Jul 18 2013

C-ute’s Time to Shine

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What brought be out of the woodwork and back to my blog this time? It’s not deleting the 999 spam comments (though I did do that); it’s C-ute’s incredible recent success!

Just watched their Shinseinaru Pentagram concert (which was also streamed live and also had GREAT costumes), and I cannot stop being impressed by these girls. So, in general, I like a lot of what AKB48 does. I have their songs on my MP3 player, I’ve been to a couple of their live shows, and I could identify every girl on the three main teams BUT one thing about AKB48 that drives me absolutely CRAZY is when fans try to excuse their near constant lipsyncing* by saying “But look at all the dancing they’re doing! There’s just no way they could do energetic dances and sing well at the same time!” Bull shit. Complete stinking bull shit. C-ute dances just as hard (and better than all the groups except maybe SKE), sings live, and still manage to sound way better than the studio recorded version of 90% of AKB members.  I’d seriously like to know what the lung capacity of the C-ute members is, because it must be off the charts to be able to pull off the live performances they do.

But you know how they got there? Lots and lots of freaking hard work and practice. With the exception of Airi, their singing was quite poor in their audition footage. And while not all of them are incredible singers now, they can all stay in tune, deliver their notes, and dance their butts off at the same time.

Now, let’s talk about the Airi factor. Not do diminish the contribution of the other C-ute members, because I believe that all are essential to the group, but is Airi not just perfect? As an idol I mean. She’s hands down the best singer in current h!p, she’s super versatile: able to pull off cute, sexy or beautiful as needed, she’s very pretty and not in a generic way, and she’s utterly charming. I mean, how can you not love Airi? She might not be the best known h!p member (I’m guessing number 3 after Sayu and Momo) but by any popularity indicator (mixi, twitter), she certainly has the most people who would call themselves her fan. I don’t think C-ute would be seeing anywhere near the success they have been if not for Airi.

C-ute’s latest single (Adam to Eve no Dillema/Kanashiki Amefuri) has blown all their previous sales records out of the water with 60,592 copies sold in week 1. While they’re quite a bit short of Morning Musume’s latest totals, they’ve pulled way ahead of Berryz which has always sort of been their sister group. I wonder if they could even challenge MM for H!p supremacy someday? I don’t exactly want that to happen since my loyalty is still to Momusu, but still, it would be exciting to see.



Outside of the main post, a few comments on the rest of the happenings in H!P.

Morning Musume- We got our first glimpse of Reina-less MM on the nice long “Ongaku no Hi” performance of Brain Storming, and overall the response has been very positive. Honestly, I didn’t even really miss Reina’s voice. I think they are going to be just fine without her, and I look forward to their new single (another double A side!) and the results of the latest audition.

Berryz Kobo- You know, Berryz just hasn’t released any songs that I liked in a long time now. Out of all the latest rash of H!P double A sides, theirs was by far my least favorite. Being so far surpassed by C-ute (who debuted after them) must sting though, so I feel a little bad for the members. More and more, I kind of wonder if Berryz has run its course and it’s time for them to go their separate ways.

S/mileage- The mix of group members still really feels “off” to me, but I did enjoy their latest singles and their album had some good songs too. I think S/mileage needs to graduate Katsuta Rina (deadweight, has the charisma of a rock), have another audition, add Hamaura Ayano and maybe one new girl. The group can definitely be saved with some tweaking!

Juice=Juice- Sad to hear about Aina’s sudden departure, but as long as Karin and Tomoko are there, I’m still super excited about this group’s potential. Samidare and Watashi ga Iu Mae ni are regular fixtures on my playlists.

*Yeah, I know that there is live singing once in a while, but you are in serious denial if you think that’s the norm. Trust me, they lipsync 99% of the time. There are some things they do very very well as an idol group, but live singing is not one of them.

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  1. gustave154on 20 Jul 2013 at 5:40 am

    Morning Musume might be my favourite group but what you say about C-ute is all true.
    So jealous of the people who got to see them live in paris.

  2. Mozenatoron 21 Jul 2013 at 5:25 pm

    I check your Blog all the time! Welcome back! 3 months!! Whew!

    Amen, to this post. I like AKb (and related groups) too, but nothing can compare to C-ute doing a 2hr concert with all that amazing dancing and showmanship. I’ve always felt that way and they keep getting better!! Glad their popularity is increasing, they deserve it.

    also the few times I have heard them sing live…I kind of get why they lipsynch! lol (with a few excpceptions, Mayuyu solo for instance), but it is interesting, I think, now that the IDOL CRAZE is in full swing (this is truly an Idol Golden Age), that almost EVRY group I can think of sings live, EXCEPT for AKB. They are now the exception. MomoClo, TGS, EbiChu, and indie Idol acts all seem to sing live more often than not as far as I can tell. Now, how WELL they sing is another matter…

    I am sad about Berryz as well. lackluster songs and PV’s, they seem past their prime, Idol-wise to me, love them though I do. Their recent lives almost remind me, in a strange way, of old Elder Club concerts…

    Agree also with S/mileage and Rina. Dunno about adding more girls, although I guess that is a distinct possibility given their history. I, personally, would prefer a 4nin S/mileage and to cut Kanna as well. I like her, I just think Meimi and Take-chan fit perfectly…And always stand out as special and unique.

    Juice=Juice rocks. Sad about Aina but love my Karin.

    Psyched about the Kenkyushei too with Rikako Sasaki and Tsunku writing (good!) songs for them too..

    Momusu’s next one should be an important single for them and I cannot wait to see what the last half of 2013 brings, and your awesome end of the year best!