The “RESET” of Team K

I remember a day long long ago, while watching the AKB48 Budokan Concert on a brand new Black & White Philco T.V. in front of the local F.W. Woolworth’s department store…AkiP’s henchman tgsk came out and announced that our beloved Teams would be reformed beyond recognition.  The surprise announcement was met with anger and despair.  Has Akimoto lost his freakin’ mind?  How can he do this to the girls?  How can he do this to us, the fans???

From dread, to anticipation, to frustrated impatience…The day has finally come.

This is the Team K.  The new Team K that is.  Sure there are a few key members left over.  But after watching the premiere performance of “RESET” it is the addition of new members that is setting the tone for this team.  That and the overall songwriting.  K6 is filled with energy and fun, not to mention some great dance routines.  To me it is the perfect Stage to open the new shuffles.  And it again begs the question “Why do we bother second-guessing the decisions of Akimoto Yasushi”?

So who wins in this new Team K…

Tomochin Wins! Not that she wasn’t winning as a member of Team A.  She is a Top 10 Senbatsu, she gets plenty of work outside the AKB48 Theater…But here she isn’t competing with the likes of Takamina, Acchan, Mariko and Kojiharu for front girl attention.  In fact you can make the argument that in this stage she IS the front girl for Team K.  I have long said she is one of my least favorite members.  But over the last year she has repeatedly shown me that I should reconsider that opinion.

Miichan Wins! Miichan has been slowly fading from the spotlight as an original member of Team A.  The mixi rankings back that up.  And while she isn’t constantly in front like Yuko and Tomo, I haven’t experienced her this enthusiastic on stage since A4.  So I think Miichan sees this as a new opportunity, and she is taking advantage of it.

Moeno Wins! She isn’t a front girl…yet.  But she is right behind the leaders and a key member of the Team.  She sounds great along side Itano in her unit song.  She is going to get the opportunity to show everyone how great a performer she is.  And of course she is adorable!

Ucchi Wins! She won the moment she started crying during her heartfelt opening MC.  I always wondered how she felt being the last person promoted during the shuffle announcement last year.

Sayaka Wins! She wins because she embraced what it really means to be the leader of the Team.  It isn’t about being the “front girl”, which she is totally capable of.  It is about making your Team as great as possible.  It is about knowing when to be visible, and when to be invisible.  Everyone looked genuinely excited to be performing that night.  Sayaka is the perfect team leader.

The fans win! Hehehe, lucky bastards!  I wonder how many FC memberships they have???

Oh yeah….

9th Gen. RS Wins! Lemon no Toshigoro is growing on me with each listen.  And getting the opportunity to perform as an opening act for Team K is great exposure for them!

Just because I didn’t mention certain people doesn’t mean they didn’t “Win” in my book.  Those were just a few of the stand out performances to me.  The only knock on this stage that I can see so far is that most of the songs maintain a similar rhythm and tempo, causing many of them to be less distinguishable.  It is evident in the opening set, although I think it sets a tone for the entire show.  Question:  Will RESET replace Korogaru Ishi ni Nare as the quintessential Team K theme song?  I hope so, frankly I was getting bored with the old one.

One thing is for sure, everyone is going to love Uhhouhoho.  I love it too, but it isn’t all the “gorilla chanting” that I like.  Musically it embraces my favorite elements in an AKB48 song, and I love the verse!

To me the unit set is an across the board win!  The only song I hear getting a lot of criticism is Ashita no Tame ni Kiss wo.  While I agree it is the least exciting song of the set, I actually do like it.  It’s just that the other songs are full of awesome.  I adore the Tomo/Ono/Nito unit.  The three of them are perfect together!  I love Sae’s unit as well.  I’m having trouble deciding which is my favorite song of the set.  Seeing Misato up there with Yonechan and Sae makes me smile…

I might be in the minority here, but I just love Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa!  The song itself is in a genre I haven’t heard AkiP dabble in too much…Modern Country.  And it’s so pretty.  I am mesmerized by the melancholy bridge.  Yuko dominates the song, but she is lovely in it!  Surprisingly the song I was least enthusiastic about was Gyukuten Ouijisama, which to me sounded a bit generic.  Not that I disliked it, but the other four were much more memorable.  On the other hand, putting Chris and Uchi in the “cute” unit is good for their image IMO.

The songs leading into the encore are the most generic sounding, and to me the least exciting part of the show.  I really like the uplifting feel of White Day ni… The encore is another story entirely.  I like all three songs, and Yume no Kane will probably stand out for the intense and anguished performances.

By the end of the show I think it is safe to say Team K’s 6th Stage is a total crowd pleaser.  Will it go down as one of AKB48’s “Best Ever” Stages?  It might be a little to early to tell, but I think most everyone is going to love the show.  It does a great job of whetting our appetites for A6 and B5.  If those stages are as good as this, Akimoto’s shuffle idea may go down as nothing short of genius!

And that’s coming from someone who’s Oshimen is Ohori Megumi!!!

I am having a tough time picking a “Top 5”, and I am sure I will go back and edit this later.  But here goes…

5. Lemon no Toshigogo (Yes!  Haha!!)
4. Seifuku Resistance
3. Uhhouhoho
2. Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa
1. Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai

The Top 2 are interchangeable as I love both of them so much.  But yeah, it is safe to say the “Unit Set” was my favorite 🙂

CK in California

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  1. yeah,,K is the standout team im my book. i always had a soft spot for tomochin and miichan though, the best singer and dancer respectivley. i just hope sayaka’s natural leader abilities and emotions won’t rub some of the girls the wrong way. in general i think each team was improved

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