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Feb 23 2011

Oh Hi Yurina

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Berryz (or should it be Berryz’s?) new PV is out. Overall, a big improvement from their last one (but then, almost anything would be an improvement over that).

A quick review, and then about what really interests me right now: Yurina Kumai.

Costumes are (mostly) great! Cool and flattering street clothes always work well. My only problem is Chinami. She’s dressed like a bartender. Then there’s the Lady Gaga inspired blond wigs and dramatic eye-makeup, which I sort of love sort of hate, but mostly love.

The song is like Dakishimetex2 and Nachuu Koi wo Yatteru You Know?’s love child. It’s no doubt a Berryz song, but it feels like it’s been done by them before. The dance scenes in the PV remind me a lot of DakiDaki too.  Overall, I guess I like it, but that’s about as enthusiastic as I can be.

So, about Yurina. This is the second single in a row that she’s been front and center and featured vocally. In the early days of Berryz, she was one of the 4 featured girls, but for the last few years she had sort of faded back to join “the other three”, with Momo/Sako/Miya remaining at the front. Then, BAM! Shining Power comes along and she’s more featured than she’s ever been. She even got a different costume from everyone else for that one in both the PV and the concert version. Herione ni Narou ka proves that it wasn’t a fluke. The management really is suddenly interested in pushing Yurina a whole lot, and that makes me wonder why. It’s not her vocal talent, because IMHO she’s one of the weakest singers in Berryz. Could it be that they just discovered that she’s the most visually appealing member? (Yeah, I said it. Love Momo, but she’s got nothing on Yurina looks-wise). Maybe (long shot, but I hope it’s true) they’re pushing her because she’s going to be starting a real modeling career. She’d be so good at it! Maybe some of the other front girls are thinking about graduating soon, and they want to get fans used to seeing Yurina in front instead. Maybe Yurina is graduating soon and they want to get her set up for her career after Berryz. Maybe they’re just bored and wanted to try something new. Whatever the reason, I’m curious to see if this trend will continue.

Any other theories?


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Feb 06 2011

9th Gen FC Event Speeches

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As you may know, the 9th gen momusus recently had their first fanclub event! In order to not forget my Japanese (and because I was curious), I’ve translated their speeches.

I already posted these in their threads on h!o, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to have them here too.

Ikuta Erina-

As a Morning Musume member, there are two things I want to strive for. First, I want to become good at singing. Without forgetting the praise and warnings (advice) I have received, I want to do my best to receive lines. Second is my facial expressions. My target is to become an idol who can make everyone cheerful (genki). To do that, I will think of happy things in front of a mirror and study (practice) making a smiling face that will make everyone cheerful. When I can achieve that second target, I hope lots of people to begin to like Ikuta Erina! Everyone, yoroshiku onegaishimasu (please look kindly on me)

Sayashi Riho-

I’m aiming to become the leader of Morning Musume. I’ve wanted to become a singer since I heard Morning Musume’s “Go Girl Koi no Victory”. From then on, in order to make that dream come true, I started putting all my effort into doing my best at dance and other such things. Now to become one member of that longed for Morning Musume, I am so happy I almost don’t know how to express it. However, since I have become a member of morning musume, I am stubbornly aiming to become number 1. From now on, in this strict world, I think there will be many things more painful (tough, heartbreaking, etc.) than I can imagine. But, if I can’t climb over (get through) those things, I definitely can’t become number 1. I will think about the things that are most important to me and put forth my best effort. If I don’t try my hardest, the results I want won’t come. The people around me are also trying their best to help me, so in order to live up to their hopes, I will persevere. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (please look kindly on me)

Fukumura Mizuki-

From now on, in order to do my best in Morning Musume, I’d like everyone to please listen to my goals. My goal is to study my sempai’s  (senior) good points, catch up to them, and surpass them. Then, I want to live everyday without forgetting to be true to myself. These are my goals from  now on. So far, there have been fun things and painful things, and there have also been many things that made me want to cry. However, in my beloved Hello Project, with my companions to support me, no matter what, I have kept doing my best. These two and a half years I have spent learning (as an Egg) are more precious than anything to me. From now on, I want to make good use of what I learned as a Hello Pro Egg. In “I Wish” there are the lyrics “Jinseitte subarashii. Hora dareka to deattari. Koi o shitemittari” (Translation: Life is wonderful. Hey, meeting someone… Falling in love…) As I have fallen in love with Hello Project, I want the fans to love Morning Musume even more than now, and fall in love with Hello Project too. It’s thanks to everyone’s assistance that we are able to stand on stage and perform.  I am still not very good at dance or singing and talking too,  so in order to be worthy of everyone’s support, from now on more and more I want to try my best. 9th generation members are companions who support each other. From our sempai (senior)’s too, I think we are (will be?) asking many questions are receiving much advice which is helping (saving) us a lot. Please, from now on yoroshiku oneaishimasu. (please look kindly on me)

Suzuki Kanon-

Only in cheerfulness (brightness) I won’t lose to anyone! My dream is to become an idol who, when people who see that cheerfulness and my smiling face, they suddenly begin smiling too. And now that I have become a member of Morning Musume, I’m so happy, it’s like a dream. From now on, dancing, singing, and other things necessary as a member of Morning Musume, I want to try to do them perfectly. And I want to take the center position many times! From now on, I will keep facing forward and do by best so, someday there will come a time that when “morning musume” is said, people will definitely think of Suzuki Kanon. Oen Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (Please look kindly on me/support me).


Erina’s is sweet. She’s not only has goals, she’s got a plan for how to achieve them. I like the idea of her practicing her smile in front of the mirror.

Riho is extremely driven and mature for her age. She knows exactly what she wants, and she aims high. That kind of determination will both serve her well and possibly cause some people to dislike her, and I respect her for it.

Mizuki is clearly very passionate about hello project. I like that her goals weren’t just for herself, but to help more people to love Morning Musume and Hello Project as a whole. She spoke the most out of everyone.

Kanon is just too funny. I love that we have her kind of character in Morning Musume, because it’s really been missing since Koharu left, or even since the W duo graduated. Her long term goal, of having people think of her name when morning musume is mentioned, is great!


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