Finding Wasamin

You would think this would have been easy considering I do own a copy of the DVD Box Set.  But the fact is until yesterday I had never noticed where Wasamin was in the final episode of Majisuka Gakuen.  But thanks to my fellow Wasamin fans at JPHIP the mystery has been solved.  (HINT: look over Acchan’s right shoulder in both shots)

Hehe, I was thrown off by that giant head of hair she is sporting.  BTW, I must say I was surprised to see that Wasamin gets more love at JPHIP than at Stage48 and Nihongogo combined!  It gives me hope, although it also means I have more competition.  Oh, and I loved the following pic too, also found on their Wasamin thread.

She looks so cute with that hairstyle!  If you want to learn more than I have already posted about Iwasa Misaki, check out that link!

CK in California