The Marathon is Over…AX Day 4

The 4 day AKB48 Setlist concert at Shibuya AX has finally drawn to a close, and in less than suspenseful fashion.  The reason I say that?  Well, I think all of us got a pretty good idea how these votes would end up after seeing the “halftime” scores late last year.  That said, there were a couple surprises early on…


25 – kuroi tenshi (takajo,maeda,fujie) /full/ [A5]
24 – kodoku na runner /full/ [SDN1]
23 – tenshi no shippo (nakatsuka,oota,nakaya) [B3]
22 – kataomoi no taikakusen (nito,komori,yonezawa) [B4]
21 – aitakatta (shuffle) [A2] [B2] [KII1] [MAXI]
20 – ENDROLL (umeda,noro,oshima,matsubara) [K5]
18 – relax! (no3b) [MAXI]
MC oshima,noro,umeda,matsubara
18 – only today [A4] [c/w]
17 – zannen shoujo (nakatsuka,watanabe,uchida) [B4]
16 – kuchi utsushi no chocolate (kashiwagi,hirajima,oota) [B4]
15 – korogaru ishi ni nare [K2]
14 – tsundere! (sato a,itano,kitahara) [A5]
MC SDN (umeda,chu,serina,sato y,akita)
13 – baby! baby! baby! [DIGI]
12 – temodemo no namida (kashiwagi,takajo) [B3]
MC miyazaki,fujie,chikano,matsui r,matsui j
11 – nakinagara hohoen de (oshima solo) [K3]
10 – BIRD (shinoda,takahashi,miyazawa) [A3]
MC akimoto,shinoda,maeda,masuda
*9 – 3 seconds (persona) [soundtrack]
*8 – shonichi [B3] [c/w]
MC team B
*7 – heart gata virus (kojima,kitahara,takajo) /kojima speech ver./ [A5]
MC nachu
*6 – namida surprise [MAXI]
*4 – oogoe diamond [A5] [S1] [MAXI]
*3 – 10 nen zakura [MAXI]
MC urano,sato y (blue collar cosplay)
*2 – kimi no koto ga suki dakara [c/w]
MC noro,ohori
*1 – iiwake maybe [MAXI]

(once again, thanks to Takka, Rui and Jasey for their hard work on the lists)


Taking a look at that list, I think we could have predicted 24 of those songs.  The only surprise was SDN48’s Kodoku na Runner at #24.  Then again, had I been in Japan for the voting that probably wouldn’t have been a surprise since all the SDN fans got together to vote that song high into the list.  To me the first two (or maybe three) nights were a lot more fun because they were more unpredictable.

Songs that were notably missing from the Top 100 this year…

Aozora no Soba ni Ite
Hajimete no Jelly Beans
Mori e Ikou
Nage KISSU de Uchi Otoze
Kagami no Naka no Jean da Arc

and of course…Amai Kokansetsu 🙁

Ow well, the rumor is Shibuya-AX is allegedly being torn down later this year.  What does this mean for the future of the “Setlist” concert series?  I don’t know.  Obviously there are plenty of venues that can take it’s place.  But as the site of the first ever J-pop concert I ever attended, it makes me a little sad.  That said, with the AX concerts over it is now officially 2010 in the world of AKB…

Onto the shuffles we go!!!

CK in California

2 thoughts on “The Marathon is Over…AX Day 4

  1. I was rooting for either River or Kimi no koto ga suki da kara for the top spot, but, oh well, at least Iiwake Maybe is one of my favorites…

  2. The rumours about Shibuya AX being torn down in March have proven to be false, since the venue has events scheduled in april and may already. I hope that they get a bigger venue for those concerts, though.

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