For Wasamin FAIL = WIN

In a special episode of Shukan AKB this week, the girls participated in a Team Jump-roping Challenge.  In the first round we had Team A going up against Team K.  All was well for Team A.  They managed to jump over 60 times without failing in the 2nd round.  But then came the final round…

Everyone jumps high into the air, except the girl on the far left.  Who the…errr


Oh no, WASAMIN!!!!!!!!!!


Ya know, Misaki is sooooo cute!  She gets so overwhelmed at times, like she doesn’t know whether to “shit or go camping”.  She had almost the same reaction when the girls reacted to her getting into Ogipro at the Yokohama concert.  Luckily her teammates were there to comfort her in her “moment of humiliation”.

Oh Wasamin, I know things looked bleak at that moment.  But this is precisely the kind of stuff she needs to have happen in order to gain popularity within AKB48.  In other words, she needs to screw up and be laughed at once in a while.  Look at what it has done for Mikapon.

The golden rule here is Crying Idols Win Hearts! So keep screwing up Wasamin.  Make mistakes.  Cry.  CRY YOUR EYES OUT!!!  Yes, cry your way to the top baby!


Although those words probably seem sort of empty when you are watching the other Team pass you for the win.  Oh well.

CK in California

3 thoughts on “For Wasamin FAIL = WIN

  1. she looked so bummed. good to see her team mates comfort her after she hit that rope. A is never as athletic as B tho

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