Sep 29 2011

Tsunku’s Comments on 10th Gen

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I lied about going to bed.

Just had to do a quick translation of part of Tsunku’s blog post where he comments on each of the 10th gen members.

“It was really intended to only add 2 members from this audition, but the level was so high, 4 were added.

Ikubo Haruna- Has a surprising “pure” personality. And her looks (face) are gorgeous. I believe she has the determination to bring her singing to a suitable level. That is why she passed.

Ishida Ayumi- Her singing and dancing were outstanding. Also, her personality is as firm as a stone (a play on the “ishi” in her last name). I believe the history of Morning Musume can be passed on to her from here on out. That is why she passed. (Sounds like he has really high expectations of Ayumi! Based on this, I expect her to pick up some of Ai-chan’s old lines)

Sato Masaki- The level of her dancing and singing is below the other three now, but she has a potential (literally raw ore) that she has yet to realize herself. Also, her skill level rose considerably during the audition. That is why she passed.

Kudo Haruka- She has experience as an egg, and she really loves singing. Also, the “gap” between her face and her husky voice is interesting (basically, she looks tiny and cute, but she has a deep voice, and that’s unusual). I hope that she can help to bring together the 10th generation members and the current members as soon as possible. (I guess because she’s in 10th gen, and she’s worked with current MM in the stage play) That is why she passed. ”


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