Jan 02 2011

A Truly Glorious Day in the History of Hello! Project

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It’s the day I start blogging again. LOL.

No, but there were so many wonderful happenings at last night’s concert, I have been pulled out of the woodwork to write about them.

First, Kikkawa Yuu (You?) solo career! It is unclear whether or not she will be a soloist with h!p or in some other capacity, but I am so very very happy for her either way. This girl has too much talent and charm to graduate from the Eggs and disappear forever.

Second, not really an announcement, but Okai Chisato center for a C-ute single! Yesssssss!!!!!!! After years of singing backup for Airi and Maimi, Chisa is finally getting the attention she deserves. Her voice is really something special, and she’s grown from looking like little boy into quite a pretty young lady, as evidenced by her recent photo book.

And of course, Morning Musume 9th generation. I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled about Tsunku’s choices. It’s a miracle! He actually picked the best ones out of the audition instead of the “project” girl. And I love 4 member generations. 4th, 5th, and 6th, all the best generations have been 4 members! All 4 girls are very cute, with strong potential to become beautiful as they mature, and all have at least decent performance skills already. Overall, they’re starting out at a much higher level than previous generations.

From left to right- Suzuki Kanon, Sayashi Riho, Ikuta Erina, Fukumura Mizuki

At the time of the 8th gen auditions, Morning Musume needed a star. What they got was Aika.  Now, Aika is cute and sweet, but she just doesn’t have the big talent or big personality to be anything but a background girl in the group. I don’t blame Tsunku for choosing her, because IMHO, there really wasn’t a girl with that star potential among the 8th gen finalists. (Yes, even Sumire. She really was badly off the rhythm with her dancing and her voice was quite immature. She’s a great little idol now, but she just wasn’t ready to join Morning Musume at the time of her audition). And while the pandas had the personality (and LinLin had the talent), the fans didn’t want to accept them for a long time just because they were Chinese. Sad but true. So Momusu stagnated a bit. They didn’t really lose much popularity, but they didn’t gain much either. I think this new 9th gen has the potential to really bring freshness to the group and draw in lots of new fans if they are used properly. These four girls each bring something to the table that Momusu needs right now.

Sayashi Riho-

The clear fan favorite from the audition, and with good reason. She’s young, she’s very pretty, and she’s a crazy talented dancer. Her singing is already very strong, and it’s sure to only get better. Without a doubt, Tsunku has found the new “ace” he’s been trying to find for Momusu for a long time now. I predict that she takes some of Eri’s old lines in the upcoming concert and then becomes co-lead vocal with Reina after Ai-chan graduates (I’m guessing next fall, once the 9th gen has settled in a bit). My one concern is that there are subtle signs that she may be a bit of a diva. Well, so was Goto Maki, and she did the group a lot of good. I just hope she knows how to work as a team player and doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight, at least at first.

Suzuki Kanon-

And the 2nd fan favorite from the audition also makes it! Mole-chan, as she is affectionately known, will bring energy, and lots of it. Morning Musume has been a bit…calm… since Koharu left, and I think she can help fix that. She also has a very powerful and deep voice for her age, which will help to keep the group from drifting too squeaky once Risa eventually graduates. I was impressed with her at the audition, because while she was clearly struggling a lot with the dance at first, she made a huge improvement by the final dance audition, and she kept a big smile on her face the whole time. That kind of work ethic and resilience will serve her well as an idol.

Ikuta Erina-

She wasn’t featured very prominently in the auditions, so I don’t have as much to say about her. What I do know, is that she has a great smile, and during the dance audition she was beaming and clearly putting her all into it. I have a feeling she’ll be a natural on stage. Tsunku says she has a “little sister character”. I’m excited to see how her character develops and what niche she fills in the group. I do believe she really wants this. She’s a fan of idols (both AKB and S/mileage) and that’s something I love to see in a girl. Unfortunately, she’s already getting some flack from the fans for liking AKB, so she may have a bit of an uphill battle ahead of her. However, there are also fans supporting her already, and the protest is much milder than the sh*t storm we saw with 8th gen.

Fukumura Mizuki-

Last but not least, our surprise Egg addition. Mizuki joins Kanna, ManoEri, S/Mileage, and now Kikka as an Egg who graduates on to much bigger and better things. I was expecting an egg or two to be added, but I honestly didn’t think Fukumura was a likely choice. Now that I think about it though, it makes a lot of sense. She’s a very feminine girl with a soft, soothing voice and demeanor, and that is a character Tsunku said he feels Morning Musume needs right now. She’ll help balance out the otherwise super-genki 9th gen. She’s also been one of Tsunku’s favorites recently (she took Yuka Maeda’s spot in Shugo Chara Egg), so I’m surprised at how much I didn’t see this coming. Apparently she didn’t see it coming either, based on her overjoyed reaction in the pictures of the concert.

The only remaining question on everyone’s minds, “What about Dayun?”. Maybe they didn’t want to overwhelm us with announcements last night and we’ll find out later in the concert series?

Best of luck to 9th gen! As Tsunku said at the audition, “The future of Morning Musume is in their hands” and as he didn’t say but maybe thought, “Don’t screw it up”


Edit: Dang! Riho is one bad ass 12 year-old.

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  1. mydnightzxon 02 Jan 2011 at 10:49 pm

    The future of H!P will be based on how much they use the internet as a promoting tool and how much they can penetrate the overseas market particularly America and Europe (due to the strong yen)
    And also on how much UFA will shed atypical Japanese corporate practices and actually engaged fans (like how American video games do)

    These 9th gen girls are obviously helping as now H!O is being SWARMED by teenage girls………..
    And some girls who are not teenage (hint hint)……….

  2. AoiUsagion 03 Jan 2011 at 4:36 pm

    I’m glad you’re posting again!

    I’m actually quite hoping that Riho turns out to be a diva. There’s nothing wrong with an uber-competitive girl in the group! The girls always say that they’re all rivals, but we don’t usually get to see it. Maybe Riho will be the one to call somebody out.

  3. celestiaon 04 Jan 2011 at 5:14 pm


    Me too! I never left the fandom, I just got caught up in my personal life, and my h!p time was spent more on my youtube channel.

  4. Maxon 06 Jan 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Riho is the top of mixi for ninth gen, too (she surpassed fukuchan too lol)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Riho leading the next single, tbh. The same way that Reina led Shabondama or Gocchin led Love Machine.

  5. Radon 06 Jan 2011 at 10:38 pm

    My bet is that Kanon will be the bomb of this group, but how great is it to have 4 newbies!

  6. celestiaon 06 Jan 2011 at 11:57 pm

    “The Bomb” like really good or really bad?

    Because she’s probably my favorite of 9th gen so far.

  7. Mozenatoron 07 Jan 2011 at 12:13 am

    First off, it’s GREAT to have you back, Celestia! My God, I thought you were finished! I kept checking back and then kind of gave up and just thought you might post something about the 9th Gen and you did! Keep it up, you’re a favorite of mine!

    Your post is dead on and Kanon is my favorite for now too, although I really like how different they all are and seem to each fit a need for Momusu. Tsunku really did a great job and I think he knew he needed to nail this one or it could be the end for Momusu. I can’t wait to get to know them all and watch them grow.

    Oh and Riho IS a diva! And I think that is awesome! She will keep the older girls on their toes and everyone will have to step it up a notch. This is the jolt Momusu needs.

    Now that C-ute and S/mileage are rolling along great (GO CHISA!!) and Berryz is always solid, let’s have Momusu take the spotlight again!

    I’ll be in Seattle to see Berryz for sure and look forward to another great year for H!P!