The Hippest Trip in Japan ;)

Okay ladies and gentlemen, it is time for one of the hottest groups in the land right now.  They have a new single out, and it’s surely gonna burn up the charts with a groovin’ sound.  Let’s all take a ride on the Sooooooooooul Train with the Undergirls and Namida no Seesaw Game!!!

Okay, I like this guy.  But he would have been even cooler if he had more of a baritone voice like Don Cornelius.


Needless to say I love the concept for this PV, which is the c/w track to AKB48’s upcoming single “Heavy Rotation” due out next month.  Watching this performance really shows how Akimoto’s musical influences are rooted in the classic 70’s and 80’s.  The song itself passes as a traditional Pop Idol song, but in this format it plays perfectly into the classic R&B genre…

By the way, I swear I am going to puke if I hear anyone else say this was derived from the  PV to Wonder Girls’ Nobody.  First of all, everything from the intro to the outfits to the audience and the logo were obvious nods to the classic Soul Train.  Second of all, who do you think Wonder Girls were paying homage to?

Anyway, back to the fun.  I want to see the full PV as I never got a good look at some of my favorite girls in the PV.  But the member who really captivated me like never before was SKE48’s Takayanagi Akane.  She has such a pretty smile!

I have had a hard time picking a favorite member of SKE48.  But at the moment I am really starting to like Akane a lot!  Anyway, back to the PV…

The only thing missing here was the famous “Soul Train Dance Line”.  I know many fans prefer it to be “all girls, as little of the extras as possible”.  But to me it would have been hilarious to focus even more on the dancers in the crowd.  And it’s not like we don’t get enough of the girls in every other AKB production.  Jeez, the members are omnipresent on TV, in magazines, you name it!  And then people bitch because the PV doesn’t focus on the girls for 10 seconds.  To be honest some of my favorite moments of this video were when they focused on the band and the crowd.  Oh, and then there was the guy watching backstage…

I love that guy!


Anyway, kudos again to AKB for going totally “tongue-in-cheek” for this video.  Once again more evidence why AKB48 keeps the audience coming back time and time again.  I can’t wait to see what video concept they will come up with next!

CK in California