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It had been almost two years since my first appearance on the 48Talk Podcast.  In fact, I was invited to the previous week’s show, but it was at the last minute, and unfortunately I had already gone to sleep when I received the message.  So Derek and I decided over lunch last week that I would appear this week in place of show host Robin, who has been on vacation over the past couple of weeks.

Thankfully I was able to plug this blog, and more importantly I got to talk a bit about Wasamin.  Aside from that, our main topics were HKT48’s Kodama Haruka’s graduation and foray into stage acting, the recent Shukan Bunshun scandal involving AKB48 3rd Gen draftee Yahagi Moeka, my thoughts on the Senbatsu Sousenkyo, and the latest MNL48 Inai ni Mango song and PV, which I personally didn’t have very much to say about.

To be honest, I was biting my tongue a bit when it came to my opinion about the Yahagi scandal and my feelings about the AKB Sousenkyo.  Yes, I got some of my points across regarding both of the subjects, but I didn’t want to open a big can of worms with my full opinion, especially since they are both hot-button issues.  But to be clear, I do not like the SSK as the negative impact it brings to both the members and the fandom far outweigh the positives.  As for the alleged ‘Love Ban Rule,’ to me it is a matter of what I believe an idol to be, and what her job entails.  To me the objectives of an idol compel them to maintain an atmosphere that allows fans to fall in love with them to the point of spending a lot of money to support them, and the idea of them openly being in a relationship flies in the face of that objective.  Anyway, here is the video.  I had a lot of fun recording it, even if we did it in the middle of the night.


I also want to take the opportunity to plug Derek’s new site Idol Underworld, which is a site designed to help fans purchase idol merchandise without going through the red tape of dealing with Japanese sales sites, and the various proxy services.  I hope Derek does really well with this new venture, and of course it is going to rely on the support of overseas fans to succeed.  So please check it out!  Right now it is mainly a selection of merchandise from the group Derek works with, but he promises it will be expanding very soon!

Idol Underworld Official Site


In other news…

I spent the early part of this year working as an intern for the Japan Times.  However, during that internship I also became a contributing writer, and have written multiple articles for the paper…

My first published articles was essentially a recommendation of my favorite “unknown” idols.  I’ll admit that I sort of ‘shoehorned’ Wasamin into the article, but that was mainly because I wanted to do an exclusive article about her, which was rejected.  But I really wanted to give her a little publicity.  So here’s that article….

My second article was actually a sample essay I wrote for my boss when I first arrived at the paper, and he sat on it for over three months before deciding to publish it, although he wanted to angle it to relate with the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, so there is a bit of my boss’s thoughts interjected into the article, but it is still 90% mine.  The subject of the article is train etiquette in Japan, and underneath all the politeness there is a cutthroat mentality that subtly changed how I now behave on crowded trains…

My third contribution to the Japan Times is in a monthly column called ‘Gone by’, which is a look back at the history of Japan as told through the archive of articles from the Japan Times’ history.  It was my job to research the archives, and then present a list of recommended stories for each edition.  After my boss chose the four stories (or rejected all of them and asked me to re-do the research) I would t transcribe the articles into the newspaper template.  So despite my boss having the main byline, I did a significant amount of work on them.  You can see my sub-byline at the bottom of each article.  So enjoy…
(My contributions are for the February 2019 through the August 2019 editions)

This weekend I have a series of Wasamin events, so watch out for those.  I also have another article planned in honor of the new release of Wasamin’s concert DVD.  So plenty of Wasamin stuff on the horizon.

CK in Tokyo

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