Fun With Onyanko Club

First off, let me credit Cristian from Hello! Wota who found this video on YouTube.  It’s AKB48 revisiting one of AkiP and Onyanko Club’s 80’s Classics, Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanai…

I remember when I first started getting into J-pop and Hello! Project, I came across this video of Morning Musume performing the same song during an Onyanko Club tribute.  I thought they were so cute performing this, especially Kamei Eri…

And of course this wouldn’t be complete without an original performance.  This song is really timeless, isn’t it?  It is too bad I have never gotten into this group.  I think the hairstyles give me bad memories of my early teen years.  But if I turned back the clock to the early-mid eighties, I would have probably thought they were pretty hawt…

In all fairness, when I look back at pictures of myself around that time my hair looks pretty ridiculous too!

CK in California

3 thoughts on “Fun With Onyanko Club

  1. Acchan got all the solo parts simply because she’s Acchan. It doesn’t matter if she’s not the best singer or performer, they give her all the spotlight anyway…its not fair but its just the way its always been.

  2. in contrast to their choral song,,this one got me going. i was really confused by the style til i saw that it was retro. acchan is a good performer,,and aKb did this song better than mm,,fuller sound and much more harmony hands down.

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