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Jul 27 2010

Top 100 “All Live” Project: Part 4

Here’s Part 4! And by the way, I’m officially not in Japan anymore. =( Some of these summer concerts have some really good and seldom-performed songs in them too.


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Jul 15 2010

Top 100 “All Live” Project: Part 3

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I actually had part three done a while ago. Only one week left in Japan!


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Jul 10 2010

Top 100 “All Live” Project: Part 2

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Good news everyone! (did anyone else automatically imagine that in the professor from Futurama’s voice?) A preview of Morning Musume’s concert DVD has been released, and it just so happens to be the exact song I needed to complete part 2 of my new countdown!

So here it is, part 2, a bit earlier than expected.

About #84: If you like live singing, this entire concert is GREAT. Seriously one of the best concert DVDs H!p has put out in a long time.


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Jul 02 2010

Good Choice

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Gaki-san got extensions!! Her hair is long again. Yay!!!!

As I’ve already said, I just hated her short haircut. It made her face look chubby and her look frumpy in general. This is so much prettier.


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