Arashi On the Run?

No, this is not becoming an Arashi fansite.  Although with the impending closure of VOX I now have one less blog to keep updated (thank god!).  So in the future you might see an occasional Momoclo, Idoling!!! or (gasp!) even H!P post here once in a while.  As for this post, I just thought it as LOLz-worthy…


The moment I saw this Arashi promo I immediately started giggling, as it is an obvious homage to this classic recording from 1973…



Paul McCartney and Wings – Band on the Run

The funny thing is I actually have that album…well, around here somewhere.  They are even mimicking some of the poses!  So I highly doubt this was some “coincidence”.  Memo to Arashi, I hope you don’t think nobody noticed!

CK in California

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