CK in Japan, Spring 2010 Day 3…AKB48 2-Shot Extravaganza at Tokyo Big Sight

I keep saying to myself that these trips to Japan could not possibly get any better.  It just did…

Actually, there is quite a bit of stuff I haven’t reported about yet.  I DID go to a Momoiro Clover event, albeit briefly.  I couldn’t stay because I had to leave for the MoMusu show.  The good news is they have two more events next weekend, so I have another chance to see them!  Idoling!!! is supposed to be making an appearance at my hotel as well!  That’s awesome!!!!  Well, almost awesome.  Only because my favorite member Erika Yazawa won’t be there.  Oh well, I may have to check it out anyway.  Right now it is time for another amazing experience…

AKB48 Sakura no Shiori 2-shot event at Tokyo Big Sight!!!

AKB48 held a promotion with the “Theater Versions” of the latest single.  The pre-orders came with a 2-shot ticket.  That meant you got the chance to meet and take a photo with a member.  So all of the members of AKB, along with SDN48 and two members of SKE were on site for the photo ops.  I was able to obtain a bunch of tickets through friends, and of course there was much “wheeling and dealing” of tickets at the event itself.  Actually there were three of these events.  This was the last one.  The rest of this post will be a reprint of my entry in Stage 48’s forum…

OMG, was this freakin’ epic! When I first planned this trip it was to see the Yokohama shows, but this event ended up as what will probably be the most epic part of the trip. I got there a little after 8am, which was when the doors were supposed to open. The line to get in was pretty big, but seemed to be moving quickly, then it stopped. Oh shi…according to the guys next to me in line the entrance was filling up quickly so they decided to stop the line for everyone to filter in. But to my surprise when I got in the hall it was surprisingly peaceful. I had eleven tickets in my hand with the promise of at least 4 more. After finally scoring my elusive copy of Infinity (Yes!!!) and talking to Koba for a little bit I went over to Meetan’s line to see how long it was. Only 8 people? Piece of cake. I immediately joined the queue.

OHORI MEGUMI: Her line didn’t open until about 10 minutes after 9. That’s my girl…fashionably late! When I walked in I handed my camera to the photog, and a guard held my bag. Meetan immediately noticed my GIANTS jersey, which I wore specifically for that reason “Giantsu Sugoi!” I know Meetan knows me, but I’m not sure if she knows my name by heart as she didn’t say it. She suggested the peace symbol, we posed and that was it! I got up to leave and she grabbed my hand and thanked me. I waved and backed out of the room. I ultimately went back to Meetan 4 times. The second time she did say “Chris-san”, and asked my something about my iphone that I didn’t understand. I said “Yeah, iphone!” and gave her a big thumbs up! When I left I accidentally bumped into Kobayashi and Matsubara who were going to break. Aas their guard kinda moved me to the side Natsumi smiled, and Kana had this “scared look on her face” LOL. I actually bumped into the two of them twice yesterday! Between my second and third shot she went to lunch, and I saw her come back with Wasamin, Kana and Natsumi. And from my angle I could see her putting on her makeup and talking on her cell before her break was over.

There was some incident that happened in her room a few moments later. I’m not sure what it was but security ran into her room, and later they were talking to a fan. But after like a 5 minute delay they opened her room back up. For the third shot I noticed she was starting to look tired. So when I went into my 4th and final pic I told her ” Hey Oshimen, get some sleep tonight…oyasumi!” and suggested we do the following pic. Yes!!! I finally got a chance to “sleep with Meetan, LOL!”

IWASA MISAKI: Every time I see this girl I love her more. And it isn’t just because she is drop dead adorable! Everything about her! She is so sweet and unassuming. The moment I walked in I knew she remembered me from NY and from Infinity hs. She always speaks to me in English. Not conversational but she is better than most, and seems to comprehend well. But that huge smile, wow. She said “I’m so happy to see you again”. WOW! Later on while I was waiting in Nachu’s line she walked by with an escort, she saw me and that smile immediately returned, and she waved to me all the way back to the staff curtain. Wasamin is awesome!!! I wanted another pic with her, but couldnt find another ticket. Her line got pretty long later in the day, so I was so happy for her!

URANO KAZUMI: To be fair, I had just seen CinDy on Saturday. And yes, she said “I love you” to me again, hehe! So when I walked in she said something I couldn’t understand, and I responded “Cindy, I love you too!” to which she replied with a big “Thank You!” Cindy is so cute!

Sometimes big fans of certain girls will give you a ticket because they want their oshimen to have a huge line and feel popular. That was the case with my pics of CHEN CHU and UMEDA HARUKA from SDN. Interestingly, the Chen-fan is a cute young girl named Chiichan, who I had met on my last trip during Chen’s birthday show! Chen is adorable in person, I greeted her with “Niihau”, to which she asked if I knew English, Japanese and Chinese. I said I didn’t. Oh well. With Umeda I walked in after Hiro@vegas, and he told her my name. I walked up behind him and said “Yes, Chris-san” She wanted to take a goofy pic. To which her fan repeatedly commented “Chris-san kawaii ne!” to me repeated “chigau!!!”

NACHU: Before I got into Kondo Sayaka’s hellaciously slow line I decided to get my Nachu and Machiko pics out of the way. Nachu’s line was short, but while I waited in addition to Wasamin I also saw Takamina come back from lunch. The ad for the Infinity DVD came on and she stopped and started singing along with “Maria” Haha, cute! I few minuted later I saw Matsui Rena come back from break. She kinda bounces when she walks. That was my first time seeing an SKE girls in person! While I waited for Nachu all I could hear was pandemonium in her room. She is so funny!

I greeted her with her “chorisssss” line and we sat down. She doesn’t speak or understand English at all so that was a little challenging. We did her hand gesture for the pic, but I didn’t see that she snuck a chicken wing into the pic…LOL. As I left I said “Majisuka Gakuen wa…Daruma-san saiko!” then she turned into Daruma and started screaming “Atsu~ne” and “tebasaki” at me with the wing in her hand. Nachu is awesome!!!

TEZUKA MACHIKO on the other hand is sooooo sweet and demure. Now I feel bad that I have made sport of her on my blog.  Machiko is really a nice girl!  She talks quietly, and spoke to me mostly in English, which was cool. All I know is I did my very best not to look at her chest!

KATAYAMA HARUKA was one of the few AKB girls I met, and she was so sweet. The bummer was I have virtually no history with her, so there wasn’t much to say. She is adorable in person though.

KONDO SAYAKA: I had two tickets for her, but for some reason her line was painfully slow and long. the good news was while I waited Oku Manami walked near me as she went to break. She smiled and waved to us as she walked by. Then a moment later Mayuyu came back from break and was also smiling and waving at us. She looked so cute! I never realized how dark her hair was! Anyway, I finally got to Sayanee who immedialy called me Chris-san. I said I missed SDN so much I had to come back. She asked how many shows I had seen so far, then asked if I had memorized any songs. Then started singing “Ga-ga-ga-ga-Ganbarina!”, but before I could respond the staff pushed me out! When I returned for the 2nd shot I finished the line as I walked in, LOL! I told her I was here for another week and would try to win for next weekend’s show.

The night started wrapping up with KATO MAMI, who is the center girl in Yuuwaku no Garter and totally cute!

And finally I had three tickets for HATAKEYAMA CHISAKI. Oh gawd do I adore Chaki, she is sooo great on stage. I did a one shot set and a two-pic set because it was getting late and I was running out of time. Damn, I forgot Iwanted to do a “Nyan” pic with her, but forgot to ask!” I said “Yokohama Arena iki masu”, which she was happy to hear!
So those were my pics, but that wasn’t all…

I finally got to meet Youkokurama and Hiroki who were both tons of fun to hang around with. I felt bad that Youko didn’t have any tickets so I gave him one of my Chisaki tickets (I had 4). I wanted him to experience the awesomeness! the two of them later did a pic with Chikarina that was totally cute. I also met two other notable fans. First it was the “Meetan Ojiisan” guy that wears the blue happi covered in her pics. One of the fans who I met earlier told him I was a big Meetan fan from the US, so he came over to say Hi! I said “You are famous, AKBingo!” referring to his appearance on the Meetan special episode from 2007. He was shocked that I knew him from that, and pulled a present off of his happi to give to me.

Later on I was talking to some fans who were interested in knowing why Meetan was my oshimen, and out of nowhere one of the fans from the AKBingo “Golden Happi” special ( I think he was the school teacher) came up behind me and put me in a bear hug! WTF! I turned to see who it was and thought “Wow, it’s that guy!!!” Hahahaha.

It was a total blast, 13+ hours worth!  I met tons of new people. Got to see the insanity known as the lines for Yukirin and Acchan, who both had seperate queues from the regular queues. yes, you had to wait in a huge line just to get into a second huge line! And who had the third longest line in the place???

tgsk! LOL. His pic was free! He’s a nice guy.

So I have my tickets for AKB48 in Yokohama. Floor section B for all three shows. I’m sure it will be awesome!

CK in Tokyo

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  1. I don’t get it … how come your happenings with AKB get better and better every time \(°д°;)/
    Just when I think you’ve made all the possible “achievements” you come back with something better.
    Do you have an endless amount of luck or what? 😀
    No seriously, I’m glad you got to be with Meetan. Wish I could see AKB IRL too. 🙂

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