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Apr 28 2011

Update Time

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First off this….is… FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, this whole concert is pretty good. So far, I’veĀ  especially enjoyed MM’s “I’m lucky girl”, Cute/Berryz “Seishun Song” (does anyone remember that used to be a Maimi solo?), Aa!’s “Shining Itoshiki Anata”, and Cute’s “Kiss me Aishiteru”. OH! And that song Shin Minimoni did that should have been terrible, but somehow they totally rocked it, especially little Karin Miyamoto. That girl is born to be a star, and if she stays in eggs forever and then fades to obscurity I will cry. Of course, I haven’t even gotten through the whole concert yet, and really I should go to bed now and stop watching.

So, a little update on what’s going on with me. I’m currently working on becoming a teacher, which means that I’m student teaching full time plus doing classes a couple nights a week. Working full time and doing school has been taking a lot out of me. The good news is that I finish in June, and I plan to be doing a lot more blogging over the summer. Future plans:

-With all the reshuffling of the Eggs, I’d like to do another “meet the Eggs” post for the eggs who have joined since I did the last one, since there’s been a request for that

-More videos… Ai-chan needs a graduation OPV, though that’s a ways a way, I had a great time making the one for Jun/Lin/Eri, and it’s one my my favorite videos of mine to date.

-Games/Contests. I was doing those for a while, and I thought it was fun

-And if I could pull it off/get enough input it’d be cool to do another “fan’s favorite songs” poll. Maybe I should make it narrower this time though. Favorite MM songs? Favorite songs from 2010? I’m not sure.

Any suggestions?


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Apr 17 2011


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Wow. My youtube channel is at over 300,000 views now! 302,904 to be exact. Makes me feel like I need to make moar videos.

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Apr 06 2011

Most Performed Morning Musume Songs

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So, I have a bit of a thing for compiling statistics, and I found myself wondering which Morning Musume songs have actually been performed by them the most. I mean, people are always complaining that they perform the same songs too much, so I wanted to see how true that was. Surprisingly, the number one song isn’t the one you’d expect.

Songs I counted: Any Morning Musume song performed at a Morning Musume or Hello! Project concert by current (at the time of performance) members of Morning Musume. I also counted Sakura and Otome gumi songs, as well as morning musume songs performed at all h!p concerts by Momusu and the rest of h!p. Smaller group songs with some MM members and some non-members count if 1/2 or more of the performers are current MM members (at the time of performance)

Songs I didn’t count: Songs of other groups performed by morning musume, other h!p groups performing morning musume songs, songs performed at fan club events, mini lives at musical encores, morning musume sub groups or shuffle groups (except for otome and sakura gumi)

So… the top 22 Morning Musume songs performed most often in concert are…

1. Renai Revolution 21

2. Love Machine

3. The Peace

4. Koko ni iruzee/ Souda We’re Alive

6. Go Girl Koi no Victory

7. I wish/ Koi no Dance Site

9. Daite Hold on Me

10. Furusato/Happy Summer Wedding

12 (5 way tie). Morning Coffee/Shabondama/Summer Night Town/Love and Peace/Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirae de Are!

18. (5 way tie). Do it Now, Mikan, Mr.Moonlight, Resonant Blue, Roman My Dear Boy

Top 18 non-singles are….

1. Love and Peace/Aozora ga Itsumademo

3. How do you like Japan/ Ikimasshoi/Ame no Furanai

6. Odore Morning Curry/Dekai Uchuu ni ai ga aru/GuruGuru Jump

9. Say yeah Motto Miracle Night/Sukina Senpai

11. Handmade City/ Bonkyu Bonkyu Bomb Girl

13. Otoko Tomodachi/ Sukiyaki/ 321 Breakin Out/Happy Night/Koi ING/Namidacchi

And all the singles….

1. Renai Revolution 21

2. Love Machine

3. The Peace

4. Koko ni Iruzee/Souda We’re Alive

6. Go Girl Koi no Victory

7. I wish/ Koi no Dance site

9. Daite Hold on me

10. Furusato/ Happy Summer Wedding

12. Morning Coffee/Shabondama/ Summer Night Town

15. Do it now/Mikan/Mr.Moonlight/Resonant Blue/Roman My Dear Boy

20. Manatsu no Kousen/The Manpower

22. Ai Araba It’s All Right/ Ambitious

24. Aruiteru/ As for 1 Day/ Memory Seishun no Hikari/ Namida ga Tomaranai/ Sexy Boy

29. Chokkan 2/ Iroppoi Jirettai/ Joshikashimashi/ Kimagure Princess/ Naichau Kamo/ Oosaka Koi no Uta

35. Kanashimi Twilight/ Nanchatte Renai/ Onna ni Sachi Are/ Shouganai Yumeoibito

39. Egao Yes Nude/ Hare Ame Nochi Suki/ Onna ga Medatte/ Yuujou Koro no busu

43. Ai no Sono Touch My Heart/ Hyokkori Hyountanjima/ Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game/ Sakura Mankai/ Seishun Collection

48. Majidesuka Ska/ Pepper Keibu

Weird that Pepper Keibu has only been performed once. Also, I strongly feel that Kanashimi Twilight should have been performed way more than it has been. Finally, notice how high Mikan and Resonant Blue are, despite being relatively young songs.

Well, that was pointless yet somehow satisfying,


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