SDN48 Elbows Their Way Into the Idol Fray

from My Sweet Meetan…

SDN48’s Debut single becomes more tangible every day, now with the debut of the full PV and preview of the jacket covers!

How much do I love these covers? Let me count the ways…

1. Meetan front and center

2. Meetan front and center

Yes, right where the #1 Senbatsu belongs. I have heard a few folks say the cover is a bit short on pizazz, for lack of a better word. I dunno, I think it is perfect just the way it is. And if you haven’t reserved your copies left, Meetan points out that the local CD shops still have a few reservation cards left, so you better hurry!

Now onto the PV. We ‘ll see how long this one stays on YouTube before it gets taken down…

Let me start by saying I like the PV. If for no other reason that Meetan is in it. Do I think it is the greatest promotional video I have ever seen? I wouldn’t go that far. I am surprising myself by saying this, especially since I have always said that my love for idols is much more the visual presentation over the musical content. But what I love most about this single is the song itself. It sounds sexy, provocative and has a great edge. I think my favorite aspect of the song is the slightly flat and and breathy style in which they do the verse. It fits Meetan’s smokey vocals perfectly. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the PV. I really do. They played it fairly straight, capitalizing on what SDN48 is all about. That’s not to say that they won’t take a few risks with future releases. But you don’t do that with the debut. You put out a solid effort, and that is exactly what the girls have done. So great job!

And now…a few Meetan PV moments, YATTA!!! First a couple of closeups…


Meetan throwin’ elbows. GO GETEM’ GIRL! And the big finish…

By the way, that shot with the Top 3 Senbatsu is absolutely delicious!!!

Not that Meetan is in them or anything, but now I want to see the c/w track PVs. And ofcourse the video for Kodoku na Runner. It should be awesome!

(thanks to Jasey for the covers!)

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