AKB Girls Gone Wild!

It was bound to happen sooner or later…

Yes, the rumor that’s been going around for a few days now has proven to be true.  Former AKB48 original member Nakanishi Rina will be putting out a nude photobook.  And that’s not all.  Coming in August is her AV DVD debut under the name ‘Rico Yamaguchi’.

BTW, F-cup???  Wow!  I am actually really conflicted about this.  On one hand, I have to admit there is at least a hint of sexual undertones in my idol fandom.  I mean look at my Oshimen.  Meetan is all about sexual allusions.  It part of the reason I love her.  And as far as Rinatin is concerned, she is one of my two original favorite members of AKB48.  Yes..before I was a fan of Meetan, I was all about Oh-yay (Ohe Tomomi) and Rinatin.  So again, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I have ever had any sort of “fantasy” about her.  That said…

Rina is one of my original favorite AKB idols.  And despite whatever I alluded to before, “going the AV route” is not the career path I was rooting for her to go in.  For me this is where the conflict is.  Rinatin will always be an idol to me.  An AKB idol for that matter.  I have always thought of her as cute and talented, with a hint of innocence.  If you had asked me a few months ago if I thought this was a possibility, I would have emphatically said no.  Risa Narita, maybe.  But Rinatin???  It also bothers me because some people who choose the adult industry do so out of desperation.  I’m not saying that this is what Rina is doing.  For all I know it has been her lifelong dream to be an AV actress.

from her graduation PB, 2009
from her graduation PB, 2009

I’m not sure how I will feel when I eventually see this DVD.  I’m sure I will be titillated on some level.  But there’s a good chance my feelings for Rina as an idol will play a part in my overall opinion.  I’m not a total “heel”.  At the end of the day, i don’t feel any different than I did when the rumors were spreading about Kago Ai.  My love, care and support for Rinatin doesn’t change with this paradigm shift in her career.  Well, maybe it isn’t that drastic, she was an AKB idol after all. (hehe)  But now I feel like I want to support her even more.  For better or worse this is a bold move for her to make, and I think she needs fan support (not to mention personal support) more than ever…

She also looks pretty damn sexy in the photoshoot!  (BTW, don’t bother asking for links!)  Will I be buying this PB and watching this DVD when they eventually come out?

What do you think?  Watch it???  I wish I was in it!!!

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9 thoughts on “AKB Girls Gone Wild!

  1. I’m shocked! Yes, I cannot believe that Rinatin will end up in AV industry. She was in Chocolove, one of my favorite sub-group of AKB48! I learned to cook with rice-cooker from her, too! (Her Private Video: http://dailymotion.virgilio.it.....ina_people). Lol. I cannot say that I’m happy with this development, but I cannot put myself into judging her, neither. She must have her own reasons. She will not lose my love to her. I do hope that this wasn’t due to her desperation nor because she was forced to do so.

  2. girls who have taken it off have had nice success here and there, thinking of things like Playboy. unless she has plans to run for government or something like that then i dont think its a problem. with that being said i wouldnt want to see miichan for example in years to come doing this as all.

  3. I understand your confliction about seeing a faavorite idol of yours doing porn. While on the on hand you have seeing a girl of your fantasy get all down and freaky, but on the other hand its hard to imagine a former idol doing it cause things in her life are going well. Its normally an act of a desperate woman who is in need. I do hope this isn’t the case and maybe she just got an offer she couldn’t refuse. Either way i wish her the best, and i’ll definately watch it.

    Since my akb knowledge is limited to Majisuka Gakuen and looking up looking up vids of Itano Tomomi do you mind me asking how long has she be out of akb and how popular was she when she was in the group?

  4. @magatsu. Rina was an original member, who graduated among four other original members (Ohe, Narita, Tojima and Komatani) in November 2008. At one point in AKB history she was definitely a front-girl, but her exposure started waning leading up to her graduation. I suggest watching soe of akb’s early PV’s, you will see her regularly featured up front, although sometimes people confuse her with young Tomo-mi

  5. thanks for the info, the more i think about it though, the more i like it. If one of my early Momusu girls ended up doing that, i’d be all about it. If there was a porn out there of Aya Ishiguro or Iida Kaori I know i’d own. Since the life of an idol is so restricted, i guess its more suprising more don’t act out this way when they leave it.

  6. Agreed. I can at least somewhat imagine Narita Risa going into AV, but Nakanishi? Wow, that was totally unexpected, and it does smell of desperation (though I really hope it’s not). It’s definitely a surprising development, perhaps even an industry leading one. Has there ever been another semi-popular mainstream idol who took the leap to AV?

    What I’m most concerned with though, is the impact this will have on AKB48, especially with their skyrocketing popularity. How will management respond to the fact that one of their former employees has gone to the dark side? How will the fans react? Most importantly, how will the girls (especially the remaining original members) feel when they find out one of their beloved former colleague has chosen to go down this path?

  7. I have no attachment to this girl, though I know who she is, but the only thing I can think reading this is “That girl is no F-cup”. Look at the bikini picture! I’d say C-cup. Maybe D at best. Unless she’s had surgery since then, which is probable I guess.

  8. Jesus, I graduate from uni, move back to my hometown and start a new work and NOW a former AKB member decides to go into porn?

    Aghh… Well anyway, Rinatin was always one of my favorites, mainly because of her beautiful voice and her sweet personality. I’m not into porn myself, and I don’t really think it’s a desirable career path for anyone but… it’s her life, maybe this is what she really wanted all those years she acted all pure and innocent as an idol? It’s not as much of a shock as Kago Ai’s scandals when they first hit me, but then again, Rina was out of AKB for 2 years before she came up with that. She said that she wanted to become a solo singer and I was really looking forward to that. No offense, but not too many AKB girls are very good singers like Rina.

    On another stuff to comment about, she graduated AKB because she had problems with her back. I don’t think porn will help her with that either X_X

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