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Feb 27 2010

Fan’s Top Songs Poll: Update

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With about 24 hours to go for voting in my little poll, I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a bigger success than I had hoped! I’ve had 116 participants coming from a wide variety of countries and tastes. Believe me, some songs have gotten votes, or even multiple votes, that I’d never have dreamed would be on anyone’s top 10 list.

I’ve been tabulating and spread sheeting (is that a term?) the results as they’ve come in, so I should be able to get them out to you fairly quickly. Right now, I’m taking a break from double checking all of my totals to write this. The only question is how to present the data… So many options. The fact that I’m excited about figuring out the best method of data presentation¬† just shows what a huge dork I am. I’m not sure what to do about all the songs that got only one or two votes. Should they be mentioned, or considered not statistically significant? Determining statistical significance was always me absolute least favorite part of writing lab reports. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. Where should the cut-off be for “enough votes to be listed”? Hmm. Any opinions on that.

Anyway, it’s still not too late to vote if you haven’t yet! Voting will close at midnight Japan time tomorrow (February 28th).

So excited about this!


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Feb 12 2010

Cut it Out!

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Recently I’ve been getting several spam comments a day written in Russian. Well, maybe it’s Russian. It’s the Cyrillic alphabet anyway.

What the hell??? Why Russian, and how do I make it stop?

It’s really starting to get on my nerves, if you can’t tell.


Vote for your top 10 songs! It’ll make me feel much better!

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Feb 11 2010

Recent Opinions

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I haven’t been writing much about the recent happenings in the h!p world lately. Starting with the disappointing and working up to the fantastic.


Oh Cute. I used to like them so much. I still do, but lately I don’t like a single thing they’re putting out. “Bye Bye Bye” was okay for me. Not their best, and the PV sucked, but I enjoyed the early 90’s sound because it reminded me of the music I listened to growing up. Then came a cover song. Bleh. Then “Everyday Zekkouchou”, a total snooze fest. And then, “Shock” which officially surpasses “Lalala Shiawase no Uta” as my least favorite¬† C-ute song ever. It’s not the fact that it’s pretty much an Airi solo. It’s the weird and disjointed melodic lines. Not pleasing to the ear at all. And from the album previews so far, I’m hearing a bunch of boring mid tempo ballads. There’s nothing I like much except maybe Maimi’s solo.

If Cute keeps up with crappy song after crappy song, it’s going to be hard for me to like them anymore, no matter how adorable Airi is. And by the way, I hate Maimi’s haircut. Sorry, but it makes her look like she belongs in Johnny’s.


Okay, first of all, I think “Onna ga Nande Mezatte Ikenai” is total fail on all levels. It’s not catchy, it’s not special, it’s not interesting. The costumes are dated, the PV involves my least favorite idol PV cliche (putting on makeup), and the B-side is totally forgettable. I kind of like the meaning of the lyrics, but that’s it. Frankly, I am not surprised that sales look weak so far. Morning Musume was on such a high with “Shougani” getting number 1 and “Nanchatte” achieving their best sales in years. Then there was “Kimagure”, which I personally liked, but I can understand why it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. At least it was different. At this point they could either hold off on a new single until Tsunku could come up with something fantastic, or they could quickly release a sub-par single and totally kill what was left of their momentum. Guess which they did? I just hope that the new album is good.


I’m totally behind this new group and their upcoming official debut. Recently I’ve been listening to “Suki-chan” all the time. If I hadn’t finished my countdown list before it came out, you can bet it’d be on there.


How is it that C-ute keeps getting such poor songs while Berryz is getting enough good material to put out a slew of double A sides? Not only that, but all of them have at least one really good song. ‘Rival’, ‘Watashi no Mirai no Danma-sama’, and now ‘Otakebi Boy WAO” all make my frequently played list, and the other songs aren’t bad either. No surprise that their sales are on the rise, while certain other groups are showing the opposite trend.

Also, I loved watching them do Special Generation dressed as fish, complete with flaily fish-like dancing.


I am totally IN LOVE with Buono’s new album. There’s hardly a bad track on it. You know, I’ve heard people say that about their other albums, but somehow they never really clicked with me. This one though, I could listen to “Blue-sky-Blue” and “Koucha no Oishii mise” all day.

And that’s all for recent happenings.



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