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Sep 12 2010

Top 100 “All Live” Project: Part 7

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Before I show you part 7, I have a very exciting announcement…


I’m now at 104,671 to be exact. That seems like a big mile stone to me, so thanks so much to everybody who has watched my videos.

And now, continuing the “all live” project with part 7.

So, last post’s quiz: Which two performances from part 6 are made up of two separate clips?

The answers are “Kimagure Princess” (cut at 1:36) and “Seishun Song” (cut at 6:28 ). Can you hear it now?


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Sep 04 2010

Top 100 “All Live” Project: Parts 5 and 6

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Part 5 was actually up on youtube a while ago, but I got distracted by all this triple graduation stuff and forgot to post it here.

Part 5-

I love how they got every single original Otome-gumi member together for that performance.
Part 6-

Quiz time! Can you tell which two songs in part 6 are made of two parts? (Like, I cut a section out)? Without going and watching the original performances? I’d say one of them you can hear where it cuts a tiny bit, but one of them (not to brag) is pretty much flawless.


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