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Nov 15 2013

Top H!P Songs of 2013 Fan Poll/Video Project. VOTE NOW!!


It’s that time of year again!! Last year 127 people voted in my H!p songs of the year poll. I’m hoping for even more participation this year!

Yes, I am creating a new h!p video of the top songs of 2013, and I need your help! Below is a list of every song released by Hello! Project in 2013. All you need to do is pick your top 10 songs, put them in order, and tell me your list. It should look something like this.

  • +10 Song Name
  • +9 Song Name
  • +8 Song Name
  • +7 Song Name
  • +6 Song Name
  • +5 Song Name
  • +4 Song Name
  • +3 Song Name
  • +2 Song Name
  • +1 Song Name

Except instead of “Song Name” fill in the song that you’d like to receive those points. The song you mark as +10 (your favorite song) will receive 10 points, the song you mark +9 will receive 9 points, etc. There are four voting options:

1. Comment in this blog post (comments will be hidden)

2. E-mail choices to

3. Comment in THIS thread on Hello! Online

4. Vote in the comments section of the youtube announcement

PLEASE ONLY VOTE ONE TIME!!! Do not send votes to all four places. Just pick one. I’m counting on you guys to be honest here. Fans from any country are welcome to submit votes. Votes may be submitted in English or Japanese.


Song Options

Morning Musume

  • Help Me!!
  • Happy大作戦 (Happy Daisakusen)
  • 哀愁ロマンティック (Aishuu Romantic)
  • 私のでっかい花 (Watashi no Dekkai Hana)
  • なには友あれ (Nani wa Tomo Are!)
  • 大好きだから絶対に許さない (Daisuki Dakara Zettai ni Yurusenai)
  • ブレインストーミング(Brainstorming)
  • 君さえ居れば何も要らない (Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai)
  • A B C D E-cha E-cha Shitai
  • トキメクトキメケ (Tokimeku Tokimeke)
  • いつもとおんなじ制服で (Itsumo to Onnaji Seifuku de)
  • Rock の定義 (Rock no Teigi)
  • わがまま 気のまま 愛のジョーク (Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke)
  • 愛の軍団 (Ai no Gundan)
  • 負ける気しない 今夜の勝負 (Makeru Kishinai Konya no Shobu)
  • 坊や (Bouya)
  • ふんわり恋人一年生 (Funwari Koibito Ichinensei)
  • ウルフボーイ (Wolf Boy)

Berryz Kobo

  • アジアン セレブレイション (Asian Celebration)
  • 世界で一番大切な人(Sekai de Ichiban Taisetsuna Hito)
  • I Like a Picnic
  • ゴールデン チャイナタウン (Golden Chinatown)
  • サヨナラ ウソつきの私 (Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi)
  • もっとずっと一緒に居たかった (Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta)
  • ROCKエロティック (Rock Erotic)
  • I’m So Cool
  • すっちゃかめっちゃか~ (Succha ka Meccha ka)
  • 男前 (Otokomae)
  • なんだかんだで良い感じ!(Nandakanda de Ii Kanji!)
  • 恋 いとしき季節 (Koi Itoshiki Kisetsu)
  • まっすぐな私 (Massugu na Watashi)
  • 恋するテクニック (Koisure Technique)


  • この街 (Kono Machi)
  • 雨 (Ame)
  • ハエ男 (Haeotoko)
  • Crazy 完全な大人 (Crazy Kanzen na Otona)
  • ザ☆トレジャーボックス (The Treasure Box)
  • 地球からの三重奏 (Chikyuu kara no Sanjuusou)
  • 私は天才 (Watashi wa Tensai)
  • 悲しき雨降り (Kanashiki Amefuri)
  • アダムとイブのジレンマ (Adam to Eve no Dilemma)
  • 誰にも内緒の恋しているの (Dare ni mo Naishou no Koishite Iru no)
  • あったかい腕で包んで (Attakai Ude de Tsutsunde)
  • 都会の一人暮らし (Tokai no Hitorigurashi)
  • 愛ってもっと斬新 (Ai tte Motto Zanshin)
  • Please, love me more!
  • 誘惑の休日 (Yuuwaku no Kyuujitsu)
  • ベーグルにハム&チーズ (Bagel ni Ham and Cheese)
  • 涙も出ない 悲しくもない なんにもしたくない (Namida mo Denai Kanashiku mo Nai Nanni mo Shitakunai)
  • たどり着いた女戦士 (Tadoritsuita Onna Senshi)
  • 日曜日は大好きよ (Nichiyoubi wa Daisuki yo)
  • 浴びる程の愛をください (Abiru Hodo no Ai wo Kudasai)
  • 私が本気を出す夜 (Watashi ga Honki wo Dasu Yoru)


  • 旅立ちの春が来た(Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita)
  • どうしよう (Doushiyou)
  • 新しい私になれ! (Atarashii Watashi no Nare!)
  • ヤッタルチャン (Yattaruchan)
  • ええか!?(Ee ka!?)
  • 「良い奴」 (“Ii Yatsu”)
  • 新・日本のすすめ! (Shin Nippon no Susume!)
  • 大人の途中 (Otona no Tochuu)
  • 天真爛漫 (Tenshinranman)
  • 私の心 (Watashi no Kokoro)
  • 夕暮れ 恋の時間 (Yuugure Koi no Jikan)
  • ねぇ 先輩 (Nee Senpai)
  • さよなら さよなら さよなら (Sayonara Sayonara Sayonara)


  • 私が言う前に抱きしめなきゃね  (Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne)
  • 五月雨美女がさ乱れる (Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru)
  • 天まで登れ! (Ten Made Nobore!)
  • ロマンスの途中 (Romance no Tochuu)
  • イジワルしないで 抱きしめてよ (Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo)
  • 初めてを経験中 (Hajimete wo Keiken Chuu)


  • 都会田舎の彼 (Tokainaka no Kare), Green Fields
  • 春は来る (Haru wa Kuru), Green Fields
  • ほたる祭りの日(Hotaru Matsuri no Hi), Jurin
  • 虹のせせらぎ  (Niji no Seseragi), Peaberry
  • エイヤサ!ブラザー (Eiyasa! Brother), Mellowquad
  • レディーマーメイド (Lady Mermaid), Dia Lady
  • ゼンブダイス (Zenbu Daisuki), Mano Erina
  • みんな、ありがとう (Minna Arigato), Mano Erina
  • 練馬Calling! (Nerima Calling!), Mano Erina
  • 海岸清掃男子 (Kaigan Seisou Danshi), Hi-Fin
    Covers of previous h!p songs and remixes have never counted in this poll, so the new versions of old MM singles on the “Best Updated Morning Musume” album are NOT eligible. Neither are the Juice-Juice remix versions of the indie singles, the Berryz Anata nashi 2013 version, the Momochi Yurushite Nyan remix, or “Cabbage Hakusho Hara Hen”.  However, covers of songs that are new to HP, such as “Kono Machi” are eligible. You may not vote for songs by  HP associated groups that aren’t part of HP such as Lovendor, Up Up girls, and Tasaki Asahi.

Please feel free to spread the word! The results will be better the more people vote. The deadline for voting is JANUARY 1ST. I will probably have the results video within a week.


Here are the videos form 2011 and 2012 to give you an idea of what the results will look like.

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Jan 19 2010

Top 100 Songs: THE POLL!

Published by under contest,top lists,video

This may be crazy, but the more I think about it, the more I really want to know…

If h!p fans voted for their top 100 songs of all time, what would the choose. Yes, I am more than a little inspired by akb’s annual top 100 concert, but despite that association, I really want to go ahead with this.

Here’s a video explaining everything.

And in case you can’t (or don’t want to) watch the video, here are the rules. Each person has 10 votes. You can vote for 10 different songs, 10 times for the same song, or any combination, just as long as you assign 10 votes. You can vote for any h!p song. Please send all votes, as well as your nationality and gender (optional), to It’s an account I’ve created especially for this. EDIT: Or leave a comment in this blog. That works too. Voting ends February 28th, at which time I’ll start working on a video, or maybe several videos, with the results.

I’m really super-excited for this, and I’m hoping for a good turnout! Please vote!!! A poll in which only a handful of people vote is totally useless. I’ve put instructions in Japanese up with the youtube video, since over half of my youtube viewers (22,000+ views now!) seem to be from Japan.

EDIT!!! Actually, come to think of it, I guess leaving your votes as a comment on this blog would be okay too. I’ll just make sure they don’t show so the surprise isn’t ruined!

Thanks in advance!


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Nov 17 2009

Pop Quiz!

Published by under contest

So ya think ya know h!p?

As I’ve been doing my top 100 list videos, I’ve been looking up the proper title of every song, to make sure I don’t get anything wrong. The trickiest part is the exclamation points. A fair number of h!p songs, for whatever reason, end in exclamation points, while many don’t. So here’s the quiz. Part 1: Try to guess how many Morning Musume songs (including album songs and B sides, including sakura/otome. anything released on CD with the name “morning musume”) have exclamation points in the official title?  Part 2: How many H!p songs TOTAL include an exclamation point in the title? (not including any yet to be released songs, not including multiple versions of the same song)

AND, as a bonus question: How many official song titles include symbols (hearts, stars, etc) which are not normally found on a computer keyboard?

Okay. Do you have your guesses? Then highlight below for answers and complete list.

Part 1 ANSWER: 40! Can you believe it? Here’s the list if you don’t.  Most exclamation pointiest album is No.5, with 7 songs. That’s over half the songs on the album.

3,2,1 Breakin’ Out!, Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai Jan!,  Please! Jiyuu no Tobira, Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb Girl, Odore! Morning Curry, Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan,  Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookizo!~,  Koi wa Hassou Do the Hustle!, Nature is Good!, Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita, The Manpower!!! (three exclamation points for extra power), Ganbare Nippon Soccer Fight!, Koko ni Iruzee!, Do it! Now, Souda! We’re Alive, The Peace!, Inspiration!, Daite Hold on Me!, Say Yeah! ~Motto Miracle Night~, Ai no Sono ~Touch my Heart!~, Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!~, Take off is Now!, Be Positive!, Samui kara fuyu da mon! ~Doumokou mo Naissu yo Mikkity~, Wa~ Merry Pin XMas!, Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzukuyouna Mirai de Are!, Sayounara See you again Audios Bye Bye Cha Cha!, Help!!, Ship! To the Future, Top!, Tsuyoki de Yukouze!, Yes! Pocky Girls, Hey! Mirai, Ganbacche!, Ikimasshoi!, “…suki da yo!”, Da di du de do da di!, Hello to You ~Hello! Project 10shuunen Kinen Theme~, Yah! Aishitai, Dance Suru no da!

Part 2 ANSWER: 144 All of the MM songs plus…

Berryz- 11

Warera! Berryz Kamen, Happiness~Koufuku Kangei!~, Piriri to Yukou!, Kaccho ee!, Fighting Pose wa date ja nai!, Happy! Stand up, Kono Yubi Tomare!, Clap!, Omoitattara Kichi desu!, Sprinter!, Arigatou! Otomodachi

C-ute- 6

Everyday Zekkouchou!!, Bye Bye Bye!, Go Go Go!, Koero! Rakuten Eagles, Yes! All my Family, Everyday Yeah! Kataomoi

Shugo Chara Groups- 9

Take it Easy!, Summer Has Come!, Warp!, Shugo shugo!, Warp!, Gachinko de Ikou!, Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!, Jankya Mottainai!, Cafe Buono!

Ayaya- 7

Tensai! Let’s go Ayayamu, Yeah! Meccha Holiday, DokiDoki Love Mail!, Rescue! Rescue!, Happy to Go!, Oshare!, Egao no Namida ~Thank you! My dear friends~

Goto Maki- 9

Some Boys! Touch, Genshoku Gale Hade ni Yukube!, Daite yo! Please go on, Yaruki! It’s Easy, Wow Suteki!, RaiRai Shinfu!, Positive Genki!, Love. Believe It!, Moriagaru Shika nai desho!

Miki- 2

Koi yo! Utsukushiku, Let’s Do Dai Hakken!

Tanpopo/Pucchimoni/Minimoni- 15

Koi wo Shichaimashita!, Pittari Shitai X’mas!, Baby! Koi ni Knockout!, Waltz! Ahiru ga Samba, Seishun Jidai 1. 2. 3!, Baisekou Daisekou!, Lucky Cha Cha Cha!, Okashi Tsukutte Okasui~!, Ai~n Taisou!, Ai~n! Dance no Uta, Minimoni. Hinamatsuri!, Minihamuzuntakatta!, Minimoni Telephone! Rin rin rin, Minimoni. Jankenpyon!, Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu Daisukki!

VUDen- 3

Let’s Live!, Naishin Kyaakyaa da wa!, Kacchoi ii ze! Japan

W- 3

Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!, Aa ii na!, 18~ My Happy Birthday Comes!

Kirarin- 6

Tan tan taan!, Oh! Tomodachi, Chance!, Koi no Mahou wa Habibi no bi!, Very! Berry! Strawberry!, happy happy sunday!

Shuffles- 10

Get Up! Rapper, Be All Right!, Oh! Be My Friend, All for one & One for all!, Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!, Chu! Natsu Party, Hello! Mata Aou ne, Summer Reggae! Rainbow, Dancing! Natsu Matsuri, Hello! no Theme

Other- 23

Seishun! Love Lunch, Shouri no Big Wave!!!, Iku ZYX! Fly High, Debut! (something in Chinese), Mirakarurun Grand Purin!, Shinkokyuu Shiyou!, Start!, Hey! Hey! Girl’s Soul, Thanks!, Hajimete no Happy Birthday!, Hey! Mahiru no Shinkirou, Yes! Shiawase, Hey You!, Yattarouze!, Ojisama tte Daisuki!, WaTxHello!Project- Ready Go!, Koibito Boogie Woogie!, Koi wa Mushou!, Ganbacchaumonee!, Help!! ~Ecomoni no Atchii Chikyu o Samasunda~, Yasai is Great!, Kyu! Kyu! Kyu!, Love, Yes I do!

Part 3 ANSWER:21, not including the groups who’s names include symbols, we’ve got one umbrella, two music notes, nine hearts, four arrows, one greater than or equal to sign, two circles, one infinity sign, one triangle square circle set, and 6 stars (one shooting).

Tsuukagu Vector☂, ★Akogare My Star★, OmakaseGuardian, Muteki no Power, RenaiRider, Yuugure☆Sherbet, △□○san Kakushikaku Marui Mono, Hapi☆Hapi Sunday, Happy☆彡, Koi☆ka na, hare ame nochi suki , the☆peace!, ♥momoiro kataomoi♥, issei gassai anata ni ageru♪, koisuru♥angel♥heart Yuki ⁄ Ai × Anata ≥ Suki, Sakura→Nyuugakushiki
Sweeeets→→→Live. Honki Meki Meki ♥ Toki Meki Meki ♥, ○○ Joshi Kousei no Shuchou, Icha♡Icha Summer

Well, that was sorta pointless (Ha! Get it?). Well, I’ve been home sick lately and (clearly) I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands. How’d you do? Close at all? I way undershot it, and not only that, but there were a bunch of songs I thought had exclamation points that didn’t. Oh, and if you think I’ve missed any, please feel free to let me know.


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Jun 15 2008

We Have (another) Winner!

Published by under contest

Congratulations to Kirarin☆Snow ☃ for successfully completing the contest!

Below are the answers as well as some brief explanations. Highlight to read them, or don’t if you still want to play for fun.

1 ai araba its all right, morning musume, window in pajama room

2 Oujisama to yuki no yoru, tanpopo, typewriter Rika’s working on

3 Ki ga tsukeba anata, Matsuura Aya, long close-up on daisies during musical interlude

4 Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo, Odoru11, Bottom of screen about 1/3 of the way through

5 Pittari Shitai X-mas (close up), Pucchimoni, strange santa skull and crossbones on   wall

6 21 Ji made no Cinderella, Berryz, Momoko’s hat

7 Aa ii na, W, just one of the many scenes they march through

8 Meguru Koi no Kisetsu, C-ute, Maimi’s math homework (flashes up quickly during photo montage section)

9 Yuujou~Kokoro ni BUSU niwa Nara nee, Otomegumi, Sayumi’s earring

10 Romantic Ukare Mode, Fujimoto Miki, Her golf gloves

11 VUDen, Ice cream to my Purin, Rika’s nails

12 Love Machine (full version), Morning Musume, from the really long beginning part

13 Momoiro Kataomoi, Matsuura Aya, side of messed up can (cabbage)

14- Minimoni Hinamatsuri, Minimoni, Flowers Mari and Tsuji hold up near the beginning (you can also see a bit of Mari’s crown)

15 Kira Pika, Futari wa NS, MaiMai’s earring

16 Koibito wa kokoro no Ouendan, Country Musume, flyby cat

17- Hyokkori Hontonjima, Morning Musume, Kaori’s nose

18 Koi no Telephone Goal, Abe Natsumi, bad guys in turn a racecar into this walrus

19 Chance, Koharu, Kirari keeps duckies on her desk (very beginning)

20 Namida no Iro, C-ute, Maimi’s shoulder when she’s lying down

21 Full version of I Wish, Morning Musume, Mari’s feet in the storybook

22 Uwasa no Sexy Guy, Goto Maki, some of the city she flies over

23 The Stress, Abe Natsumi, a lock of Nacchi’s hair

24 Kiss Kiss Kiss, Buono, Airi’s bracelet

25 Otome Pasta ni Kandou, Tanpopo, The extremely tall shoes Mari and Kago wear to look like they’re near the same height as Kaori

26 Melodies, GAM, part of Ayaya and Miki’s highly platonic breakfast

27 Yaruki it’s easy, Goto Maki, Overhead view of her bed with Melon Kinenbi on it

28 Summer Raggae Rainbow, 7nin Matsuri, some of Lehau’s unfortunate hat

29 Robokiss, W, Sticker on Robot box

30 Fighting Pose wa Datte Ja Nai, Berryz, Magazine Miya holds by the pool w/rainbow effects

Till Next Game,


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Jun 12 2008

Some Hints For The Contest

Published by under contest

There haven’t been many answers submitted for my game THIS POST which has me thinking that perhaps I made it a bit too difficult. To help you out, here are a bunch of helpful hints on the more difficult ones.

2. This is a typewriter

5. From a pucchimoni PV

6. A hat

8. This flashes up very quickly during a montage

11. Those are Rika’s nails

12/21. Both are only visible in the full version of the PV

14. What’s that in the lower right corner?

24. Comes from a 2008 PV

27. Pillows

Hope that helps! Remember, there is a prize, and most of these are pretty easy to spot if you’re watching the right PV.


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Jun 09 2008

Let’s Play Another Game

I had so much fun with my last little contest that I’ve created another. This time the name of the game is identifying which PV the following images were taken from. Give it a try! What have you got to lose?


1. Entries must be submitted via numbered list in the comments section.

2. You may add things/change you submission ONE time so make it count

3. Only the title of the song needs to be submitted, not group, version, or what exactly you’re looking at

4. All images come from h!p single PVs, this means NO ‘Best Shots’ or PVs that were made for album songs of B-sides, but any version of the A-side PV may be used

5. If the single is a double A-side, either PV might be used

6. All images have their number in the file name, so double check that before submitting in case your browser misaligns them

7. Deadline for submissions is June 30th, or whenever someone answers all 30 of them correctly

8. The person with the most correct answers wins


10. An important hint. Images are from PVs by the following groups: Morning Musume (including Gumis), C-ute, Berryz, Buono, W, Kirari/Kirari-related groups, Matsuura Aya, GAM, Summer shuffle units, Country Musume (any variation), Tanpopo, Minimoni, VUDen, Pucchimoni, Goto Maki, Fujimoto Miki, and Abe Natsumi. If you don’t see a unit or soloist on this list, they are not included. Every unit here appears in the answers at least once. It might seem like a long list, but I’ve actually eliminated quite a few.






























Alternately, if you’re having trouble viewing the images you can download the full set HERE 

Play Ball!



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Apr 21 2008

We Have a Winner!!

Published by under contest



You have correctly guessed all of the song titles in my little game. Looks like I’m going to have to make the next game more difficult, because you guys are just too smart for me. I definitely want to do something like this again. I think it was a lot of fun. Highlight below for the correct answers, or don’t look just yet if you still want to try guessing just for fun. You can comment here if you want an explanation on any of them.

EDIT: Prize has been sent!



1. Resonant Blue- MM

2. Ookina ai de Motenashite- C-ute

3. Uwase no Sexy Guy- Maki

4. Wassup? Enryo ga Theme- Minimoni

5. Koko ni Iruzee- MM

6. Skip!- Melons

7. Sentimental Minamimuki- Tanpopo

8. Robokiss- W

9. Giniro no Eien- Miki

10. I know- Ayaya

11. Shiawase desuka- Sexy 8

12. Handmade City- MM

13. Unforgettable- Melons

14. Yeah! Meccha Holiday- Ayaya

15. Happy Summer Wedding- MM

16. Ai to Taiyou ni Tsutsumarete- MM

17. Sugao flavor- Kirari

18. Baketsu no Mizu- Buono

19. Mikan- MM

20. Bi~ Hit Parade- VUDen

21. Thanks- Gam

22. Get- Heike Michiyo

23. Dance & Chance- Coconuts

24. Ai no Sono, touch my heart- MM

25. Takara no Hako- MM

26. Hey! Mirai- MM

27. Very Beauty- Berryz

28. Everyday, Everywhere- Taiyou to Ciscomoon

29. Amasugita Kajitsu- Nacchi

30. Iroppoi Onna ~Sexy Baby~, Country Musume

31. Tatoeba- MM

32. Lucky Chachacha- Minimoni

33. Sayounara, Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no- Maki

34. Kokoro no Tanima- Gatas

35. Baisekou, Daiseikou- Pucchimoni

36. Fighting Pose wa Date ja Nai- Berryz

37. Aruiteru- MM

38. Pittari Shitai X-mas- Pucchimoni

39. Shouri no Big Wave- Athena and co.

40. Namida Tomaranai Houkago- MM

41. Aisu Kuriimu to My Purin- VUDen

42. Otome no Shinrigaku- MM

43. Otome no Keitai denwa no himitsu- W

44. Akai Fresia- Melons

45. Special Generation- Berryz

46. Today is My Birthday- Berryz

47. Jump!- C-ute

48. Fine Emotion- MM

49. Oshare- Ayaya

50. Last kiss- Tanpopo



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Apr 19 2008

Let’s Play a Game

Published by under contest

Below you will see a list of Hello Project song titles in disguise. I’ve taken the meaning of various H!P song titles and put them into different words. For example, “Love Machine” might become “Mechanical Device of Strong Affection”. If a title is in Japanese, I may use words that mean the same as the English translation, but a good two thirds of them are at least partially in English to begin with. See how it works? Your challenge is to decode as many of them as possible. “Why should I?” you may ask. Because it’s fun! Also, I’m generously bribing you.


  1. Post your guess in the comments section. I will not approve these comments to be viewed by anyone (so no one can steal your answers)
  2. The contest ends on May 20th at midnight
  3. The first person to guess all of them correctly, or the person who has the most correct when the contest ends, is the winner
  4. Any song within the Hello Project discography is fair game. TNX is not included. Any distinguishing punctuation (~, *, !, etc) is not included in the clues
  5. If I feel like it, I may give hints on some of them later on
  6. It is not required to list the artist name in your answers
  7. The grand prize is $30 to to spend as you see fit. If anyone can get all of them, I’ll be extremely impressed and make it $60

Here is the list. Some of them are quite hard, some of them not so much. Remember, it can’t hurt to guess. If you only get one right but you’re the only one who guesses, you still win! Ready, set, go!!!!

  1. A cheerless sustentation or amplification of sonance
  2. Regale me with potent fondness which is of above average size
  3. The possessor of a Y-chromosome about which statements are in general circulation
  4. Why, how might you be today? The subject matter is circumspection
  5. This is my current location
  6. Move in a light, springy, manner by bounding forward with alternate hops on each foot!
  7. Maudlin with the front part of my head directed 90° clockwise from East
  8. Automatronsmack
  9. The color of Ag in perpetuity
  10. It is within my comprehension
  11. Would you describe yourself as “chipper”?
  12. A metropolis constructed entirely without the use of machines
  13. Impossible to become unable to recall
  14. An affirming acknowledgment. Day of exemption from work to a high degree.
  15. Gladsome nuptials during the period in which our particular hemisphere of the Earth is most tilted towards the sun
  16. Completely enclosed in warm personal attachment as well as radiance emanating from a nearby star
  17. Doesn’t taste of any sort of deception
  18. A flat bottomed cylindrical vessel containing dihydrogen monoxide
  19. C. unshiu
  20. Pulchritudinousness, procession of dazzling instances of success
  21. I wish to express my appreciation
  22. Acquire
  23. Rhythmical movement as well as opportunity
  24. Plot of land used for the cultivation of affection, palpitate the circulatory organ which belongs to me
  25. A container often favored by pirates
  26. Hark! That which is yet to come
  27. Exceedingly pleasing to the eye
  28. Exempting neither a single time during which it is not night nor any location
  29. Excessively saccharine material resulting from the ovaries of photosynthesizing organisms
  30. Erotically attractive lady, infant of similar quality
  31. Supposing such is or will be the case
  32. Auspicious ballroom dance of Latin American origin
  33. Valediction. I do not have a hankering for our relationship to be chummy
  34. Coronary cleavage
  35. A form of conveyance which relies on two circular frames revolving around an axis aligned in tandem, and a success of considerable size
  36. A posture that suggests that one may soon engage in combat lacks in flamboyance
  37. Perambulating
  38. I covet a yuletide without flaw
  39. Monumental progressing disturbance of triumph over adversaries
  40. My lacrimal glands will not discontinue being unusually active following a period of education
  41. Fattening dairy product of passionate attachment and a thickened dessert in my possession
  42. The study of the mental processes of the gentler sex
  43. Confidential knowledge which belongs to the portable communication device of a certain lass
  44. One of the flowering plants in the family Iridaceae which reflect light at a wavelength of 625-740nm
  45. Extraordinary body of individuals from the same epoch
  46. The where n=number of earth orbits around the sun and n=0 corresponds to the 24 hour period in which I came into existence, during the current 24 hour period, n is equal to a positive, whole-number integer
  47. Make use of the muscles of your legs in order to increase in elevation!
  48. Top-notch sentiment
  49. Vogue!
  50. Buss after which there would be no further osculation


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