The Krazy World of Komorinn

Ahhh, Komori Mika.  Another one of my favorite members of AKB48.  If you check my AKB ranker tabbed at the top of the page, you will see that I rank Mikapon as my #2 AKB girl behind Iwasa Misaki.  Though I have to be honest, I am not a fan of the nickname “Mikapon”.  I just love calling her Komorinnnn!!!

And what is it that endears me to her so much?  That’s just the thing.  I can’t figure this girl out for the life of me!  She almost always has that vacant smile on her face.  What is she thinking?  Is she even thinking at all?  I really can’t tell.

There is something about this girl.  Komorin is just different.  I have never experienced an idol quite like her.  She is not the most outgoing by a longshot, which makes it perfect that she is in such a big ensemble like AKB.  I don’t know that she could survive as an idol in the spotlight.  I have never met her, but last year I was at a Team Kenkyuusei show in the theater and tried to get her attention.  I yelled her name over and over but could never get her to look my way.  Frustrated, I finally gave up and began rooting for Harukyan, who immediately waved to me.  But I guess it is just Komori being Komori.  And the good news is that her quirkiness is now getting noticed on AKB’s various television shows…

Like Watanabe Mayu, there are some that think Komorinn may be a cyborg, albeit one with a malfunctioning CPU.  I previously wrote about her “non-reaction” to the shocking pen in an episode of Shukan AKB. More recently she had the chance to participate in a “spicy food” challenge.  After multiple members writhed in pain after eating the hambaaga, then came Komorin’s turn…

Hey Mikey!  She like it!!!

Komorin:  “Oishii!!!”

Itedakimashita…oh, wait a second



I’m not sure what it is about Komorin that makes her so slow to react.  She did it again this week on AKBingo! where she participated as a line judge.  For most of the show that meant staring out into space.  But her apparent obliviousness was exposed when a controversial play went down right in front of her.  And what was the call???

Ehhhh?  What did she say???

Komori in her own world!


It’s tough to tell in the pics, but Mika’s call was totally random and wacky.  As I have queried before.  Is she dopey, or an eccentric genius?  I wish I had the video of her on Nemousu TV where they gave her a camera to use for the day, and she came back with pictures of random walls and doors.  WTF???   The funny thing is, most of her groupmates seem to be astonished by her antics.  Just watch the reactions around her when she gets the spotlight.  Komorin’s moments often result in the entire room cracking up!  But before you write her off as a total boob, it should be noted that Komori has also given us a few flashes of brilliance recently as well.  Beginning with her Senbatsu campaign video…

If nothing else, she showed us what a great singer she is. Her A Capella version of Namida Surprise was top notch, and totally adorable.  But it wouldn’t be a Komorinnn vid without a little silliness…

Komori gets her imaginary friends to participate, hehehe!


Finally there’s her debut as a full-fledged member in Team B’s 5th Stage.  To everybody’s surprise she was picked for the “sexy” unit song.  Even more surprising to some, she is awesome in it!  I think it’s her legs that do it.  The girl has some “great gams!”

She may not have the personality some come to expect in an idol.  However for many, that’s what makes her great!  Not that we’ve come any closer to figuring her out.  I can only imagine what things look like in “Komorinn World”  Be that as it may, whatever that world might be like…

I’m sure she has the same look on her face.

CK in California

5 thoughts on “The Krazy World of Komorinn

  1. I remember videos of Komori’s early days (mid 2009 or so) where she just seemed so painfully shy in front of the camera. She has definitely opened up a lot since then, but she still occasionally has to be prompted to speak up, and her performances is still rather stiff.

    Despite all that, Komori has gained a decent fan base, and she is well loved by her fellow AKB members as well (if you listen to the commentaries on AX2010, the girls seem to love spotting her). Her dopey personality is definitely part of her charm, and I hope she never loses it.

  2. Well, I’m a pokemon fan, and she’s definitely a real life slowpoke XD

    To be honest, I wasn’t all keen on her being chosen as senbatsu for Namida Surprise, but back then, I hardly knew her anyway. I always heard people criticizing her for her bad dancing abilities, but whenever I spotted her in Kataomoi no Taikakusen she didn’t struck me as a bad dancer per se, I just think that she has her very own particular way of dancing, which is very flowy and elegant, so it contrasted with Rumi and Moe’s daning styles.

    I’ve heard many negative comments about her 🙁 but I like her, especially a lot more ever since her senbatsu election video! I love it when my idols can sing well <3 even if it’s NamiSapu (it’s my least favorite AKB single by a mile XD) and OMG I just love her in new Team B. She is a great character! When you add her super cute puffy cheeks to her slender beautiful body it’s as oddly paired as her being a girl with such poise and so graceful at dancing be so incredibly dopey at MCs XD I think this is what might discourage some people from liking her, they can’t figure her out! But I for one, have become her fan 😀

  3. Komorin is Komorin! Nothing can change that. I remember how she misspelled “AKB48” with “AKD48”, designing a T-shirt. I don’t know what’s on her mind in that time. But, sometimes she can surprise you with her unexpected talents. She was very good with blow-darts. You can watch she perform a perfect performance with the darts in the May 21st episode of Shukan AKB. Her handwriting (Kanji) is top-notch, too. In the recent Shukan she shown much interest in bugs. More than that, I can really see her efforts to perform better in the new Team B stage. I myself think that she had done a great job interpreting Arashi no yoru ni wa, their sexy song! Frankly, it is my second favorite song from the stage! (The first one is CANDY – I love Amina and Yuka!)

    In my recent AKB ranker, she is my first rank AKB girl! I just carried on to compare her with the other girls, and somehow she shined her way through them in my heart! Lol. I don’t think many will have the same interest towards her like I am now. From the last senbatsu sosenkyou she only got 30th place among the girls. It was a relatively high place, if we compare it with the whole gang of 140 girls. However, she still have a long way to go if she wants to appeal to wider range of fans.

    Ganbare, Komorin!

  4. I am so glad to see the Komorinn love. She is totally deserving of it…

    Go Komorinn!!!!!

    I hope she reads this

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