Mar 12 2013

Hello! Project Songs of Spring

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I’ve seen a few cherry blossoms start blooming, and that means it’s time for Spring songs! Spring has some slightly different connotations in Japan than it does in the West. It is the season of the much beloved cherry blossoms (lord knows Japan loves their sakura) and new beginnings, yes, but it is also the season of graduation and sad partings. Even the sakura themselves only make a brief appearance before falling from the trees, serving as a poignant metaphor for the fleeting and temporary nature of all things. Still, perhaps no season is as loved and celebrated in Japan as Spring. I think “bittersweet” is the perfect word to describe it. Some of these songs reflect the sweet side, others the bitter, and others a combination of both. Enjoy!


PS. You know what’s wrong with new Up Front soloist “Tasaki Asahi”‘s name? “Asahi” is a very popular brand of beer in Japan. Isn’t that kind of like naming your kid “Budweiser”?

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  1. NyNyon 13 Mar 2013 at 3:13 pm

    I love your videos! Glad to see Sakura Chirari, Very Beauty and Minimoni Hinamatsuri on the list! Sakura Mankai is the perfect choice in my opinion! <3 I've never heard of Purple Wind but it seems like a lovely song.