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Concerts, Hello! Project, SDN48 CK in Japan Fall 2010 Day 3…Berryz @ JCB and Meeting SDN 2nd Gen.


In the past I would do a lot of writing at the end of each evening when I visited Tokyo.  To be honest I have been really tired every night.  I am guessing because the first few days had a lot of events for me to see.  There wasn’t much down time.  Like Saturday, Sunday entailed going to two different shows.  One in the afternoon and one in the evening.  But this time it was at two different venues…

I was in a quandry over what to see on Sunday.  AKB48 was having an all day handshake event in Saitama.  Momoclo was performing in some Wota-con fanfest.  Berryz was at JCB Hall.  But it was all decided when I won a ticket to see SDN48’s 2nd gen. perform at the theater that night.  It only left me with one other option…

Berryz Kobo Fall 2010 ~BeriKou Fest~


To be honest I sort of fell off the H!P Bandwagon about a year ago.  It’s not like I don’t like them, they just don’t get me excited like they used to.  That said, of all the groups the one I still like the most is Berryz Kobo.  If for no other reason than Maasa Sudo is there.  Whatever I think of H!P, I still think Maasa is totally awesome!

I headed over to Harajuku a couple hours before showtime to score a ticket.  They had about 8 left, and most of them were pretty expensive (around 20000 yen)  But they still had two tickets under 10000.  One was in toward the back of the floor on the right.  The other was first row balcony just right of center.  The guy at Gorakudoh was convinced the balcony seat was far and away the better choice.  So I took his advice and went with it.  Had I taken a minute to think about it on my own….

The pros and cons of “Family Seats”.  I have sat in the Family Seat area once before.  Ironically it was also for a Berryz Kobo show two years ago.  The good news is I had a perfect view of the stage.  Since JCB Hall is a relatively small venue, even the balcony is pretty close.  The bad news is you aren’t allowed to stand up during the show.  The seats at JCB are small, I am by no means a small guy, and neither were the two guys sitting on either side of me.  So I was kinda sandwiched in there for the entire show…Not the best way to see a concert.


After picking up a couple of Blue glowsticks and a Maasa picset I was ready for action!  About 10 minutes before the concert started the girls did what I am guessing was a pre-recorded “radio” show, where they picked a few songs to play before the concert began.  That was the first time I had heard the new S/mileage, which I think is the best song they have EVER put out!  The crowd had an awesome chant for it too!  That is the greatest thing about H!P fans, in particular Berryz fans.  They certainly are rabid for the group!


Some of my favorite performances of the night were 1) Joshi Basket-bu ~Asaren Atta Hi no Kamigata~, I don’t remember, but this may have been the first time they performed that live in like five years!  I have always wanted to see it live.  This time it was done as a duet by Momo and Yurina.  I also loved Maji Bomber, which I honestly hadn’t given a really good listen to since it came out.  But it really kicks ass live.  Danna Sama and Yuujou Junjou are always great, I have seen them before.  However, my favorite moment of the entire show…

Had to be Riichan’s tsundere character Ibu Himuro doing her new single ‘Elegant Girl’.  Not that I love that song, in fact I bought the single for for the Ogawa Mana track.  But I was surrounded by Risako fans at the show, and they just went wild when she did that character.  I mean they were swooning with every word.  Not only that, when she sang the song instead of calling “Risako” they were all calling “Ibu-sama”  It was just hilarious, and girls right behind me were laughing their asses off!

I had mentioned this last Fall, and this year was no different.  Maasa simply proves over and over again what a great personality she is.  She practically ran every MC.  If you didn’t know better you would think she was Captain.  Maasa has the perfect personality, and I could see her doing tons of variety programs in the future.


Anyhow, it was a great show.  I am really glad I went.  Now if I can just remember…NO MORE FAMILY SEATS!


Meeting SDN48’s 2nd Gen.

After that I popped over to Akihabara (two stops away) to get ready for SDN48.  I was really excited to see 2nd gen for the first time.  However I don’t really know the members yet, aside from Akiko who I think is really cute.  The good news was a few members from 1st gen would be there, including Hatakeyama Chisaki who as you all know is my favorite SDN girl not named Ohori Megumi.




Now for this show I had an Ippan ticket, hich meant I was in the regular seat lottery.  I love being in the lottery even though my luck has traditionally been horrible.  The best I have ever gotten was 12 group (out of 25).  I had ticket #39, which meant I was last in group 30-39.  Would my luck change tonight???

I set a new low for myself.  Not only were we the LAST group called in, I was last in line.  Which meant I had the WORST ticket of anyone that won the show!  Oh well, I wore it like a badge of honor!

As far as the show was concerned, they do the same set as 1st gen., so no surprises there.  I spent most of the show 1) cheering for Chaki, and 2) trying to find a favorite member of 2nd gen.  I had mentioned I really liked Akiko, but I wasn’t feeling the magic during the performance.  I saw a couple of other girls I liked, but I wasn’t sure who they were.  But then I saw her, the one I was magically drawn to the entire night (other than Chaki).



Oyama Aimi.  Hahaha.  I am a sucker for girls with noticeable teeth.  She is just awesome.  I couldn’t stop watching her!

Anyhow, going into High Touch most of these girls didn’t know me.  Since my seat was so awful they didn’t really see me either.  So I got many looks of surprise as I went through the line with the exception of Nachu, Machiko and Chaki who are familiar with me.  Many of the girls switched to Engrish as I passed by, including Akiko who was adorable up close!  Mana Ito and Rumi Matsushima also gave me a great reaction.  But Chaki was again the best.  She knows I am really fond of her.




Another tiring buy awesome day.  Jeez, being an idol fan in Japan is just a killer!  So much to do and see.  Thankfully the next two days weren’t going to be quite as hectic, but they are two of the most awesome things I have gone to so far.  A star studded TV-show taping and a CD Release concert/event!  Wait until you hear the groups I got to see UP CLOSE!

I should have that post up tomorrow!

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AKB48, Concerts, Hello! Project, Idoling!!!, Japan, Momoiro Clover CK in Japan, Spring 2010 Days 9-11…The Crash and Burn



Picking up where I left off on my last post, I left Akihabara UDX and Momoiro Clover for a mad dash back to my hotel.  I needed to get to Shinagawa, pick up the goods I purchased for my friend and go back to Akihabara and deliver them.  It had been an awesome trip so far, so I feel a bit sheepish saying I had one disappointment.  SDN48 performed four times while I was in town, and I only won a ticket to one show.  I had cancel machi for another, but missed getting in by one.  But since this was the last time they would be performing during my trip I would get to watch them one more time on the monitors…

Ignoring the headache and fatigue I was experiencing I headed back to Akiba.  My friend got his CinDy gear.  And whaddaya know, it was signed!!!  After he jokingly remarked that he couldn’t wear it I offered to take it off of his hands.  But he wasn’t going for it.  Oh well.  It was almost showtime, and my friends had reserved a spot for me right in front of the screen.  It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes into the show when it hit me…

Dizziness, chills, a pounding headache.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was getting sick, and I had almost three days left in this vacation.  I held out as long as I could.  I had to at least make it to the Nachu/Meetan MC.  But when Ganbarina started I had enough.  I jettisoned myself out of the theater and quickly made my way back to the train station and my hotel.  Hopefully I would wake up feeling better.  There were things still to be done.  Like taking pictures of that famous dog statue is Shibuya…

I woke up the next morning drenched in sweat and coughing like crazy.  It was obvious I had some sort of sinus infection.  After lying in bed for a while I took off for an early lunch.  Perhaps food would give me some energy.  But I had no appetite.  My choices for the day were to either see Idoling!!! perform in my hotel that night, or go see Momoiro Clover one more time.  I checked the ticket booth at the hotel.  Idoling!!! was sold out.  I wasn’t too disappointed with this even though I had never seen them before.  My favorite member Yazapi was off doing a promotion somewhere around Osaka that day, so she would be absent.  I had five hours until Momoclo.  I would grab a bit of rest and head to the show…

I woke up eight hours later 🙁

Since there were really no events for my final day and a half, I spent the rest of the trip making sure I got all of the idol goods I wanted.  Earlier that week I had seen an autographed photo of AKB48’s Nakaya Sayaka for sale pretty cheap.  So I headed back to Nakano to see if it was still there.  It wasn’t, but as I looked around there was a new AKB autographed B.L.T. in the display…

Another autographed Meetan, Yatta!!!!  I am so glad I checked!!!  That makes three autographed Ohori cards in my collection.  And that brings me to my goods.  What the heck did I end up bringing home on this trip???

AKB48 Shibuya AX 2010 Box (Iiwake Maybe ver.)
AKB Kagekidan * Infinity DVD Box
Berryz Kobo – Fall 2009 Concert DVD
Saito Yua – Nittelegenic 2009 DVD
Ohori Megumi – Abunae DVD (a gift, of course I already have a copy)
Watarirouka Hashirtai – Akkanbe Bashi DVD
Majisuka Gakuen DVD Box (pre-ordered)

Idoling!!! – Sunrise LE CD w/ DVD & photobook
Ebisu Muscats – Banana Mango H.S. CD
S/mileage – Suki Chan CD (bought in error, wanted the new one)
Watarirouka Hashirtai Akkanbe Bashi CD LE Ver. A
Queen & Elizabeth – Love Wars CD/DVD Ver. A and Ver. C
SKE48 – Aozora Kataomoi CD/DVD
AKB48 – Team A 1st Stage CD
Momoiro Clover – Momoiro Punch Reg. Version
Momoiro Clover – Mirai He Susume Reg. Version
AKB48 Sakura no Shiori Theater Version (Ten copies!!!)
Momoiro Clover – Major label debut single (preorder 5 versions)

AKB48 – NY/Cannes/Paris Photobook
Maeda Atsuko – 2nd Photobook
Watarirouka Hashirtai – Akkanbe PB
AKB48 Fashion Book
SKE48 2010 School Year Calendar (2 copies)
Sabra – October 2009 Issue w/ Meetan Gravure
B.L.T. – AKB/SKE assorted special issues (x6)

Idoling!!! Yazawa #7 T-shirt (Black)
AKB48 – Yokohama 2010 “American Edition” T-shirt (Red)
Iwasa Misaki Yokohama 2010 microfiber towel
AKB48 phone strap and screencleaner
AKB48 “Hikoukigumo” Flag (new version)
AKB48 giant glowstick (green)
68 new AKB/SKE/SDN pics, and a new pic holder (yatta!)
H!P Photoset w/pin – New Version at the store x3 (Tanaka, Maasa, Yajima)
Tanaka Reina 3/21 Special concert photo
Morning Musume chocolates (hehe)

Surprisingly I ended up spending less than I thought I would considering I came home with plenty of cash in pocket.  And there were a few items I neglected to pick up for various reasons.  That’s okay, there is always next trip.  There has to be a Fall 2010, right?

To summarize the vacation, at the moment it doesn’t feel as epic as previous trips because I was sick for part of it.  But looking back, can it get any better than this?  I had the opportunity to see AKB48 perform at the biggest venue in their history, and had great seats for all three shows.  I got to see Momoiro Clover for the first time.  And all the perks I got as a result were a total surprise.  And who can forget AKB’s 2-shot event, which might have been the most awesome thing they have ever done.  It made me realize that coming for AKB’s special events is really the way to go.  Yes, the shows are cool and all.  But it is at the events that you really get to experience the “idols you can meet” concept!

And it does take time.  This was my fifth trip to Japan and in many ways I am still ‘learning the ropes” of this J-pop stuff.  There is only so much you can learn from reading blogs/sites and collecting merchandise through the mail.  You really need to head to the Japan to really know what’s going on.  I am so glad that I was open and persistent enough to continue these trips when they were so challenging in the early going.  I have been home (and sick in bed) for three days now and I already miss the place, my friends, and of course all the adorable idols.

Speaking of friends, I want to thank everyone that helped make this trip as awesome as it could be, and that includes a couple of people that weren’t even in Japan at the time.  You know who you are!  For those of you I didn’t get a chance to hook up with on this trip, I am truly sorry about that.  But don’t worry kiddies…

I’ll be back “home” soon!

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AKB48, Concerts, Hello! Project, Japan, SDN48 CK in Japan, Spring 2010 Days 1-2…Crisis Averted

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I know I have been a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to doing my Japan trip reports.  In fact I believe two posts are in order.  The reason is that this first weekend was so busy that when I got to my hotel I could think of nothing but going to sleep!  That’s a good thing, right?  By the way, am I too late for IW’s cake day celebration?  Courtesy of one of the many crepe places around Tokyo…

The first order of business, two shows at the AKB Theater in Akihabara.  I had won for the afternoon show of Team Kenkyuusei, and SDN48’s evening show.  That meant I was going to spend quite a few hours in Akihabara.  I spent the morning cruising Harajuku, mainly to see what kind of Morning Musume tickets I could score for the Sunday matinee.  I am in sort of a quandry with MoMusu.  On one hand I am bored with them, and they don’t give me the excitement they used to.  On the other hand I still support Tanaka Reina 100%.  And to come all this way and miss their show feels like somewhat of a betrayal to Reina.  With that in mind I scored a 9th row seat!

Saturday = AKB Day

AKB48’s Research Students are pretty much an unknown to me right now.  Since the Team shuffles are beginning as we speak, Team RS is mainly comprised of brand new 9th generation girls.  I have seen Team B’s 4th stage many times already, but I saw this as an opportunity to get the know the new girls and pick out a few faves.  One particular girl who stood out to me is not new by any means.  She was fired about a year ago, but had the chutzpah to give it another go and got rehired.  That girl is Sara Fujimoto.

One thing about Sara, she is really cute.  But her looks were never the problem.  I think the issue was really her age.  She wasn’t mature enough to be an AKB girl yet.  And being dismissed by management really sparked something within her.  She was confident, she looked great.  She was a totally different person from the girl I saw subbing in Team K a year ago.  So good for her!  But the Kenkyuusei were merely the appetizer to the main event…SDN48!

As many of you know SDN48 is my favorite idol group, and why not?  Meetan is in it!  To be honest I missed her, and couldn’t wait to say hello at the High Touch event again.  I got a 4th row seat, but was majorly obscured by the “pillar of death”.  Anyone who has been to the theater knows what I am talking about.  Ultimately I could only see the left side of the stage.  Meetan spent most of the first half of the show on the other side, but came to my side for the second hour.  Finally!  She spotted me pretty much immediately, from then on she was giving me eye contact and playing with me for the rest of the show until….

During the 2nd to last song she ran offstage.  WTF???  What’s the matter with Meetan?  This can’t be good!  There is a history of correlation between my Japan trips and Meetan’s injuries.  Please don’t tell me she got hurt again!  She didn’t participate in the closing MC, but came back out for Vampire Keikaku.  I was happy for a moment, until she bent down for part of the dance and I could tell she was in total distress.  She looked like she was about to cry.

Poor Meetan!!!!!

Before they started the High Touch portion of the show they announced Meetan wasn’t participating.   Oh no, this is serious!!!  The problem was nobody knew what was the matter with her, and she didn’t post on her blog the rest of the night.  Thus began the onslaught of worried messages by fans (including myself) wishing her the best and praying for her to be okay.  The next day she posted this message…

Post From Ohori’s Blog

It turned out she had come down with some sort of cold/fever but decided to perform anyway.  Her temperature rose up at the end of the show, so she left.  But she felt better the next day, and surprisingly chose to perform for Sunday’s SDN48 doubleheader.  She is such a trooper, sometimes to a fault.  As a fan often i wish she would take it easy and not try so hard.  At the same time it is one of the traits I love about her.  She is always thinking about the fans, and wants to make them happy!  Anyhow, Meetan was okay.  That’s all that matters.


Morning Musume Spring Tour 2010

This was the opening weekend of Morning Musume’s Spring Tour, and as a tradition I usually attend the concert with Celestia from Bikkuri Project.  Unfortunately we couldn’t make our schedules work.  Too bad, I love seeing the shows with her!  I got to Tokyo Koseinenkin Keikan about 40 minutes before the show.  I didn’t have any glowsticks so I decided to head to the swag counter to pick up a few goodies…

Pika Pika Choco!!!  I am not a sweets eater, but they always have these so I decided to get them for once.  I also got my first MoMusu Uchiwa!  You may have noticed it isn’t in the picture, that is because I dropped it at some point. 🙁  I thought of buying another one, but the show was about to start.  What the hell do I need another Uchiwa for anyway?

The show was predominantly the new album tracks, coupled with virtually the same songs from the 2009 fall tour.  As many times as I have seen Morning Musume there are still a few songs I have never heard live, and would love to.  Shabondama anyone?  Instead I focused on the girls’ performances.  That is when I wasn’t ogling Reina! (hehe)  She is a living doll!

Two girls who really stood out for me were Mittsi and Sayumi.  Sayumi is really beginning to transform into an adult.  Her chubby cheeks were noticeable absent, and her skin looked better.  Personally I think it’s great.  As for Mitsui Aika she was omnipresent at the front of the stage in the opening set.  Good, it’s about time she showed up!!!  The biggest WTF moment came during Renai Revolution 21 somebody came out dancing in a dog costume for the song.  Who is this????  The “dog” stayed for the MC, and the girls were interacting with it.  I thought for sure that someone famous (Koharu?  Yossie???) would pop out of the costume, but we never found out.  Awwwwww!

About midway through the show they did a “unit set”.  Gaki/Aichan started with Ani hi ni Modoretai, which is a nice song.  Not quite my style though.  I really wanted to love 8th gen’s Osaka Omainen.  LinLin was in the lead, being totally genki per usual.  And JunJun was obviously adorable.  But the fact is I don’t like the song.  the 6th gen’s song was the best overall.  Ooki Hitomi is like a typical H!P song, but the girls performed it well.

After seeing them perform Resonant Blue for like the 1000th time, LinLin came out to introduce a video.  I guess they are going to do this differently for each show, as Celestia’s show had Sayumi and a different video.  I saw Chokkan2, which was a mix of live performances and the different versions of the PV.

At this point i wasn’t too enthused about the show.  But the next set was by far the most entertaining to me.  It included Mikan, which is quite possibly their best live song.  Ame no Furanai lead by Jun/Lin.  I lived seeing them front the entire song.  The medley was cool, My Dear Boy was good, and Koko ni Iruzee was probably the best part with all the fan interaction.  But the second to last song was far and away my favorite…

Genki Pika Pika is awesome, and dance they do for it is soooooooooooo friggin’ cute!!!  Like they are washing their face or something.  KAWAII!!!  I could watch that song all day!

The encore started with How Do You Like This Japan?  I have seen this performed tons of times as well.  But the costumes they wore were the most Kakkoi!  Blue jeans, totally yankii style.  Except for Reina.  Hahaha, I can just imagine the think tank for that one.  No way Reina is wearing Jeans!!!  I was really looking forward to the final song Namidacchi after reading Celestia’s review.  And I can see what she likes about it, although I prefer the fast part of the song to the slow part.

So there ya go!  I think that makes 12 times seeing MoMusu.  I was covered in sweat so I went back to the hotel to dry off before going back to Akiba to see if I won for SDN48.  I had “Cancel Machi #114”.  Not a good number, but there was an outside chance.  When they announced the waiting list, it finally ended at #113


A few of the fans knew I had #114 and said “Hey let him in, he’s from out of town”.  The staff took one look and said.  “Forget it, he is here all the time!”  LOL, I guess my gaijin pass is expired.  They now see me as a regular!!!  Instead I had an awesome dinner with a bunch of fans who seemed to be fascinated with my reasons for loving Meetan.  We talked for hours over Chinese Food.  It was as good as any show.  So a great night.

But as far as awesome experiences are concerned…none can be compared with Day 3.  Stay tuned…

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AKB48, Concerts, Hello! Project, SDN48 CK in Japan Spring 2010 Preview…Again???

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Yes, again!!!  If you were wondering why I was conspicuously absent from International Wota’s Cake Day Festivities, Thursday (or is it Friday?) I spent a harrowing god knows how many hours making the journey from my humble San Francisco Bay Area apartment to the place known as “Awesome Island”.  That’s right, I am back in Tokyo for another vacation full of idol fun!  Unfortunately my first evening was blown by a 2 hour delay for my flight, plus extra heavy traffic from Narita Airport to my hotel.  But I finally checked into my hotel at 7:30 pm.  But what is in store for this trip???

The first weekend is going to be extra hectic…

Morning Musume Spring Tour.  I don’t have a ticket yet, but I plan on heading out to score one tomorrow morning for the Sunday Matinee.  Actually, there are a few H!P related shows while I am in town…Melon Kinenbi, H!P Eggs, and I believe Manoeri.  But I haven’t decided whether or not to see any of them too as many of these events conflict with one another.  We will see…

AKB48 2-shot Handshake Event at Tokyo Big Sight.  This is going to be awesome.  I am finally going to get that 2-shot with Ohori Megumi that I missed out on last year.  I actually have tickets to take pictures with 4 girls, and I am working on more.

AKB48 Live at Yokohama Arena.  Since AKB48 is getting so popular these days I figured I would plan my trip around one of their big shows.  This way I was assured of getting a ticket instead of hoping for the lottery.  This is the biggest venue AKB has performed at in their history, so I am sure all three shows will be super-special.

AKB48 Theater.  Everyone says I have great AKB lottery luck.  So far I have won a ticket for the only two shows I have applied for, and they are both tomorrow (Saturday)  I am seeing Team Kenkyuusei in the afternoon, and SDN48 at night!  I have an email in for SDN48 on Sunday night as well.  I hope I win!

So that sums up the first half of my trip.  I also have a ticket to an SKE48 handshake event, but I may not have time to get there…

The last 6 days have nothing definite, but I have a few possible events in the works.  I don’t want to jinx it, as I haven’t figured out how to score tickets yet.  But I just found out about a concert happening next weekend in Tokyo.  Who are the performers???

Momoiro Clover!!!!!

Anyhow, I would add media to this post, except I am totally jetlagged.  🙁  But please look forward to my reports, if for no other reason than to see if I survive this hectic weekend.  And I promise loots of pics!!!

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AKB48, Hello! Project Fun With Onyanko Club


First off, let me credit Cristian from Hello! Wota who found this video on YouTube.  It’s AKB48 revisiting one of AkiP and Onyanko Club’s 80’s Classics, Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanai…

I remember when I first started getting into J-pop and Hello! Project, I came across this video of Morning Musume performing the same song during an Onyanko Club tribute.  I thought they were so cute performing this, especially Kamei Eri…

And of course this wouldn’t be complete without an original performance.  This song is really timeless, isn’t it?  It is too bad I have never gotten into this group.  I think the hairstyles give me bad memories of my early teen years.  But if I turned back the clock to the early-mid eighties, I would have probably thought they were pretty hawt…

In all fairness, when I look back at pictures of myself around that time my hair looks pretty ridiculous too!

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AKB48, Concerts, Hello! Project, Japan, SDN48 CK in Japan, Pt. 3

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Oops, I forgot to put my last posts up from my Japan trip.  I have been back for almost two weeks now, and my next trip is already in the works.  It will either be mid-April or early-May.  But here are the last three entries from my original blog site…

CK in Japan, Fall 2009 Day 8…AKB ∞・Infinity

In this post I chronicle my experience of AKB48’s play at Theater G-Rosso.  I loved the Tokyo Dome complex!  There is tons of fun to be had there, and now I know where JCB Hall is in case AKB48 performs there again.  But that’s not all!  I had the experience of my life on Saturday night during the SDN48 “High Touch” event.  What can you say when you have idols grabbing you and declaring their love? (hehehe)

A Special Day for a Special Girl

Not much about AKB in this one, unless you count the autographed Uchiwa I received from SDN48’s ChisakiHatakeyama .  This post is mainly about the Tokyo birthday concert for Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina.  Birthday shows are always great, as you usually get to see the girls break character and get real for a few moments.  Oh, and if you want to check out Tokyo DisneySea, there are a few pics of the place here.


I tried not to make all of my trip posts about the “gets”.  Instead I loaded them all up here, with a few thoughts about this trip and how ti stacked up to previous trips to Japan.  And if you ever wanted to see a picture of AKB48’s shuttle, I took a close-up pic of it parked behind the DQ!

There ya go!  Japan was awesome!!!  Now I just need to get through the Winter, and next Spring I will head back over.  More awesome experiences to look forward to I’m sure!

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AKB48, Concerts, Hello! Project, SDN48 CK in Japan, Part 2…

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Just an update, I have been doing the lionshare of my Japan trip reporting on my other two sites.  As always here are the links, each with a brief synopsis…

Day 4…Berryz!

My full review of the Berryz Kobo show at Tokyo Koseinenkin Keikan.  It was a great time, and I was so happy that my favorite member had a prominent role in the concert for a change!  And to throw a little AKB into the mix, I spot a cool billboard in Ueno featuring two of AKB48’s lollies.

Days 5-7…SDN + Idoling!!! = <3

This is a big one!  My full review of SDN48’s 1st Stage, Yuuwaku no Garter after winning tickets to the show three times this week.  There are some great stories to tell involving the post-show “high touch” event.  I start off my “Friday with nothing to do” with a day trip to Odaiba and get as close as I can to the world of Idoling!!! And that simply meant visiting the official NHK store.  Wow, what an awesome building that is!!!  My Friday got even more awesome that night, which is featured in the next post…

Days 5-7 (Pt. 2)…Oishii Camembert

I head over to Tokyo Tower to see AKB48’s Umeda Ayaka spin records for the visitors, and get confused by her continually staring at me.  But it was a mystery that would be solved the next evening.  I end the night with dinner at the restaurant currently promoted by the girls of Buono!

My Sweet Meetan

You can also head over to my Ohori Megumi worship site for some cool pics and stories focused on Meetan.  I also got a hold of some semi-exclusive photos of her appearance at the Horseraces last weekend!

Up next, my review of AKB48’s musical, Infinity!!!

CK in Tokyo