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Oct 31 2009

Top 100 H!P Songs: Part 3

Golly gee, it’s part three!!

New and improved with transitions between the clips. This one was kind of a challenge actually, because for some reason there are a lot of ballady songs in this section, and ballady songs tend to have longer parts, so it’s hard to get all the parts I want into about 1 minute of footage. I’ve ended up with three of them spliced together from separate bits of the song.

I’ve got a three day weekend now, so another part or two will probably be coming soon, and then maybe a bit slower after that. In other news, I’ve got tickets to Morning Musume concerts next weekend!! Yep, concerts plural. And I’ve got 4th row seats for one and 5th for the other. AND, since the 4th row one is on the end and the seats in front wrap around the stage, there won’t be anyone in front of me! No one between me and the stage AND I’m almost as close as the 2nd row. The guy at the ticket store was so excited after he saw what ticket I got (they just tell you the section when you buy them. The seat number is covered), that he came out from behind the counter to show me the seat map and explain it to me. I have a suspicion that he may have been a h!p fan. =p


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Oct 30 2009

Top 100 Project: Part 2

Here already are numbers 90-81! First appearance by Berryz and C-ute, plus, a sure sign that the world has gone mad, a Kirari solo.


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Oct 28 2009

Big New Project

If you can’t tell from the title, I’ve decided to start a new project! See, I finally bought some good video editing software for my computer. I was sick of “Movie Maker” which seems to crash and freeze at the slightest provocation, not to mention that it won’t accept any but the crappiest quality of video.

And with my new software I plan to make a 10 part video series. That’s right, 10! My top 100 favorite H!p songs to be precise. And considering that each video takes roughly 5 hours to complete between getting the files, editing them, and uploading the video, this is no small undertaking.

The actual top 100 list itself is done though. Today I was supposed to teach 5th graders, but 3/4 of their classes were given the day off due to the high number of students who have the flu, so I was pretty much free all day. I started by writing down all the songs I wanted to include, in no particular order. Then I realized that there were 130 songs and only 100 spots, so I had to spend the next hour pulling out my hair and deciding which I could bear to leave out. Then I cut up apart all the titles and set about arranging them in order, one by one. “Hmm? Do I like this song better than this one? No? How about this one? The next one?” and so on. Then I recopied the complete and ordered list, praying that a strong breeze didn’t come up before I finished.

All in all, a productive afternoon.

So here’s the first video, numbers 100-91! Enjoy.

Note: For this and future videos, I tend to like group songs more than solo artists, so don’t be surprised that there aren’t very many solos in here.


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Oct 16 2009

A Note to Momusu

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Dear Morning Musume,

This may sound harsh, but I’m going to have to ask you to religiously avoid all Berryz Kobou members for the next several weeks. I plan to attend some of your concerts soon, and it just won’t do if the dreaded flu starts spreading among your ranks and suddenly half the group is out sick. For now, the Berryz should be considered unclean. Uncleannnnnnnn!!! Also, you may want to stay away from C-ute since there’s that whole Cute-Airi-Buono-Diseased Ones connection. Remember, hand washing is your friend!



PS. The Kimagure Princess PV is majorly sexy, but maybe more than one outfit next time?

In all seriousness, a full third of the students at the Junior High I teach at in Japan currently have the flu. It’s gotten so bad that they sent everyone home after lunch today, and there won’t be school on Monday or Tuesday. I hope all the sick Berryz get better soon! And as a final note on Berryz, absolutely everything about “Watashi no Mirai no Dannasama” is better than “Ryusei Boy”. The song, the PV, and especially the costumes. Everything.


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Oct 04 2009

9 Smile Concert Report- 10/4

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Just got back! Wow! This really is the best Morning Musume concert I’ve been to! The setlist is the best, the goods are the best, the staging is the best, the costumes…. oh. Well, not the costumes, but everything else is awesome!

After a long trip via like 5 trains, I finally arrived at the concert. At the goods table I bought a Gaki-san T-shirt (the kind with all the smileys) and YES! they still had size small. I also got a couple boxes of gummies just for fun.  I ended up getting an Eri picture in one and a Mittsi picture in the other. The cutest mini-wota award for the day goes to the little girl in a Koharu T-shirt that was so big on her it reached her knees. The concert venue was interesting. There was the floor section and then 5 narrow balconies directly on top of each other and they kind of wrapped around the stage.

The stage setup was really cool. There’s a central stairway leading to the back raised area, and there are also two small revolving stages on either side with their own stairways.

I had a female Niigaki fan of the “knows the dance moves to every last song” variety on my right, and strangely, a guy in a suit on my left. He must have come straight from work because his briefcase was on the floor in front of him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone wear a suit to a concert before. He didn’t even take off his jacket until about halfway through. He spent most of the concert awkwardly nodding his head to the music with his arms behind his back. Eventually he got a little more into it, risking a little clapping and bouncing on his heels. I was dying to ask what was going on with him, but I figured that might be kind of rude.

And now to track-by-track mode.

3,2,1 Breakin Out- Cow costumes? Really? I mean, the leopard costumes were kind of cool, but cow costumes?! Ah well. This is a nice song, but I don’t feel like it has quite enough oomph to be the opening number for a concert. I think it would have been better if they’d switched positions with…

How do you like Japan?- Breakin’ Out got us smiling, but this song got us jumping and screaming. Love it. One thing that bothers me about this song though. The title is “How do you like Japan?” but the lyrics go “How do you like this Japan?”. So, are they asking us how we feel about Japan, or are the asking Japan how they feel about Morning Musume/that song? Hmmm?

Kimagure Princess- The dance is sure aggressive and athletic! There seem to be Russian cossack inspired moves in there. It’s really funny to watch the girls open their mouths to sing and hear this chipmunkified version come out. Only complaint is, once again, the costumes. Unless you are working at a ranch, chaps are never ever a good idea. They make their thighs look twice their size, and when they turn around it looks like they’ve ripped their pants.

Nanchatte Renai- Was good, but I don’t remember anything specific.

Genki+- That intro music was kind of creepy, but in a good way. Much better than the Sexy 8 Beat version, I think. They changed the dance. Oh, and if you were wondering, LinLin and Eri shared Miki’s big solo line at the bridge.

Ame no Furanai- I love this song, but not so much the way it was done here. First, I don’t know the Chinese lyrics. Second, it was so short, just verse chorus chorus, that by the time you start to get into it, it’s already over.

Sukiyaki- Oh. my. God. The costumes make last concert’s Guru Guru Jump costumes look subdued and tasteful. There were two hyper rainbow fluffballs with Gaki and Koharu’s heads sticking out of them running around the stage.

Haru Beautiful Everyday- Eri and Aika are so perfect for this song. Eri’s voice is very pure and sweet, and Aika is a lot more confident than she was back during the Sexy 8 Beat show.

Kioku no Meiro- Was cool, but again, nothing specific to share

Aruiteru- So… Sayumi sure is cute, isn’t she? Well, let’s just say I was glad when everybody else came out.

Aki Urara- I don’t like this song even a  little bit.  I wish they would have replaced it with just about anything else. Still, one boring song out of an entire concert isn’t too bad.

Shouganai Yumeoibito- And a good song swoops in to save the day!

Sakura Mankai- This song sort of puts me in a trance.  It’s so peaceful and calming. LinLin’s solo lines are amazing here, not that her solo lines aren’t all amazing. And looking at the crowd, she clearly has the fewest fans out there. Maybe if Risa graduates *knock on wood* I will become a LinLin supporter. It must be discouraging for her to look out there and see hardly anyone wearing her color.

Yuujou~ ect.- Any song that involves jumping around like crazy and lots of general flailing is a winner in my book.

Dekai Ucchu ni Ai ga Aru- Cutest performance of the night! The girls were all peaking out from behind their big smileys and playing around with each other. I liked it when they formed the 9 smile logo at the end. It doesn’t hurt that I like the song a lot too.

Coupling Medley- They did a really great job making the songs flow into each other. During some of the medley, they were showing photos of concert rehearsal on the screen. The best part was when Handmade City started, and they striped the music down to just a “we will rock you”- like beat. Then Ai and Eri came in with the “I love you” “wow wow city” parts, with everyone in the audience screaming the echo. Gradually they added more of the background music until we were back to the normal version of the song again. It was kick-ass! The medley in general was probably the highlight of the concert for me.

Joshi Kashi Mashi- Hilarious! Lots of playing around on stage. It makes me sad that this lineup is going to end soon though. They lit up the stage in each member’s color during her verse.

Naichau Kamo- Okay, but I’m getting a little tired of it.

Resonant Blue- Look, the song still rocks, but PLEASE give it a rest! It’s been in every concert since it came out, including the all h!p concerts. I must, however, note how fierce Gaki-san is in this.

Encore- So, the wota started chanting “Gaki-san!” during the encore chant. Huh? This is Risa’s “hometown” concert?! I guess there did seem to be an unusually large number of Gaki fans in the audience.

Songs- Must be easier to perform without four separate layers of costumes on. Well, except that Koharu’s hat kept almost falling off.

Love Machine- Much more spirited than the version in lasts year’s medley. The members were really having fun with it, playing around and teasing each other all over the place. At the very beginning, when they all freeze in a pose, Ai-chan’s pose involved her grabbing the top of Risa’s head. LoL.

So, clearly, I had a great time! I can’t wait to go again! For now though, I must be off to bed. Hope you enjoyed.



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