Our Reluctant Hero (Majisuka Gakuen Ep. 4)

Ahhh, the mystery of the bracelets.  Why is it that Maeda looks so longingly at them, as well as the pictures of Takamina.  Was she betrayed, or perhaps (and more likely) the betrayer?

But that isn’t the only mysterious little plot point to arise in this episode.  Yes, the next juicy “detail” was revealed with the arrival of Atsuko’s crazy mother.

We learned in the first episode that the school principal once had a romantic tryst with Maeda’s father.  So it stands to reason that she and Maeda’s mom would be rivals.  By the way, this flashback scene was too awesome!

Things were a lot tamer back then.  The leaders of Rappappa and Yabakune settled their differences with a bicycle race?  Nice outfits by the way.  This was the Japanese style of the early 80’s?  Is that a Ton Sur Ton sweatshirt?  And why is Maeda’s dad dressed like Elvis???

“V” is for Victory, even if you are half buried in a puddle of crap!


This is not good news, not at all!  The principal is jealous of Maeda’s mother.  But she obviously still has a bit of a “thing” for her dad.  How is this little drama going to play out.  Yet another reason for Acchan to watch her back.

REVELATION #1:  Hold on just one minute, didn’t Team Hormone say the rivalry between Yabakune and Maji started with a battle over a guy?  Could this be that battle???

But first things first, back to present day matters…

Sanshou Shimai!!!  At the urging of Shibuya (Tomochin), Acchan now has “Team Loli” on her back.  By the way, is there ever any learning going on in this school?  Let’s see, Rappappa spend the entire day in their clubhouse.  Team Hormone does nothing but eat.  The Kabuki sisters hang out under the overpass.  Even the Sanshou Sisters have their own little room, complete with pictures of all their victims.

Another interaction between Maeda and Yuko.  This should complicate matters once Yuko returns to school.  But it is what Yuko says in passing that get Maeda thinking…

Maeda isn’t too keen on having everyone in school coming after her one by one.  Maybe if she gets her butt kicked everyone will leave her alone.

Yeah right, Sado isn’t buying into that trick one bit.

As dedicated as Daruma is, she isn’t helping matters.  Maeda is very reluctant to have friends for some reason.  When is Takamina entering into this drama?  Much of Atsuko’s personal motivations are still a mystery.  And since she isn’t the outspoken type, that mystery won’t be solved until we learn more about her past.

If at first you don’t succeed…If Sado didn’t buy into their first ass-kicking, the Loli Sisters will just beat Maeda harder.

That is until the undeterred Daruma comes to the res…errr, to take her beating.  One problem, Maeda is still handcuffed.

That doesn’t matter, it doesn’t take much to stop a Lolli…

Boot to the head…GAME OVER!!!

Ehhhh???  Watching Mayuyu giggle when Lovetan and Maachan ran away from the fight was too funny!!!

The Victory Wing.  Maeda learns a little bit about true friendship.

Next week, the series debuts of Sayaka, Amina, Yukarin, Miichan and we learn a bit more about Mayuyu.  Judging by the preview, Mayu is a Yabakune member.

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