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Jul 28 2009

Real Subtle Tsunku

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Hey all. I’ve been back in America for a few weeks now, visiting my family, so I’ve been away from the blog. I expect to be seeing the H!p summer concert soon though. I’m pretty excited about the set list. Several brand new songs, and I really feel like my h!p concert experience won’t be complete unless I see “Special Generation” and “Jump” at least once in concert.

I’m actually writing this entry because I bought a new DS game. Tsunku-produced “Rhythm Heaven” to be precise. It’s quite fun and simple. Reminds me of WarioWare. Anyway, in one of the little rhythm games you play the fans doing cheers while a girl (obviously an idol) performs. The thing is… the fans are monkeys. MONKEYS. I guess we know what Tsunku really thinks of the wota now.

Check out the screen shots.



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Jul 10 2009

Goodbye Kanna

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Well, it’s official. Kanna is no longer a member of h!p or C-ute. I suppose there will be a lot of blogging about this, but it’s too major an event for me not to offer some opinions and speculation.

First of all, a lot of people could see this coming for a while. Kanna was gone far too long, and I don’t think she was ever very well-suited to being an idol. She was the least popular member of C-ute, and C-ute seems to be doing well without her. No doubt she is missed by the girls, but C-ute is going to be just fine. It’s not like Airi or Maimi left. *knock on wood*

Hello Online has speculated, apparently based on some insider information, that Kanna’s departure may have had something to do with some new, and yet unpublished, photos of her with a boyfriend. I wouldn’t believe it, except, why didn’t she get a graduation ceremony? Even if she didn’t perform, shouldn’t she have come on stage one last time to say goodbye to the fans and receive a proper send-off from C-ute? Historically, the only h!p members who leave without some kind of graduation ceremony are those who are leaving on bad terms with the company.

What really happened? In my opinion, Kanna really did have a bunion problem, and she really did leave to get treatment. I’ve seen some pictures of her feet that back this up. However, sometime during her recovery period maybe incriminating photos did surface. Perhaps there was some negotiation with the owner of the photos and with Kanna, and ultimately, either Kanna decided that not being able to live her life wasn’t worth it anymore, or UFA decided she wasn’t valuable enough to them to endure a scandal, or some combination of those two things, and Kanna left h!p.

It’s always sad when a girl leaves, and I wish her all the best. Now, the question a lot of people are asking, “Will another girl be added to c-ute, or will they continue as a 6 member group?”



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