AKB48 Live at AX…3rd Evening

Phew, I am finally caught up. And I am ready for tonight’s Top 25.  Of course this means I will not be getting much sleep…again!  This can’t be good for me.  I have been late to work every day since the first night!  This is a big night as far as I’m concerned.  Most of my favorite AKB/SKE/SDN songs are probably not “Top 25” material.  Personally I figure the last night will be dominated by the singles.  So if SDN and SKE are going to have any more songs in the setlist, they will most likely appear here….


50 – ashita wa ashita no kimi ga umareru (kuramochi,akimoto,miyazawa) [MAXI]
48 – yuuhi wo miteiru ka [H1] [MAXI]
MC watanabe,maeda,kashiwagi,itano
48 – sasae (team K,naruse) [K4]
MC sato a,kuramochi,naruse,deguchi (team 4)
47 – MARIA (umeda,kasai,masuda) [K3]
46 – junjou shugi (nito,katayama,nakaya) [B3]
MC rappapa undergirls
45 – kinjirareta futari (oshima,kasai) [K2]
44 – AKB sanjou! [A5]
43 – faint (tojima,kawasaki,itano) [A4]
MC kawasaki,tojima
42 – dear my teacher [A1] [K1] [B2] [S1] [ALBUM]
41 – saka agari [K5]
MC oshima,miyazawa,ono,chikano
40 – renai kinshi jourei (takahashi,miyazaki,minegishi) [A5]
39 – BINGO! [A4] [H1] [MAXI]
38 – itoshiki natasha (tanabe,sashihara,katayama) [B4]
37 – sougen no kiseki [K3]
MC hirajima,matsubara,sato n
36 – tonari no banana (kasai,ono) [H2]
35 – junai no crescendo (minegishi,kojima,takahashi) [A4]
MC no3b
34 – saishuu bell ga naru [K4]
33 – pajama drive (watanabe,hirajima,nakagawa) [B3]
32 – sakura no hanabiratachi [A1] [K1] [S1] [KII1] [ALBUM]
31 – ame no pianist [S2]
30 – nattou angel (nattou angels) [MAXI]
29 – hikougigumo (theathergirls) [A5] [c/w]
28 – tane (no3b) [MAXI]
27 – te wo tsunaginagara [S2]
MC SKE48 teamS
26 – FIRST LOVE (ono) [c/w]
EN1: majisuka rock n roll [c/w]


Songs I am anticipating…

46 – Junjou Shugi (nito,katayama,nakaya) [B3] One of the fiercest performances of AX09′.  Haachan just glows in this…so sexy!  I’m sorry not to see Matsuyuki this time around.  But Nakayan should be a cool substitute.  hard to believe two of the three original performers of this song are graduates now.

41 – Saka Agari [K5] So uplifting!  I will never get tired of listening to this.  I didn’t originally think of this song, but it is one I was certainly rooting to rank high.  And why wouldn’t it?  In some ways it reminds me of Hikoukigumo.  A total crowd pleaser with awesome audience participation.

38 – Itoshiki Natasha (tanabe,sashihara,katayama) [B4] Quite possibly the most “hardcore” AKB48 song to date.  Team B is totally kawaii, but they know how to “rock out”.  Need moar Tanamin and Haachan!

30 – Nattou Angel (nattou angels) Is this a surprise?  Don’t get me wrong, I loved this song when I got my Budokan DVD.  What’s not to love about “Nattou Beeeeeeaaaaammmm”?  These three make an excellent little unit, and I would love to see them do more stuff.  Well, the Tomo’s already are.  I hope that song is as cool as this.

26 – FIRST LOVE (ono) This is a great showcase of what a pretty voice Erepyon has.  To me she sounds a lot like Kago Ai.  Angelic and beautiful.  Haunting song!

EN1: Majisuka Rock n Roll Yatta!!!  The fans finally get to hear a more complete version of the song that IMO should be the A-track of the 15th single.

Notes on Day 3…

No Rinatin in Ashita wa Ashita no…???  Apparently she was rushed to the hospital earlier this week with an undisclosed illness.  Let’s hope she is okay.

After three nights we have six SKE48 songs.  That’s great for them!  Although none of my favorites made it.  Does that mean I have bad taste?  Or am I just a bit eccentric?

And no “Black Boy” 🙁  I can’t imagine it will make the Top 25.  Nor can I see Meetan’s solo song making it either, although MELOS predicted it to be there on his blog.  That would be really cool, although I’m not holding my breath.  I would have loved to see Hatakeyama Chisaki at AX this year.  As well as Nachu.  But you may have noticed that some of the MC’s include the gangs of Majisuka Gakuen.  Could than mean….

Acchan/Nachu MC tonight???  Atsu ne!!!!!

CK in California