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AKB48, New Release, Photobooks Wasamin and the AKB48 Visual Book

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The 2nd Edition of the AKB48 Visual Books were released last week.  So far I have received the Team B version, and should have the other 2 any day now.  BTW, a memo to management.  How about an SDN48 Visual Book???

I can only imagine how awesome the other two books are because Team B’s is amazing.  I have to give props to Nacchan for having the most adorable photoshoot I have ever seen.  But this is about Wasamin. You know, the girl that talks to refrigerators?


A big Thank You to my new hero Hana at, who is in the process of translating the “48 questions” for each member.  Luckily Iwasa Misaki shows up first alphabetically for Team A, so here are her questions.

Getting to know more about Wasamin, I’m so excited!!!


Iwasa Misaki: A powerful girl who gives it her all when it comes to singing and dancing

What’s your nickname?
– Wasamin

What’s your catchphrase?
– 10th grade! 15 years old! I’m “Wasamin”, Iwasa Misaki!

What’s your charm point?
– My hands are chubby

Why did you want to be in show business?
– I admired Morning Musume

What’s your personality?
– I talk to people that I take to. I’m also spaced out a lot.

How old were you when you had your first love? How old was he?
– Kindergarten. So was he!

What are your hobbies?
– Singing. Manga & games.

And your special skills?
– Dance, Singing

Have you ever learned anything?
– Dancing, Singing, Caligraphy

What’s your favorite food?
Motsuni*, Carrots

What’s your favorite drink?
– Hot chocolate

Who is your favorite artist?
– Ayaka

What’s your favorite TV show?
– Mechaike, Music Station

What’s your favorite magazine?
– Seventeen, Popteen

What’s your favorite season?
– Fall?

What’s your favorite brand?
– Glad News

What’s your favorite town?
– Ones like Harajuku or Shibuya

What’s your favorite type of guy?
– Definitely someone funny!!

Who is a member that you’re close with?
– Komori Mika <3

What clubs are/were you in?
– Basketball (elementary), Table Tennis (7th grade)

What subject are you good at?
– Social studies was tolerable? And English?

What subject are you bad at?
– Math……

If you could compare yourself to an animal, what would you be?
– I’ve been called a hamster

What’s your ringtone?
– It’s on vibrate 24/7

What’s a site you check often?
– Togasaki’s Blog

What’s something you’re hooked on?
– Kingdom Hearts

What was your most expensive purchase?
– Buying in bulk at 109, from top to bottom.

What would you do if you had a week off?
– Take a vacation to Tokyo Disneyland with my friends!

What’s your favorite AKB single?
– Oogoe Diamond

What’s your favorite AKB stage song?
– End Roll

What’s your favorite outfit?
– RIVER’s outfits

What’s a memorable stage show or concert for you?
– February 28th, 2009, the day I made my debut as an understudy at a Team B show

What’s something good that’s come from being in AKB?
– I can sing and dance a lot!

What was the hardest thing about being in AKB?
– When I had lessons from morning to evening.

Who is your oshimen?
– Noro Kayo, Lovetan

Who is someone you respect?
– My parents

If you could make a law, what would it be?
– It’s OK to eat snacks, even in school!

Say something to AkiP!
– I’ll keep running through at full strength!

Say something to your team captain!
– Please continue to scold me.

Say something to the management!
– Let’s do shows at G-Rosso!

Say something to BLT!
– I’d love to do “U-17” again…….

Say something to the fans!
– I’m thankful to every single one of you!

Comment on the new teams!
– In any case, I’ll do my best by dashing forward headlong into it!

What’s your future dream?
– To be a solo singer!

What’s something that AKB has that other idols don’t?
– It really is everyday! We work hard at the theater.

What is the theater to you?
– The source of my energy

What are idols to you?
– People you look at and receive energy from

What’s AKB to you?
– A school where I learn really important things

If you see a show, you’ll understand her real seriousness. She loves singing and dancing, and the moves on this girl who has an interest in AKB48 are perfect. You can really feel her 7~8 years of experience. Her singing, something she had already learned for 2 years prior to joining, had already been verified through the Kagekidan. ** Apparently she also writes lyrics as a hobby. She’s worried that, due to never having worn a skirt, her talent as an idol is near zero, but having girls with various characters is what AKB48 is.


I think the writer’s tweet says it all.  Despite her age, her experience of training at such a young age shows whenever she performs.  Because of this I sometimes forget how young she is.  This is why I love her responses to the questions.  It shos that she really is still a kid at heart.  Way to go Wasamin!!!

CK in California

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AKB48, Eyecandy, Photobooks Risa Narita…NSFW!!!


I love AKB48!!!

I just had to say that.  AKB48 has always “pushed the envelope” when it comes to their idol presentation.  And with the recent gravure photobooks and DVD’s done by Team A graduates Ohe Tomomi, Nakanishi Rina, and Narita Risa, we have hit the next plateau!

I have both Oh-yay and Rinatin’s PBs.  I didn’t purchase Risa’s out of concern of the weight of my suitcase when I was last in Japan.  But I had the chance to watch Risa’s DVD recently.  And…ZOMG!  I’m not sure what to say.  This is a very short step away from porn.  And I thought Meetan was the risque gravure queen of AKB.  Risachan just passed her.  And she passed her by a country mile!


Now this is where I have to give you a warning.  The photos I have included here are really risque.  There is no nudity, but many of the scenes and pictorials were done with sexual acts obviously in mind.  It is also obvious that Risa was completely in on the “joke” when they made this.  On one hand I can see how this could be a “turn-off” for some idol fans.  This is not the way an idol singer is usually presented.  But if the pervy fanboy is alive in you, this is a must-see.  With that in mind, lets take a look at a few highlights…


The opening scene.  Let’s just call this the “cowgirl” scene.  Risa is helping us “wake up” and get ready for the action.  All the while Risa is being her bubbly and cute self.  But if you watch the video, you know exactly what they are trying to simulate here!  Which leads to a little modeling…


It is no secret what Risa’s assets are.  And they are endlessly shown off for the entire DVD.


Oral hygiene is always good.  Especially after…ooops she spilled the toothpaste all over her…uhhhh, I wonder what this is a reference to?  There is no shortage of white, lathery and sticky substances in so many scenes.


More modeling.  This time Risa is building sandcastles.  Or, flattening them is more like it.  To me this is one of the hottest scenes in the DVD.  And surprisingly is isn’t as overtly sexual as some of the others.  But Risa looks totally hawt in that red tartan bikini.  She really has a great figure!  They do a lot of showing off of her derriere in this scene.  Lets just say she wears a bikini very well.



Polishing the gearshift…yep!


It is “wet modeling” time.  Risa looks great in that silver bathing suit.  The pool scene was a much calmer scene.  No pushing the envelope, just a beautiful model posing in the pool.  On the other hand, the shower scene is something else.  If you have ever seen The Kentucky Fried Movie.  Well, I think the director has.  The shower door scene is a nod to the Catholic High School Girls in Trouble bit!


This is where the DVD gets a bit crazy.  Now I have seen “popsicle” scenes in quite a few pictorials.  In fact, Acchan had one in her PB.  Tanaka Reina from Morning Musume has done it.  But never like this.  I am an adult male, and I have seen adult films before.  Nobody is fooling anyone here.  We all know what is being simulated.  But don’t think for a second I am complaining.  I am just so surprised to see so much phallic imagery!


Lets make sure we leave nothing out.  Risa’s hands are all lathered up, and she is repeatedly stroking something that is just out of the picture.  A fine way to end the picspam!


Okay, wasn’t that special?  I’ll be honest, I really liked it.  But it does make me wonder what Risa’s modeling future holds.  I mean this was so close to being an AV DVD.  And she seemed to be having the time of her life with this photoshoot.  Whatever path she chooses, I will be interested in seeing the finished product.

And I would be flabbergasted if Rinatin’s DVD was anything like this.  That would be too much.

CK in California

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AKB48, Eyecandy, Photobooks Oh…Yay!!!


Okay, I am back from Japan.  I still owe everyone a good K5 review, as I saw the stage performed four times!!!  You would think I am an expert on it by now.  I’ll get to it in the next couple of days once the jetlag subsides.  In the meantime enjoy a few preview pics of my favorite set from Ohe Tomomi’s kickass graduation photobook.

The found Oh-yay’s and Rinatin’s PB’s for sale over at Trio2 in Nakano.  I also found autographed copies of their DVD’s in a small shop in Akihabara.  But at over $70 per DVD, I figured I’ll just stick with the books!  Anyhow, both of the PB’s are sensational!  It is amazing to see the two of them in such sexy and seductive photospreads.  And everyone is making a big deal about Risa Narita’s PB and her amazing “top shelf”.  But Rina is surprisingly impressive in that department too!  Very nice.

CK in California

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