CK in Japan Spring 2010 Preview…Again???

Yes, again!!!  If you were wondering why I was conspicuously absent from International Wota’s Cake Day Festivities, Thursday (or is it Friday?) I spent a harrowing god knows how many hours making the journey from my humble San Francisco Bay Area apartment to the place known as “Awesome Island”.  That’s right, I am back in Tokyo for another vacation full of idol fun!  Unfortunately my first evening was blown by a 2 hour delay for my flight, plus extra heavy traffic from Narita Airport to my hotel.  But I finally checked into my hotel at 7:30 pm.  But what is in store for this trip???

The first weekend is going to be extra hectic…

Morning Musume Spring Tour.  I don’t have a ticket yet, but I plan on heading out to score one tomorrow morning for the Sunday Matinee.  Actually, there are a few H!P related shows while I am in town…Melon Kinenbi, H!P Eggs, and I believe Manoeri.  But I haven’t decided whether or not to see any of them too as many of these events conflict with one another.  We will see…

AKB48 2-shot Handshake Event at Tokyo Big Sight.  This is going to be awesome.  I am finally going to get that 2-shot with Ohori Megumi that I missed out on last year.  I actually have tickets to take pictures with 4 girls, and I am working on more.

AKB48 Live at Yokohama Arena.  Since AKB48 is getting so popular these days I figured I would plan my trip around one of their big shows.  This way I was assured of getting a ticket instead of hoping for the lottery.  This is the biggest venue AKB has performed at in their history, so I am sure all three shows will be super-special.

AKB48 Theater.  Everyone says I have great AKB lottery luck.  So far I have won a ticket for the only two shows I have applied for, and they are both tomorrow (Saturday)  I am seeing Team Kenkyuusei in the afternoon, and SDN48 at night!  I have an email in for SDN48 on Sunday night as well.  I hope I win!

So that sums up the first half of my trip.  I also have a ticket to an SKE48 handshake event, but I may not have time to get there…

The last 6 days have nothing definite, but I have a few possible events in the works.  I don’t want to jinx it, as I haven’t figured out how to score tickets yet.  But I just found out about a concert happening next weekend in Tokyo.  Who are the performers???

Momoiro Clover!!!!!

Anyhow, I would add media to this post, except I am totally jetlagged.  🙁  But please look forward to my reports, if for no other reason than to see if I survive this hectic weekend.  And I promise loots of pics!!!

CK in California