Feb 03 2009

MM Album Track List

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Okay, it’s officially official now. March 18th everyone! Here’s the tentative tracklist for Morning Musume’s 9th original album: Platinum 9 DISC.

  1. Ame no Furanai (All)
  2. SONGS (All)
  3. Resonant Blue (All)
  4. Take Off is Now (Ai/Reina/Risa)
  5. Mikan (All)
  6. That Mittsi solo with a long name (Aika)
  7. Guru Guru Jump (Koha/Jun/Lin)
  8. Jounetsu no Kiss Hitotsu (Ai/Reina/Risa)?
  9. It’s You (Sayumi)
  10. Onna ni Sachi Are
  11. Kataomoi no Owari ni (Eri)
  12. Kanashimi Twilight
  13. Naichau Kamo

The four highlighted songs are the only ones that haven’t been previously heard in concert. I wonder if it was just their sinister plan to get the fans hooked on the new songs by performing them in concert so much so by the time the album came out everyone would be practically begging to buy it. Worked on me anyway.

Sayu and Eri solos!! I can’t believe it!! Mittsi too. Well, fans who complain that Reina and Ai-chan get all the attention should be happy about that. It almost worries me that Reina/Ai-chan/Risa have two songs as a trio. *has visions of mass graduation for all 3 of them to form the new VUDen* Noooo!!! I’d cry myself to sleep for sure!

Seems like a good list anyway. Lots of attention for the individual members in trios and solos, 5 singles (they have been building up, haven’t they?), and 2 original group songs for a total of 13 tracks. That’s 2 more than Sexy 8 Beat had.

Oh by the way, new singles for Berryz and C-ute (Dakishimete Dakishimete and Bye Bye Bye! respectively). Oh my God I would be so happy if C-ute’s was a cover of the N*Sync song. I seriously doubt it is, but I can dream….

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  1. Midorion 04 Feb 2009 at 4:58 pm

    When I heard the “Bye Bye Bye” title, I was also thinking of N*Sync