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Dec 19 2012

Most awkward Morning Musume cover ever?

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There have been some bad Morning Musume single and album covers over the years.

We’ve seen unflattering hair styles, weird facial expressions, even photoshop errors resulting in amputated limbs.

Oh my goodness Eri! What happened to the bottom half of your arm??

The “Help Me!” covers avoid a lot of the major pitfalls. Good hairstyles, no one is making a weird face, the casual outfits are pretty cute (especially Erina’s). I really like this one. It’s simple, but the stained glass effect is cool and all of the girls look good.

So most of the covers are pretty good, but then there’s the Regular A version. At first, it just confused me, but when I figured it out, I had to laugh out loud.

What’s Actually Happening: They shot Riho and Sakura sitting on the floor leaning on their elbow and then arranged the photos to look like they were mirror images of each other.

What It Looks Like: Riho and Sakura are both standing on one foot with the other foot pulled up like a flamingo. Their necks and upper torsos are bent at extremely awkward and uncomfortable angles. Riho is grabbing Sakura’s butt which is causing an explosion of sparkles behind them. I guess Riho copping a feel makes sense since someone’s leg in the back is making it look a bit like she has a penis.


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