Nov 20 2009

Hello Project Top 100 Songs: Part 8

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Have I really made 8 of these already? Looks like it.

#30- Oh Gaki. Everyone is like “Angst!” and she’s all, “I’m so thrilled to be here!”

#29- Surprise pick maybe? Hey, I even timed the pictures to the music.

#28-27- Nice transition right?

#27- I’ve always wondered: why do the “other” girls pretend to sing the background vocals? It sounds nothing like them and it just looks silly. Adults did those vocals, not a bunch of little girls.

#23- Why is this so small? Sorry about that.

#22- Yes! I got in both moments of Momo “specialness”.

#21- Moved up quite a few spots on the list since MM’s latest concert tour. So fun!


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  2. Alitaon 21 Nov 2009 at 7:09 am

    You put the wrong caption on Go Girl