Komori Loses…Komori WINS!

I love Shukan AKB!  I think I got hooked on it when they did that spicy food challenge.  I really need to put in my regular “viewing schedule” along with AKBingo! And Majisuka Gakuen because I am probably missing out on some good stuff.  But when I saw than Mikapon was the star of last week’s episode I just couldn’t pass it up!   The girls played a fun little game, filled with cruel little stunts.  Standard idol fare, but it had a catch.  In order to advance to the next round you had to lose.  So the object was to get eliminated as soon as possible.  As long as you lost, you had to keep playing.  I’ll spare you the suspense because the result is in the above title.

The adorable and aloof Mikapon went the distance in this episode.  Now in one respect she totally won because it meant she got to be the star of most of the show.  It’s funny, I have a feeling Komori probably “blundered” her way into AKB much the same way.  But on this day she won in more ways than one.  Let’s see how she did it…

Round One: The girls must choose a tasty cream puff in order to win the round.  Choose a sour one and you must advance…

Awww, look at the sour face 🙁


Round Two: A variation on the classic 40 meter dash.  One catch, you can’t finish the race without slipping into a pair of shoes that are placed in front of the finish line.  Unfortunately for the girls, some of those shoes are nailed to the floor…

Jeez!  That’s a great way to break an ankle!  Aren’t these girls dancers?  If I were their agent, I would have put the kibosh on that contest so fast.  The good news is, nobody was hurt.  Oh, and of course Komori face-planted her way into the next round.


Round Three: The ole’ Electrocuting Pen trick.  Are they kidding?  I hope nobody has a weak heart…

Is Mika a robot?  I’m not sure.  She barely flinched when it supposedly shocked her.  Some of the other girls went flying!  Now at this point I started rooting for her to “lose”


Round Four: Russian Roulette???  Is anyone else having flashbacks of The Deer Hunter?  Man, these AKB producers are wild

Ya know, the effect isn’t as cool when you hold the gun 2 feet from your temple.  I said I was rooting for her to lose before.  Now even Komori is getting into the spirit.


Final Round: I like to call this one “Tribute to the Three Stooges”.  Cut the strings…have a turkey pan (or whatever the hell that is) fall on your head.  The tension was mounting.  Would it be Komori…or Ayarin?  Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

It went all the way to the final string!  These girls should buy a lottery ticket!!!

Awww, poor Komori got all beat up this week.  What did she win for being the “loser” of every round?


In the spirit of the Morning Musume “Crap Girl” sports extravaganza of a few years back, AKB gave her the same crown for having “rotten luck”.  But at the end of the day the joke was on everyone else…

I could go for a foot massage right about now.  Actually I would settle for massaging Mikapon’s feet.  What a lucky guy!

I don’t know what the heck those coupons are, but she is sure happy about it.  Way to go girl.  You are a winner in my book!

CK in California

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  1. Its good to see that Komori can be interesting in some aspect, because she’s absolutely terrible on stage. Its a shame too because she’s quite cute…

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