“They Shot Sonny on the Causeway…He’s Dead” (Majisuka Gakuen Ep. 6)

I can draw quite a few comparisons to famous old “gang style” films.  In fact the 7th episode really brings to mind one in particular.  But watching Rappappa’s resident hothead Shibuya take her starring turn at challenging Maeda, the famous character who comes to mind is Santino Corleone.

Yes, Don-Yuko is the leader of the gang, but she’s in hospital with the cool and reserved Sado (Michael Corleone?) standing guard.  So then who is Enzo the Baker?  Maybe he’s the effeminate character in the hospital?

It turns out Daruma has a past with Shibuya.  She didn’t realize this when she got her butt kicked in episode one?  (Nachu must be portraying the “Fredo” character)  In any case, she leaves a note for her new “Hormone Buddies” to take care of Maeda while she goes off to train…

Hahahaha.  Someone forgot to cue Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”.  Nachu’s training sequence could have been the funniest thing so far to happen in this series if it wasn’t for another little part of the story…


Shibuya sends her flighty little soldier off to find Maeda for the big challenge.  By the way, I love the entire sequence with Dancu and her kawaii gang.  They even threw a token ganguro into the mix! 🙂

Oh no, Tessio…errr, I mean Mayuyu is weaving her evil spell over Tomochin now!  Ya know…she is clever and cunning, but I think it’s a given she is going to get her her butt handed to her before all is said and done.

Nachu accepts Shibuya’s challenge in Maeda’s place.  It’s time for Daruma to exorcise a few demons in her past, which is a theme that is going to carry over into episode 7.  Shibuya is none too happy about the turn of events, but she accepts the challenge as sort of an “appetizer” to the main course.  Which means it’s time for yet another Daruma ass-kicking…

By Daruma’s own admission she isn’t much of a fighter.  But you can’t say that she is unable to take a punch.  No matter how hard she falls, she is always ready to get back up and fight another round.  Which brings us to Maeda.  Where has she been for half the episode???

She’s been off taking life lessons from Don-Yuko at the hospital.  By now Yuko knows who Maeda really is, and she is obviously intrigued by her.  We still aren’t sure why, but all will revealed in time.  As a result Maeda is off to rescue her newly acknowledged friend.  And in so she cannot avoid Shibuya’s challenge.  This is perfect!!!  Maeda has a new move she wants to try out…

Wait for it…


“That’s a Sicilian Message…Shibuya sleeps with the fishes.” Oh yeah, doesn’t she look cute when she’s unconscious?  I half expected Maeda to kick her in the face while she laid there.

To the victors go the spoils…and of course the victory wings!!!  Maeda gets another life lesson about true friendship 🙂

You could call it an “ass-kicking of love”  Daruma was certainly touched.

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