wada Ayaka, Saho Akari) No complaints here.

Anshinkan (Fukada Kanon, Sekine Azusa) Sounds good. When did Kanon become Aibon’s younger sister? It’s spooky.

Rai Rai Shinfuu (Everyone not in the last 2 songs) Big group performance, so no real standouts.

Chokkoto Love (All) Hey, they’re trying to be like real cheerleaders or something! No spinning basket tosses out of those lifts though. C’mon! Those girls have got to weigh like 30 pounds. You should be able to throw them no problem!

Yeah Meccha Holiday (All) They still seemed “high tension” from their cheerleader routine. Love Yuu’s little glance at the camera during her “Ah”. Ogawa Saki shines on her solo line again.

Dreamin’ (All) Isn’t this supposed to be something to do with Ongaku Gatas? That makes it an odd choice for a closing song. I guess it has that “closing” feel to it though. Noto Arisa is seriously pumped about this one.

I notice that there are certain eggs who were not featured for a single solo line in these clips. Those being Sainen Mia, Komine Momoka, Maeda Irori, Okai Asuna, and Arai Manami. I guess it’s pretty easy to see who’s on the bottom of the basket right now. The last 3 can blame it on their being really young still, but I don’t know about the other two. I might just quit if I were them, because I’d put their odds of ever being in a unit as slim to none right now.

So in summary, it does show that these girls have had a lot more dance training than vocal training. Their dancing is right on, while their singing sometimes just isn’t. However, it also shows that they have finially been working on their live vocals through these concerts and their other singing events, and progress is evident.

This is Egg Watch signing off, for now.


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Oct 11 2008

Little Photoshop of Horrors

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There are thousands upon thousands of official pictures of h!p idols out there. Most of them are lovely, but there are a some that make me wonder how they ever got to see the light of day. This post is to showcase examples of such pictures. I’m not talking about bad costuming here. I’m talking about the girls themselves looking bad. They’re all quite cute, or they wouldn’t be in the idol business, but everyone takes a bad photo once in a while, right? In a group photo, I can kind of understand that not everyone is going to look her best, but there’s really no excuse for some of the highly unflattering individual photos that get released. Did they even look at the photos before they printed them, or did they just assume that all the pictures in the set were good and release them all? All the photos here were gleaned from a casual perusal of the last few month’s postings on the Hello Online picboard.

We’ll ease into this with some horrifying photos which are in no way the girl’s fault. Sometimes h!p tends to go a little overboard with the photoshop, smoothing the girl’s skin to the point where she no longer has knees or elbows, which results in a photo that looks good…but disconcertingly unnatural. Then you realize what’s wrong, and you can’t look at the picture anymore without immediately noticing how the poor idol has been dejointed.

Look at Eri’s deformed hand! She seems to be flexing it back, but thanks to the photoshopped removal of her knuckles and any creases in her hand, it looks like she’s holding it straight but has bizarrely skinny and elongated fingers and tiny tiny palms.

So very airbrushed that not only does her hand look weird again, she’s almost entirely lost her nose. She’s still pretty, even without her nose though.

Another big photo issue is weird angles and blocking problems.

Ignoring the maniacal expression on Airi’s face for a moment, look at her neck. With her hair covering half of it and her head tilted and pushed forward slightly, it looks like she has a huge bulbous head attached crookedly to spindly little neck barely capable of supporting it.

I know Risako’s gained some weight recently, but this picture makes it look like she’s pushing 300 lbs.

Now not only is she obese, she’s also in terrible pain.

Certainly the worst h!p pictures of all come from the live concert shots. I’m sure it’s difficult to get a really flattering picture of a girl who’s moving around and singing, but I think no picture at all would be better than some of the stuff they come out with.

Like a cross between a caveman and one of those boggle-eyed goldfish.

Ack! Get that camera away!

Why do I suspect they released this picture only because of the hot-pants flash? It certainly wasn’t for the pretty face Kanna is making.

The look in Koharu’s eyes here is f*cking scary.

Lastly, I might be crazy for hating this picture so, but I do.  The expression is totally blank, and her hair looks a bit greasy, and the more I look at it, the more I think “mug-shot”.

To make ammends, I promise that the next post will feature lovely eye-candy of all the unfortunate girls featured here today.

Remember kids, quality over quantity,


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Oct 03 2008

Cover You Tracklist

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The tracklist for Morning Musume’s Aku Yuu cover album has been released.
1. ペッパー警部 (Pepper Keibu)
2. 渚のシンドバッド(Nagisa no Sinbad)
3. UFO
4. 私の青い鳥 (Watashi no Aoi Tori)
5. ロマンス (Romance)
6. どうにもとまらない (Dounimo Tomaranai)
7. 林檎殺人事件 (Ringo Satsujin Jiken)
8. 白い蝶のサンバ (Shiroi Chou no Samba)
9. ピンポンパン体操 (pinpon pan taisou)
10. 恋のダイヤル6700 (Koi no Dial 6700)
11. ジョニィへの伝言 (Jony Eno Dengon)
12. 街の灯り (Machi no Akari)
13. 青春時代 (Seishun

Now, what interests me here isn’t so much what’s on the list but rather, what’s not. Namely, several of those mystery songs from the Resonant Live setlist. Guru Guru Jump, Take off is Now, and Watashi no Miryoku ni Kiduka nu Donkan na Hito. It was theorized that these might be from the cover album, but clearly they aren’t. I don’t see any other explanation than these songs joining Ame Furanai on a new original Morning Musume album! It’s so weird though…why would they be performing all these songs before the new album is even announced? The mystery remains.

Ooooh. Mysterious!


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Oct 01 2008

Chisato Okai: Holy Crap, She’s Even Better At Singing Than I Thought!!!

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From the fanclub videos recently released. It’s not every day you get to hear ‘Sato sing more than one line or so. OMG Chisato kicks some serious ass, especially from about 3:00 to the end. She’s a really talented singer, not just in idol terms, but even in general people who sing terms. She has the vocal talent to be a soloist, easy. The girl got one of the more prominent solo lines in the last single, something long overdue, but it’s not enough. Not nearly enough. Please join me in demanding more Chisato! Sure, she doesn’t exactly act like a idol should, and she might not look like one as much as some of the other girls (a lot of which is really just a styling problem), but h!p cannot have talent like this sitting around and being ignored. Am I right?

Needz Moar Chisato!


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