The Majisuka Gakuen Awards (Ep. 7-12)

Life happens.  Or so I told myself when I kept procrastinating my writeups of AKB48’s awesome drama series.  Then I went to Japan, and the series drew to it’s completion.  So at this point it would be silly to recommence the series.  So instead I will “complete” it with a few highlights and notable moments from the final five episodes.  As I wait for the DVD Box to be released, here are some of my favorite scenes…


The “This Series Should Be on Blu-Ray” Award goes to…

Matsui Rena and Maeda Atsuko for their “revealing” kicking moves during episode 7.  Actually, Rena deserves an award for the most disturbing character of the entire series (if you don’t count Kiken the school nurse)


The “I Knew She Was a Rocker at Heart” award goes to…

Shinoda Mariko’s school uniform design revealed in episode 11 couldn’t have been inspired by anything other than the Grateful Dead’s “Uncle Sam Skeleton” logo from their 74′ tour.  Not to mention the “skull and roses” motif, which is also a Grateful Dead trademark.  Mariko gave us a glimpse into her taste when she wore a Rolling Stones tour shirt for the 2009 calendar.  But the thought of her hanging outside Shoreline Pavilion with a “I Need a Miracle” sign is just too funny.

I want to go to a rock concert with Mariko!


The “Mirror Image?” award goes to…

Acchan and Mariko for the final blow in episode 11.  Most people know Acchan is left-handed.  So why did both of them choose to throw their weak hands for the big punch?  (We lefties notice these things 😉 )


The “I Feel Totally Gypped” award goes to…

Meetan for only getting a blurred reaction shot in the final scene.  C’mon!  They couldn’t focus on her for a half second?  At least it’s better than what Wasamin got, which was a mention in the credits.  I am still looking for her cameo!


The “Nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy award goes to…

Maeda’s dad, for always serving food which seem to gross Acchan out.  Actually, that’s not completely fair, as I thought most of the meals looked quite tasty, unlike the dinners from the inspector’s wife in Hitchcock’s film.  However I enjoyed Maeda’s reactions when meals were served.


The “WTF?  I Don’t Get It!” award goes to…

Miichan, for her inexplicable breakdown during the graduation ceremony in Ep. 12.  Perhaps that moment was designed to redeem Kiken the nurse into a caring guy after all.  But at the end of the day I feel the same way as Daruma…I just don’t get it!


The “Most Awkward Hug in TV History” Award goes to…

Daruma, for her impromptu intervention when Acchan can’t seem to get the proverbial “blood off of her hands”.  It is actually a sweet scene, but I couldn’t help but snicker at Atsuko’s lifeless reaction to the entire situation!


The “She Looks Hawt With That Hairdo” award goes do…

Maeda, for the long curly locks she sported during the flashback scenes.  The whole time I kept thinking “she should wear her hair like that all the time!”  It was too bad that she was either crying or covered in bruises in every flashback.


The “Product Placement” award goes to…

This shameless plug for AKB48’s upcoming single Ponytail to Sushu (aka Ponytail and Scrunchie)  I wonder if they had that planned from the beginning?  The episode aired the day after the single announcement, but the “mystery bracelets” had been part of the show’s plot since January.  Perhaps the song title was inspired when the scene was filmed?


And finally…

The “Most Awesome Character of the Entire Show” award goes to…

Mukuchi, played by the adorably dopey Komori Mika!  No, she wasn’t the star of the show.  And no, she didn’t have that many lines (hehe).  But I simply giggle every time I see this girl on screen.  There is just something intriguing about her personality that I can’t figure out.  Is she an airhead?  Or perhaps an eccentric genius?  All I know is Komori is awesome!

Don’t question it.  Team Hormone didn’t!

CK in California

2 thoughts on “The Majisuka Gakuen Awards (Ep. 7-12)

  1. Hehe, I found it weird that Mariko and Acchan used their weak hand while punching too.

    I dont agree with lifeless acting of Acchan in Daruma hugging scene thu. I found she is kinda good to act like that. Like she doesnt care, but in fact she does care… it’s hard to explain, but that’s how I felt from her in this scene.

    Hehe, I enjoyed so much this series thanks to Hormone, especially Komori. AWESOME!

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