The Most Inept Superheroes Ever?

It’s time for another episode of the AK-fail-Rangers!


Our heroes are enjoying another uneventful day in their secret cave below the Donki building.  What is that they are reading?  Perhaps some putting tips from Tiger Woods?  (Oh no!)  But somewhere nearby White Saturn (or is it Satan?) is continuing his quest to turn Japan completely white…

That is Yuko’s book?  Is she a 3rd grader???  At this rate it will take forever for our villian to fully realize his evil plan.

Then again, the AK-Rangers are the only folks trying to stop him.  So I guess he can take his sweet time.  Checking the scoreboard, the girls have lost two of three against his evilness.  Undaunted, they return to battle White Saturn once more.

Jeez, Yuko doesn’t even know what the challenge is yet.  Just the site of the AK-Rangers has her screaming in horror.  The challenge for today???

Basketball?   Give up girls, you don’t have a shot!  No way…no day!!!

In what was quite possibly the worst free throw shot in the history of sports, Mayuyu clears the entire backboard and seals Yuko’s fate.  In the immortal words of Coach Reeves on The White Shadow, “It’s a FREE throw for crying out loud!”  Oh well, no surprises here.  AK-Rangers fail their task yet again.

Sweet Revenge!!!  Better luck next time Rangers. 🙁

It occurs to me that the AK-Ranger-lolis haven’t won since they got rid of Mikapon and Suuchan.  I think this might go down as the worst “trade” since the Boston Red Sox dealt Babe Ruth.

Bring Back Komori!!!!!!!!

CK in California

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