The Team Ogi Mosaic…Where’s CK???

Similar to the promotion done by S/mileage last Spring, Ogipro has invited fans to become part of a poster mosaic for AKB48’s “Team Ogi”.  And they have made it extremely easy to take part.  You can simply submit your photo online…

Team Ogi’s Photo Entry Page

Apparently the poster will eventually be made for sale, but I’m not sure where…yet.  I read that has it, which is not my usual buy site.  Anyway, I had noticed that the deadline was coming up, so I decided to submit a photo earlier today.  A few hours later it showed up on the poster.  I won’t tell you where.  My only hint is that I am NOT on the headshot of my favorite member.  Oh, and about that deadline.  According to the Team Ogi site, they just extended it to September 21st at 9:59 jst.  So as of this writing you have a little less then two days to get your photo in.  So hurry!!!  First field is to upload the pic, the 2nd field is for your email address.

See the updated photo here

And don’t forget to copy down your confirmation number.  It is the key to finding your pic after it gets added to the poster.  Have fun!

CK in California

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  1. This is really cool, I loved when S/mileage did their mosaic. I also had no idea about this until now, so I just uploaded my picture. Hopefully I’ll get added to Mayu. :]

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