CK’s Pigg Adventure

We finally got the results of AKB48’s Ameba Pigg Unit Battle.  You know, the event that had me turn my Pigg room into a virtual pot farm?  If you need a little background info, check this post.

Yes, I blew a big portion of my Ame buying little green plants representing the presently fictitious sub-group “Eyes”.  I chose them of course, because Wasamin was going to be in that unit if it won.  Although I didn’t hold out too much hope.  I figure it would be a match race between Yuko and Acchan’s units.  I scored my ticket to the result event on the first night.  Now all I had to do was try and figure out how I was going to stay awake for the result announcement.

Anyhow, I set my alarm to wake myself up at 2:10am.  Jeez, what I do for this fandom!!!  I headed into a room around 2:10.  Awesome, I’m in!!!  I hope I get to see lots of idols tonight!  But before the event started we were treated to a series of Piggu commercials.  I love these things.  They are so awesome, and some of them featured Yaguchi Mari!!!

(btw, switch vid size to 480p if it doesn’t play)

Those ads are sooooo cute!  Anyhow, 2:30am…Show Starto.  Here’s your host….PO*TE*TO???  Who the hell is this guy?  They should have gotten Piggu versions of Sata and Kiyoto!  PO*TE*TO was there to warm up the crowd and introduce the PV to Heavy Rotation.

That was surreal.  Watching this sexy PV in Pigg world.  LOL!  But apparently it was a little too much for my laptop as the video coupled with everyone’s Pigg character dancing crashed out my PC!  No worries, I was back on in about a minute or so.  Just in time for the announcements.

Togasaki Piggu in a tux, hehe!

And here are your winners, Acchan’s unit “MINT”!  Well, if Wasamin couldn’t win at least MINT had Haachan and Moeno in it.  So I’m almost as stoked!

The girls’ acceptance speech.  Once again, this whole thing was so surreal!  And here are a few shots of me doing some of the special “action moves” for the event.  I like the glowstick!

If you would like to see the event (with no sound), someone loaded it onto YouTube.  Enjoy…

So now what’s left to do?  I guess I’ll have to clean up my Pigg room and put the furniture back where it was.  Just a few clicks here and there.  I wish my apartment was as easy to clean!  I wonder what I will do with that new second floor I built?  Hehehe.

CK in California