Wasamin (and AKB48) for Mezamasi Gohan!

The adorable Iwasa Misaki is in a a new television commercial, yatta!!!  And what do young loli idols eat if they want to grow to be big and strong super-idols?

The eat Mezamasi rice of course.  I am so happy to see Wasamin finally getting to do television appearances.  You may have noticed she was started to pop up on AKBingo! from time to time.  Now she is part of an AKB sponsorship.  This is great!  Slowly but surely Mizaki is creeping into the hearts and conscience of Japanese fans.

I love this ad!  It isn’t only because my beloved Wasamin is in it. although I probably wouldn’t be doing this post if she wasn’t.  It also features Mikapon, Harukyan and Moeno, who are also among my favorites.  What an adorable promotion!  Check out the ad…

Official Promotion Site

But I have one question, what is “Sona”?  (CK wonders about Wasamin’s one solo line in the advert)  Now be a good fan and eat your Mezamasi rice!!!

And once again a great big ganbatte to my favorite little carrot (hehe)

CK in California

1 thought on “Wasamin (and AKB48) for Mezamasi Gohan!

  1. I think Wasamin said Sonna (そんな), which means “that”.
    Sonna (Wasamin) de-ta ga (a-min) arundayo (dude) –> We have that data.

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