Are You Kidding Me??? Queen & Elizabeth = B.F.A.!

B.F.A.???  Try Beyond F#@king Awesome! Just watch…

Everything about this is no less than 100% total WIN!  The song kicks major major ass.  Both of the Tomo’s are totally freakin’ hawt…not to mention the bevy of schoolgirls dancing around them.  And the video is pretty funny too.  You gotta love the fight stopping when the girls pass by (Hehehehe)

Jeez, this video has everything!  I’m not even going to bother recommending that you buy this CD/DVD.  I swear to god, one look and you will be sold.  Promise!

CK in California

1 thought on “Are You Kidding Me??? Queen & Elizabeth = B.F.A.!

  1. forget teagan and sara, the donnas and joan jett,,its all about queen and elizabeth! i got a kick out of this. itano is such a great singer

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