CK in Japan Extra…Aso Natsuko, and a Continuing Search for Kozue

Actually I have been home for about six days.  I swear I am going to finish up this Japan series as I have more to share, including more of my ‘GETS’.  And that reminds me…

During my many trips from JR Akihabara Station to the area of the DQ.  For some reason I like taking the escalator up to UDX and crossing over to the DQ instead of walking out to Chuo Dori (hehe) and walking with the crowds.  There is a giant screen on the side of the UDX building playing random videos.  Yes, the same one I saw Kozue’s PV playing.  During the first few days I was there they kept playing this manic PV from some cute idol I had never seen or heard of before.  It wasn’t until I checked Ishimaru’s appearance site that I figured out who the girl was.  Her name is Aso Natsuko and the song is called More-more Lovers.  At that point I had to buy the CD!

And whaddya know?  She is on the same label Momoiro Clover originated from, Stardust!  The cool thing was she had a handshake appearance scheduled for Thursday.  Even when I bought the CD the guy at the counter invited me to go to her appearance.  But unfortunately I couldn’t go as it coincided with one of the SDN shows I had won.  So many idols…So little time 🙁

I was also disappointed that the CD didn’t come with the PV, which I think is great!  It has finally shown up on YouTube, so here ya go.  Enjoy!

Oh, and I also finally found Aikawa Kozue’s ‘Ruka Ruka’ CD.  Silly me, I figured the best place to look for it was at the many Anime/CD stores that line the streets of Akiba.  But none of them had it.  Where did I find it???  Tower Records, DUH!!!

I love the back cover.  So sexy Kozue!!!  What I didn’t know is it came with two Kozue dance PVs.  So well worth the buy, and I love the song!  Anyhow, more to come…

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2 thoughts on “CK in Japan Extra…Aso Natsuko, and a Continuing Search for Kozue

  1. I’ve heard some of Asou’s songs before (mainly cause she sung one of my favorite anime OPs), but whoa, I never knew MomoClo was in the same label :O That’s a surprise 😀 Thanks for the new single heads up btw ^_^”

  2. That song by Aso Natsuko is the opening to an anime, and the closing song of that same anime is a Momoclo song. Guess it makes sense, since they both were on the same label. Though i don’t think the girl is that particularly cute, or an idol atleast.

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