Catching Up With Chaki

It’s really too bad that more fans in the West don’t pay too much attention to the happenings of SDN48.  Perhaps they aren’t “loli” enough for many of you.  In all fairness, information and updates about SDN are limited when you compare them to AKB.  But where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Hopefully SDN48’s new television program “Suppon no Onnatachi” will begin to change all that.  In the meantime I want to give everyone another glimpse my “other” favorite member of SDN48.  The petite and adorable Hatakeyama Chisaki.

Chaki, Yatta!!!

The first time I ever saw SDN48, Ohori Megumi was out with an injury.  Chaki was immediately the member who stood out to me the most.  She is so cute in a nerdy sort of a way.  By her own admission, her “charm point” is her crooked overbite (picture Noguchi Reina).  Chaki also has a bit of a “Yuko” streak to her, always making silly and goofy faces in photos.

But you really won’t get how special Chaki really is until you see her perform.  Thanks to my friend Junjun for pointing out this video, which features Chaki performing with her original idol group Toys Carnival…

Toys Carnival – “Tokyo”

Wow, isn’t she an amazing singer?  She is definitely one of the best in SDN.  I wish I had a video showing off how great a dancer she is, but I guess we will have to wait for an SDN 1st stage DVD for everyone to see that.  They will eventually put out a DVD, right?  They better!!!!!!

I loved going to her birthday show last year, hopefully I will be able to do it again in 2010!  By the way, Chisaki hasn’t been getting too many votes for SDN Senbatsu.  Since Ohori is pretty much a “shoe-in” for the election, I am going to turn my attention to Chaki for a while.  Here is her GREE blog for all who are interested…

Chaki’s Blog on GREE

By the way, the girl loves to blog!  Chaki ganbatte!!!

CK in California

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