Hissatsu Emomomomo!! One-Coin Live at Twin Box Garage, Akihabara (2019/07/31)

It should be very obvious that I am on a real Emox4 kick right now…

It could be that they are the most active group of all the idol acts I like.  It could be that they play a lot of relatively inexpensive shows, where 2000-2500 yen or less not only gets me in and a drink, but also a signed 2-shot cheki.  It could be that Minase-chan. my favorite member, ticks most of the boxes when it comes to what I look for in an idol.  Or it could be that their shows are a lot of fun, filled with idol-fan interactions and great energy.  Whatever the case, I find myself checking their schedule on a regular basis with the intention of seeing them at least once a week.

Once again this week it wasn’t a matter of “if” I would go see them, it was a matter of which show.  Two particular events stood out to me; their Tuesday night show at Otsuka Hearts, which is an idol club very close to where I live, and their Wednesday “one-coin live” at Twin Box Garage in Akihabara.  Actually, the choice was fairly easy since 1) Minyo Girls had an event on Tuesday which I wanted to see (and wrote about on the previous post) and 2) one-coin live!  The admission with drink was 1100 yen, and it came with a 2-shot cheki. (1000 yen value) So if you think about it I basically bought a cheki, and a 100 yen drink in order to see this show.  What a deal!

Emox4 weren’t the only group there.  In fact, they weren’t even the headliner.  There were eight acts there in total.  However, the show was split into kind of a part 1/part 2 where the first four acts performed, followed by a one hour buppan.  Then the last four acts performed, ending the evening with their buppan.  Since I didn’t even show up until after the 2nd half of the show began, I have no thoughts about the first four groups.  That said, the ones I did see were quite interesting for various reasons.

After grabbing dinner before the show, I headed over to Twin Box around 8:15 p.m.  It was eerily quiet there, unlike any time I have gone to see FESTIVE perform there.  I paid my admission, but only after confusing the guy at the door.  He kept asking which group I wanted to see, and I kept responding “Emomomo.”  But he acted like he didn’t know who they were.  I was like “Am I at the right place?”  Finally after saying the group’s entire name he understood.  But c’mon, their nickname is Emomomomo.  What was so difficult for him to figure out?  Anyway, I grabbed my prerequisite drink (a canned gin and tonic) before heading into the venue.  There were around 30 people in the audience.  I had never heard of the group on stage…

Kimi no Yami wa Zenbu Boku ga Seou (AKA Kimiyami)

Yes, quite an odd name.  And they were an interesting duo to say the least.  Probably the most surprising aspect of this group is they are based in Hiroshima, and are in Tokyo on a sort-of road trip.  In many ways this group reminded me a lot of Menba Boshu, the duo Emox4 often play with, except this group is a lot cuter.  In fact I couldn’t decide which member I liked better.  I’m not sure of their names either as info about them online is a bit sparse.  (I think it is Ruru and Ria?)  At first I liked the girl with the purple and blue hair (Ria?) since I thought she had a really interesting face.  but then after watching them for a while I started to think the dark-haired girl (Ruru?) was really pretty.  It one point during the MC, where they told us about being from Hiroshima, they asked who had been to the Atomic Bomb dome before, and Ria acted surprised when I raised my hand.  Probably the most interesting aspect of this group was something I found out later when I got a closer look at Ria and found out she has a forked tongue, with both sides pierced.  Trippy!  Oh, and both of them are tiny.  I am guessing neither of them is over 152 cm tall.

Hissatsu Emomomomo!!

The few Kimiyami fans who were there quickly retreated to the back, and I jumped toward the front just as Emox4 took the stage.  They wasted no time pouring on the high energy, leading off with their heavy audience-participation headbanging song.  In fact, they kept the tension high for their entire twenty minute set.  Minase kept beckoning me to come closer to the railing, and at one point another fan pushed me up there.  Another interesting thing is how often I end up interacting with Torii-san (the blue member)  It’s funny because she’s not quite my type of idol, but I end up right in front of her quite often, and she has warmed up to me quite a bit over the past few shows.  On the other hand, Mitsuki (red) is still timid about calling my name when she passes out the free cheki tickets.  She just waves at me to come over, lol.  As for Yuiyui (yellow) she has a great personality and is really cute.  I would interact with her a lot more if she wasn’t always on the opposite side from Minase, but it is what it is.  When she does come over to the left side she almost always interacts with me.  In any case, it was a lot of dancing, chanting, and headbanging.  I was ready to retreat to the back by the time their set ended.


There seems to be a lot of different groups with the name “Asterisk” these days, and a couple years ago I saw a group called Asterisk at a free live in Yoyogi.  I’m not sure how all these groups are related, or if they are related at all.  But I was interested in seeing them perform just the same.  After doing a little research it turns out this group is brand new, debuting just a few months ago.  That said, they seemed quite polished for a relatively new unit.  Their style is more “straight idol pop” than the more edgy Kimiyami and Emox4.  And I would love to give a more proper review, or talk about a particular member I liked, but I was a bit distracted during the entire set…

Ya know, I get how some idol fans like to go a little crazy, be demonstrative during the calls and whatnot.  But sometimes there are fans who in my opinion completely overdo it to the point of annoying other people in the audience.  And on this night I ran into possibly the most annoying fan I have ever encountered.  The guy was completely intrusive to everyone around him, manically dancing around three to four feet in all directions.  He slammed into me at one point, ultimately slamming into at least four other people during the show and barely missing a few others.  Then there was the way he wielded his lightsticks doing a full wind-up and launching them like a javelin, missing a few people’s heads by millimeters.  The thing is there were quite a few other fans of this group being loud and demonstrative, but not the way this guy was acting.  He wasn’t even loud, he merely disregarded everyone around him, not to mention he was doing this in the back, where people go to not be in the middle of the madness.  And at the end of the day I couldn’t really pay attention to the show because I was too busy trying to avoid the guy.  Eventually I moved way off to the side.  Anyway, enough of my ranting…


This group I saw a long time ago at PARMS. (The home base of Alice Project) I was trying to remember what I thought about them the first time I saw them.  The only thing I could remember was that I thought the center girl was kinda heavy.  However, when they hit the stage their was no member who matched that description.  In fact all four of them were quite cute.  Moreover, all four of them distinctly reminded me of AKB48 members. (Paru, Kasai, Komiharu, Nozofisu)  I especially liked the blonde haired member, Kanda Eru.  They were he senior group there, and also had a longer set (30 minutes) than the other groups.  Like the previous group, HAPPY♡ANNIVERSARY are more straight idol pop than edgy rock-styled.  I stuck around for most of their set, but missed the last two songs, instead hanging out in the lobby while Emox4’s manager set up their buppan table.  They had monitors outside to watch the show as well…

The show finally ended, and it was time for buppan.  However Emox4’s manager sent the girls into the main room to pass out flyers to the other group’s fans for a few minutes.  Kimiyami were also doing their buppan in the lobby, while the other two groups remained inside.  Torrii stamped my card while Mitsuki gave me my free cheki ticket.  In the meantime I asked Minase about buying more tickets; This show was so cheap I felt badly not paying more.  Plus I would get to spend more time with her.  After buying another ticket, and Yuiyui stamping my card again, I was 4th in line for Minase.  This pose was my suggestion…

As good a summer as possible in Tokyo’s infamous sweltering heat and humidity

Minase started off by saying that she is always happy when she sees my name on the reservation list.  I told her that I like Twin Box since this is where I used to always see FESTIVE perform. (Emox4 and FESTIVE performed at the same event last weekend)  She went on to say that she enjoyed all my tweets about Wasamin’s lunch cruise.  I asked her if she had read my latest post about her group, but she seemed evasive about answering.  I wanted to point out that she “liked” the tweet I made promoting the post, but it’s okay.  Minase knew I had a second ticket, so I told her I would be right back…

It was when I requeued that I got a close look at the two girls from Kimiyami, and saw the one girl’s crazy tongue.  As I mentioned before, at first I liked the purple-haired member (Ria) and then really started to like the other girl.(Ruru) But upon getting a good closeup view of the two of them, I went back to liking Ria.  I considered taking a cheki with one of them, but was still having trouble deciding which girl, so I just stuck with Minase.

I’m not sure of her name, but she is definitely cute!

As I got closer to the front Yuiyui came over to talk with me, telling me she likes my smile.  Incidentally, I LOVE her smile, as I have a little bit of a braces fetish.  So i told her the feeling was mutual.  Eventually I made it back to the front of Minase’s queue.  The first thing she said was that she liked my smile too.  I am guessing she noticed Yui attempting to fish me…

Is she making fun of my shirt?

I asked her to suggest a post, and this is what she wanted to do.  However, I couldn’t figure out how to do it, so the manager had to help position my arms properly before we took the photo.  Minase liked my Hawaiian shirt since it had green leaves on it, to which I pointed out that my Matsumura Kaori graduation shirt also had green writing.  I’m not sure how familiar Minase is with the 48-groups, and it seemed like she was guessing my shirt had something to do with AKB, but wasn’t sure.  When I pointed out it was for Kaotan, she sorta lit up like she knew who that was.  In the meantime I was telling Minase the story about how Wasamin gets jealous when I talk about other idols on Twitter. (She really gets bent out of shape when I mention Tanifuji Misaki from Kiss Bee) Minase said that she would like Wasamin to get jealous of me talking about her on Twitter, LOL.

And with that I was done.  It was getting late and I wanted to get home.  Emox4 have a lot of shows coming up in the next seven days or so, so again it won’t be a matter of “if,” but of “which” show I attend.  Whichever show I choose, I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!

CK in Tokyo

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