Happy Komori Day! :)

Today is a national public holiday in Japan.  Schools are closed, as are many public offices in celebration of this momentous occasion.  Yes, the people of Japan have paused to celebrate…

Komori Mika’s 16th Birthday Yayyyyyyy!!!

National law establishes Komori Day as a day of gratitude for the blessings of Mikapon and to hope for the economic prosperity of AKB48. One of the most popular things to do on Komori day is to go to the beach because of course…..Mikapon loves the ocean!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Komori Day.  Especially the birthday girl herself!!!

CK in California

3 thoughts on “Happy Komori Day! :)

  1. I wonder who the other 3 chicks in the bikini photo is? One’s obviously Kojiharu, the one with her head peeking out looks like Wasamin, and the yellow hotpants-butt looks like it belongs to Takamina (she has pretty short legs) XD.

  2. Well, Wasamin wore yellow hotpants with red straps hanging off for that photoshoot. But unless she is a contortionist, that means it couldn’t be her peeking out. Soi my guess is that’s Wasamin’s butt, but I don’t kno who’s face it is. 🙂

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