The Ultimate Ameba Pigg Battle Royale!!!

The time has arrived for the first of the major announcements at AKB48’s Yoyogi concert.  The AKB48 sub-unit battle on Ameba Pigg.  The contest runs through next Thursday night.

We haven’t heard the songs, we only know the teams.  But that hasn’t stopped Pigg users from blowing all of their Ame on flowers for their Oshimen’s unit.  By the way, now all the girls have a cute Pigg character.  If you aren’t familiar with the teams, here ya go…

You can get a better look with this link


If you aren’t familiar with Pigg.  Each unit is represented by a color.  Each AKB48 themed room is now equipped with a machine to buy flowers representing your favorite unit.  They cost 10 ame (points) each.  So obviously the more Ame you have collected, the more points you can cast.  I am so glad I have been storing up Ame for the past six months!  So who have I bought so far?  Lets check my room…

Green = Team Wasamin!!!!!


Hanging out with friends Mintii, Wendychi and Julia.  I love Pigg, so much fun!

Have you voted yet?

CK in California

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Ameba Pigg Battle Royale!!!

  1. i’d vote to the yellow team, for miichan, if i knew what was going on. looks like sayaka is a lone wolf in this one,,

  2. I’m voting for Akicha’s unit :3 (which I can’t remember the name of ;-; ) for obvious reasons.

    I hope that all the units make it into something at some point. Like a TEAM PIGG SPECIAL ALBUM. that’d be awesome! :3

  3. I’m guessing this will turn out to be another battle between LOVE COMPANY (Yuko’s unit) and MINT (Acchan’s unit). Acchan will probably win this time around, since she has one extra member for the votes, plus Kasai (another high ranking senbatsu).

    And :sadface: about Sayaka getting shafted here :(. She really doesn’t deserve this treatment (unless she somehow wins, in which case she TOTALLY deserves it wohoo!!).

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